Nativity Update and Winners!

Hello again!

I'm back with the winners of my free to take charts, but first an update on my HAED Nativity.  I'm really surprised that I haven't gotten bored with this yet, but I am really, really enjoying seeing it come to life with each little block of 100 that I finish.  My goal is to reach the end of this row of pages by the end of June. :)

OK!  On to the winners!

#1 - Snowman Chart - Joyce
#2 - LHN Chart - Kim M
#3 - Cross Chart - Minnie
#4 - Sheep KnotWork Kit - Cucki
#5 - Proverbs 31 Chart - Minnie
#6 - Quilted Tablerunner  - Goodwill : )
#7 - Shepherd's Bush Kit Leftovers - Kathy

Winners, please contact me at thestamperstitches@gmail.com and give me your address so I can get your charts sent out!! :)  Blessings!



Free to Take

Hi friends!

I have a few patterns that I'd love to pass along!  I'll post pictures here and you can leave a note in the comments as to which ones you'd like to be in the draw for.  (As many as you'd like!)  I'll draw for winners Monday, March 14th if more than one person would like a specific pattern.  I hate to do it, but my pocketbook says it will have to be US only this time, unless you wouldn't mind paying the overseas postage.  Thanks so much !!


Nativity Update!

This is SO much fun!  I love seeing the faces appear!!  Click on the picture to see it larger...

Heaven and Earth Designs - The Nativity
18 Ct - 2 over 1
I have one more column to go on this page (page 11).  I'd love to finish the page by the 5th, and I'd aim to finish the next one by the end of March.  I really am enjoying stitching the 10x10 blocks with full coverage - each one feels like a little finish and each little finish brings me a step closer to the full picture.  It's like piecing together a puzzle and watching the picture appear!

Hopefully I'll have another page to show you at the end of the month!

Thanks for stopping by!



Lots of Stitching

Hi again!

I was able to get in quite a bit of stitching this weekend, so I thought I'd post another update...

I just love seeing this come together!!  Here's a closer picture of the first wise man...

Thanks for looking!



Nativity Update

Hi everyone!

Here's my HAED Nativity update for the end of January...

Can you see the first part of the wiseman's robe??  How it looks remotely white and striped is beyond me.  There are a TON of colors in there!!  BTW - for a size point of reference -  that is a 60" round kitchen table that it is sitting on.... : )  I'm still thoroughly enjoying stitching on it!

Thanks for stopping by!



Page Eight Finished


I met my goal and finished page eight before the year ended! :)  I'm so excited to see the whole top row of pages complete.  Tomorrow I start page nine and hopefully by the end of June I'll have another row of pages done.

Happy New Year!!



Finished a Page!

Hi everyone!  I am SO excited!  I've finished page 7 and am on track to finish the top of the picture by the end of the year since page 8 is just a half page.  This afternoon I need to look through my stash and find a travel project for this weekend, but I'm sort of afraid to look at all my other goodies.  I don't want to get sidetracked from this one!!  Unfortunately it is too big to take along or I'd bring it.  I figured it out today and I would need to do 400 stitches a day to complete the whole thing by the end of next year... working on nothing else, of course!  I don't know if I can stay that focused, but I might try.  I don't usually stitch that much during the day and there will be a lot of confetti from here on out, but if I aim high I'll get farther than if I don't!!

Back to stitching!