{Stitch from Stash} July Update

Hi everyone!

I think I am the earliest Stitch from Stash reporter... I've been trying to post close to the 15th every month because otherwise I'm apt to forget to post at all. :)  I don't have a ton of progress to show this time on The Nativity, though.  A couple days after posting the picture with my Page One finish, my Mom took a turn for the worse and I spent the next week with her at our local Hospice In-Patient facility.  She passed away last Monday, and my daughter and I were blessed to be with her when she died.  The week has SO many sweet memories and evidences of God's hand.  Big things like the fact that the Hospice House opened the very morning that Mom needed it at night, to little things like my niece having a new baby shortly after visiting my Mom and bringing him in the next morning.  Mom hadn't been able to talk and hadn't been very responsive, but when they laid that baby next to her, her arm came up to cradle it.  It was precious.  My brother and sisters and my daughter and I spent hours and hours and hours singing hymns around her bedside... again, just precious memories.  And one special afternoon, my Mom lifted her arm to give me a hug.  She lived and died with her hope in Jesus Christ as her Saviour and Friend.  I pray that will be said of me when I die as well!

Anyway... here's my progress in a very blurry picture..  I'm a little over 6100 stitches in.

Spending.... $0.00
Balance Forward... $80.98

Happy Stitching!



{The Nativity} Page One Finished!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited... I finished page one of  The Nativity last night. Now I know that page one out of ... way too many to count... isn't a big deal. But I'm thrilled that I met my first goal. I started on May 15th and I finished page one last night - so that was 5200 stitches in a month and a half and my goal was 3000 stitches a month. If I could keep on that pace for {COUGH, COUGH} a little over 4 years, I'll be done! That would mean no other stitching, mind you. No other WIPS, no other new starts, nothing! LOL

I'll actually, in all probability, start working on another project for at least 15 minutes a day, just so I don't get burned out on this one. I need to work on a couple of things for Christmas, and I'd like to do a block for charity, too, but I'm just really, really enjoying this right now!! And, the best news is that I don't have to buy any floss for the next page, unless I run out of a color. Yay!

 So here's the picture...

HAED The Nativity - 18 ct - 2 over 1
Start Date - May 15, 2014


{Stitch from Stash #6} June Update

Hi everyone!

Greetings from a very out of touch blogger!  I've hardly commented on anyone's blog lately -- Sorry! -- but I have been watching your progress and cheering you on.  Truly I have!!    I'm glad that I signed up for Mel's Stitch from Stash or I might not even be finding the time to update right now.  The stamping side of my life has exploded with busy-ness right now, so most of my forum and blogging and computer time is being funneled that way at the moment. : )

Anyway... on to my report.  I was a good girl and didn't spend any money this past month.  Oh, wait!  yes I did!  I bought 2 skeins of floss for my project...  So I spent 84 cents. : )

I worked and worked on my Nativity piece this month.  Here's the goal...

Here was my progress at last report...

And here's where I am today.  Can you see the start of the palm tree??

I've stitched 4,200 stitches... or 2.2% of the project.

Not much other stitching going on here.  Hopefully I'll be able to concentrate on this one for a few months - at least until I get in the mood for some autumn stitching!!

 So here's my update...

Carried forward from May - $31.82
Plus June budget - $25.00

Available:  56.82

.84 - floss
Balance to carry forward... 55.98

Happy Stitching!



{Stitch from Stash #5} May Update

Hi everyone!

It's time for my May Stitch from Stash Update!  And, yes, I spent some $$ this month... but it is all Mel's fault.  LOL!!  Some of you may remember that she told us in the newsletter that HAED had a 50% off sale for Mother's Day, and I'm suddenly in a Christmas mood, since it is actually sunny out here... (I'm not sure how that works, but when it was cold, I didn't want to think about winter.  Now that it's warm, I'm thinking about Christmas!  LOL!)  Anyway...  I finally bought The Nativity pattern that had been on my wish list. : )

I'm doing it on 18 count.  Since I'll be working on it for 10 years or so, I decided to use a fabric size that I enjoy working on. : )

Here's my progress so far...

Here's how far I have to go...

LOL!!! : )  
Rather than buying all the floss at once, I'm going to plan to do about 1 1/2 columns a week, and just pick up the floss I need week by week.  I only needed one color to start!

Wish me much perseverance!! : )  

On to a smaller thing...

My little finish for this month.

Cross Country Stitching - Apr 2011

 So here's my update...

Carried forward from April - $30.89
Plus May budget - $25.00

Available:  55.89

5.25 on magazine so I can stitch this piece sometime
10.50 on chart
4.11 on fabric
4.21 on marking pencil and floss
TOTAL:  24.07

Balance to carry forward... 31.82




Another Finish or Two!

Hi everyone!

Just dropping in to say "hi" and "yippee!"!  I have two more finishes!

First Lizzie*Kate's Spring String...

And then, Ellen Maurer Stroh's Bunny Baby

My new start is called Tend Faith, from the April 2011 Cross Country Stitching Magazine. I'm using some pretty hand-dyed aida that I bought on vacation. : )

Happy Stitching!



Giveaway Spotted!!

Oooooooo - Karen of SewMuch2Luv is having a giveaway!  Here are the details from her blog...

You can share the post there on your timeline,
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Just thought you'd like to know... ; )


{Stitch From Stash #4} April Update and Giveaway Winners

Hi everyone!

It's been a whole month since I posted, so this is going to be a long one!!
You might want to grab a cup of coffee... : )


I visited Faith's blog a few week's ago and saw that she had gotten this chart free from Stoney Creek and I ran right over and ordered one.  I had to pay shipping, but that doesn't count for our SFS total - Yippee!!  (I think it is free through the 21st, so you still have a few days to get it if you'd like to!)  I used threads from my stash, so it is in totally different colors from the original, but I like how it turned out.  This was my vacation stitch while DH and I were on vacation last week.  I thought it was a perfect choice to work on in the weeks leading up to Easter!


Bunny Baby is coming right along, but she's on hold at the moment until I finish my other vacation stitch...

 L*K Spring String... using my own colors.  


Well, I did spend some $$ this month!  We were able to stop at Cecilia's Samplers in Branson while we were on vacation.  I really was good, though!  I came away with 4 pieces of fabric for future projects, the LK Thankful String and the cute bunny needleminder that is living on one of the AMAZING bags that Annette made me...  I'll tell you about that in a minute!!

ANYWAY... Here's my report...

Balance Carried Over:  $55.89

Plus April's Budget:  $25.00

Cecilia's Samplers:  $50.00

Total Carried Forward:  $30.89

Total spent through April Report:  $69.11


Sweet Annette from the California Stitcher gifted me these AMAZING stitching bags, the matching needlebook and two Mary Englebreit ornaments.  I feel SOoooooooo blessed!!  I packed the bags up right away with all my projects for vacation.  They are SO cheery and I love the orange!!  You can see the smaller one a little better in the picture above. : )  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Annette!!!

All right, if you've stayed with me that long you deserve a prize!  Here are the three Sheep Virtue


Love - Anne
Gratitude - Mel
Joyfulness - Simply Victoria

Be sure to email me your addresses, ladies, so I can get these out to you!  I hope I can do some more giveaways and give some joy back to you all.  You are such an encouragement to me!!

Happy Stitching!