Nativity Update

Hi everyone!

Here's my HAED Nativity update for the end of January...

Can you see the first part of the wiseman's robe??  How it looks remotely white and striped is beyond me.  There are a TON of colors in there!!  BTW - for a size point of reference -  that is a 60" round kitchen table that it is sitting on.... : )  I'm still thoroughly enjoying stitching on it!

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Page Eight Finished


I met my goal and finished page eight before the year ended! :)  I'm so excited to see the whole top row of pages complete.  Tomorrow I start page nine and hopefully by the end of June I'll have another row of pages done.

Happy New Year!!



Finished a Page!

Hi everyone!  I am SO excited!  I've finished page 7 and am on track to finish the top of the picture by the end of the year since page 8 is just a half page.  This afternoon I need to look through my stash and find a travel project for this weekend, but I'm sort of afraid to look at all my other goodies.  I don't want to get sidetracked from this one!!  Unfortunately it is too big to take along or I'd bring it.  I figured it out today and I would need to do 400 stitches a day to complete the whole thing by the end of next year... working on nothing else, of course!  I don't know if I can stay that focused, but I might try.  I don't usually stitch that much during the day and there will be a lot of confetti from here on out, but if I aim high I'll get farther than if I don't!!

Back to stitching!



HAED Update

Hi everyone!

I missed posting last month since Stitch from Stash was discontinued, so I decided to put up an update today on my HAED Nativity.  My goal is to finish the top of it by the end of the year and I'm right on track!! :)

Here's where I was on my last check in...

Here's where I am today.  I just finished a column and I'm at 32,000 stitches.

Wow!  I didn't realize that I had done so much!! :)  I have about 6,000 stitches to do to finish the top row by the end of the year.  Wish me luck!! :)


{Stitch From Stash} October

Hi everyone!

Sorry that I've been such a bad blogger lately!!  I seem to have a one track mind lately.  I can blog or stitch, but apparently not both! : )  I have been stitching this month, though!  I've gotten a lot done on my HAED Nativity.  It's the one that was calling to me after I started all the new patterns last month, and it hasn't stopped talking yet, so I'm still working on it!  First, my check in for the month.

Month: October 2015
October Budget: $25.00
Spent: $0
Earned: $0
Budget forward:  $77.00

OK, here's where I was on The Nativity last month.  You can just see the start of the halo of light around the star.

And here is where I am now...
See the tree branches starting again??

I would love to get the top row finished by the end of the year and it is attainable, but I would REALLY have to concentrate on it and I would need a couple of long Jane Austen movie and cross stitch days. : )  I'm a little short of my goals for the week, but I just had a hugongous chiropractor adjustment on my mid and upper back, so I need to lay low for the rest of the night, I think.  I'll try to catch up some tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll have lots more done by the next check in!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



{Stitch from Stash} September

Hi again everyone!

I went on a spending splurge this month.... well, sort of.  I saw a pattern I just had to have, and I got another pattern for my birthday at the end of last month, so I decided to kit them both up and have a pattern starting party last week. : )

So first the details...

Month: September 2015
September Budget: $25.00Spent: $39.00
Earned: $16.00 (L*K Good Marriage)
Budget forward:  $52.00

Here's my finish...
L* K A Good Marriage
25 ct over 1
Threads from stash

Here's my progress on Family Blessings - the kit I started on 14 count because my eyes needed a break from the 25 count...

Then I started Got Snow Reindeer - my birthday present...

And bought and started this chart...  Not as big as an HAED, but still lots of stitching!

And, of course, I'm still working on The Nativity... (sorry for the crummy picture!)

I'm hoping to start some sort of a rotation soon, but right now it is just whichever one is calling to me at the moment. : )

Thanks for stopping by!  Hopefully I'll have more stitching to show as we get into the fall and winter.




{Stitch from Stash} August

Goodness, how this month has flown!  I've been working fairly steadily on my Lizzie Kate piece, but I don't want to show its picture again until I've given it away. :)  So... here's the REALLY BORING Stitch from Stash mandatory check in details...

Month: August 2015
Spent: $0
Earned: $0
Budget forward:  $50.00

My husband is doing SO well since his brain surgery in June.  He is back at work full time - or more than full time, and has more energy each day.  My energy comes and goes depending on the stress of the day and what I eat. : )  The prevailing opinion on a helpful diet for me seems to be lots of vegetables (but no tomatoes, peppers or potatoes) and meat and some dairy and healthy fats.  No coffee, sugar, and little to no fruit or nuts or carbs.  Considering I really don't enjoy vegetables that much and I DO enjoy the "don't haves"  I'm having a little trouble sticking to it... : ) 

Thanks for dropping in.  I hope I'll have a more interesting post to share in a week or two! : )