Stitch From Stash - January

Hi everyone!  It's Stitch from Stash reporting time again!  Here are the basics...

Month: January, 2015
Spent:  $4.12
Earned: -0-
So my balance forward is $20.88.
Here's what I've been working on this month...

Stoney Creek Oh Holy Night

I've been working on Oh Holy Night for about 30 minutes most mornings, and I'm seeing progress!! :

Stoney Creek Winter Sanctuary Stocking

I've spent the bulk of my stitching time on this one this month.  I would love to finish this in the next two or three weeks.  I was hoping to finish one of my WIP's each month, but we'll see if that happens!

My goal for the first half of SFS is to try to spend under $25.00 total for the six months.  I don't really have anything extra to spend right now, and I think I have enough stash to get me to June just finishing up projects that I've started, or stitching on ones that I have a kit for.   If I make it - and I need to! - I will splurge on a kit that I've been wishing for. : )  Then I'll try to kit up my second half projects with anything extra I've been able to save (in real money!) from now til June.

Sooo... things I've seen that are on my wish list?  Not tons, thankfully, but definitely the L*K ABC's of Faith Kit that will be coming out soon.

And then Rachel, has been using all these gorgeous aida fabrics by Fabric Flair for her challenge starts this month.  I can see kitting some things up with them for the second half of SFS!!

Thanks for stopping by!



YOTA and Mid-January Update

Hi everyone!

Today is the first Year of the Acronym (YOTA) update!  I've been working on my chosen piece - Stoney Creek's O Holy Night, that I started back in 2012. I decided that I would stitch on it for about 30 minutes each morning and see how much I get accomplished.  Here' my before...

And here's my after...

I'm so excited to be working on it again.  It will be so pretty!!

In non-YOTA stitching I've been working on the Stoney Creek Stocking that I would like to have done for Christmas this year.  I've been working on this one for about 2 or 2 1/2 hours each night and I just finished the bottom page yesterday.  Maybe I can come close to finishing it this month!!

Thanks for stopping by today!  



2015 Goals!

Hello, hello!  I'm back with my New Year's Goals post.  I spent the whole day on the floor in front of the space heater going through my stash,  picking out projects that I would like to work on next year and making a stitching game plan.  I'm really going to try to make this my motto this year...

Yup, I got the pillow as my end of year treat.  And stitched it in just a couple of days because I liked it so much!!  

I loved Stitch from Stash last year, so I joined again, but this time my personal goal will be to only spend $50.00 or less in Round One and $50.00 or less in Round Two.  

I also joined the Friendly Stitcher's Get It Done SAL and I'll be working on my Stoney Creek O Holy Night Nativity that I started a couple years ago.  My plan is to stitch on it for a half hour each day during daylight hours, then to stitch on another project at night.  I have an ornament kitted up as well for traveling or boredom. : )

Here is my tentative list of projects for this year...

1. Stoney Creek O Holy Night Nativity
2. Stoney Creek Stocking
3. Homespun Elegance Snowman Ornament
4. Precious Moments January Snowdrop
5. Homespun Elegance Reindeer Ornament
6. Dimensions Nativity
7. Homespun Elegance Along for the Ride
8. L*K Marriage Piece
9. MBT Joy Ornament
10. Harvest Blessing Kit
11. JinglePot Road Ornament
12. Harvest Light
13. L*K Ornament
14. Bent Creek Leaf
15. Got Snow Reindeer
16. LHN Kindness
17. Cardinal - Lady in Red
18 CCN Silent Night
19. CCS Slow to Speak
20. LHN 12 Days of Christmas
21. WIPF (Work in Progress Forever) HAED Nativity
22. WIPF HAED Mini Christmas Mailbox
23. WIPF HAED Stocking

The ones in red are my January projects, and, if I get any charts as gifts during the year, I reserve the right to fit them in. : )  I can't wait to see how I do on my list!!

One last goal for the year is to keep track of the time I stitch on each project.  I simply forget to do it, but I would like to know how long it actually takes me, vs what I THINK it will take.

Wish me luck!!  I'm looking forward to starting tomorrow!!


Stitch from Stash - December

WOW, oh WOW!  I made it to the end!!  What a fun year it's been with the Stitch from Stash challenge.  I've really enjoyed it and I'll be back in a few days with my goals for next year.

Here is my spending breakdown for this month...
I started with a balance of $145.51 + December's allowance of $25.00 = $170.51 in account. : )

I did a little buying during the Thanksgiving weekend...

Family Blessings Kit:  13.99
Natural Aida:  4.79
DMC:  2.00


149.73 Left! : )

This month I finished the Necessities Sampler...

So I started a Precious Moments charity piece...

And did a little more on the Dimensions O Holy Night kit.

Thanks for all your hard work keeping track of this Mel!  I have really enjoyed it and am already signed up for next year.  If I don't see you before have a Merry Christmas, and I'll be back soon with my 2015 stitching goals! :)


I found a Must Have!

I found a must have yesterday.  Even before the Oh Holy Night that I showed in my last post.  This one is going to be stitched and put on my bed so I can look at it when I'm sitting in my chair working on my computer.  It seems strange, though, that I want to buy something to help me remember that I don't have to buy things!  Here it is...

photo credit:  The Silver Needle

Isn't that the truth???  I so need that reminder!!!

I'm hoping someone will have a wonderful after Thanksgiving or end of year sale, so I can get it then.  Soooo ... today I'll be working on my LHN piece to see if I can finish it in the next week or so.  I can't buy anything until it is done!!!

Did you see Nancy's wonderful giveaway today?

Love it!!!

I'm off to be productive!



{Stitch from Stash} November

Good morning!  I thought I had better post my SFS update before I forgot!  I had a good month and didn't spend a thing. : )  YAY!!  I still have my eye on a few things that I might get before the end of the year, but we'll see.

Here's my progress since my last update.  I haven't touched my HAED's much during the past couple weeks, but I've made some progress on the stocking...

the Dimensions Nativity...

And even the Necessities Sampler!!  

So here's my report...

I started with a balance of $120.51 + November's allowance of $25.00 = $145.51 in account. : )

I'm doing pretty well with my 5 project rotation/choice.  I can always find something in the group that looks fun to stitch.  The piece I'm really wishing for on my wish list right now is the DesignWorks Oh Holy Night that looks like this...

It looks so happy!! : )  So maybe if I can finish one of my pieces this month I'll let myself order it.  We'll see!!

Have a wonderful weekend!