Stitch from Stash - May

Hi everybody!  I've been SO busy this month that I haven't even had time to update my blog.  In fact, so busy that I FORGOT about the May Daily Treats at the Silver Needle that I told you about last month.  I didn't remember them 'til I saw it in last month's post just now.  I guess I didn't need anything... well, unless something wonderful shows up during this last week of the month! : )

The nice thing is that I've been too busy to shop, so I have a $0 spend month, and, even better, I finished my Precious Moments and a page of my HAED Nativity, so I get some "extra" to add to my virtual budget! WooHoo!!

Month: May 2015
Spent: $0
Earned: $23

So my balance forward is $100.88 + $25.00 for May + $23.00 for finishes = $148.88

Precious Moments (for Charity)

O Holy Night

HAED Nativity - Starting on Page Four

My HAED has been getting most of my attention lately - to the detriment of my Stoney Creek piece.  But I find the HAED to be so relaxing to stitch, and I'd love to make it across the top of it sometime in the next year... LOL!!

I think I have a theme going here... here is the Dimensions Kit that I'm stitching on right now... : )

Random.org says that the L*K Spring Alphabet chart is going to visit Alyssa. : )  I'll be in touch, or if you read this before I get the email sent, you can send me your address so I can get it in the mail.

Back to stitching!



YOTA - May 2015

Hi everyone!

Just a little bit of progress to show on my project this month.

Here's the before...

And here's the after.  I worked a little on the bottom of the robe and on the donkey.

Thanks for looking! : )



{Stitch from Stash} April

Hi everyone!  It's Stitch from Stash reporting time again!  Here are the basics...

Month: April 2015
Spent:  $11
Earned: $ 0

So my balance forward is $86.88 + $25.00 for April = $111.88 minus $11.00 = $100.88

Here's my progress report...

I worked on my HAED Nativity and finished a column or two.

I worked a little on my Stoney Creek O Holy Night... (Sorry for the color cast on the pictures.  It's really overcast here today!)

And a little more on my Precious Moments piece...  There's a possibility I'll still be able to finish this by the end of the month, or at least be pretty close.  YAY!

And I finished my Spring Alphabet sampler!!

Here's last month...

And here's the finish...

I received this chart from sweet Linda at  Stitching with my Furbabies, and I would love to pay it forward and pass it along to someone who would enjoy stitching it and passing it on in turn.  Mention it in the comments if you'd like to be in the draw!

Well, I didn't quite make my $0 spend goal through April.  My not-so-LNS had their anniversary sale and dd in I were in need of a road trip, so I picked up some fabric for a few ornaments I would like to work on and a skein or two of floss for future projects.  One must support our stitching shops a little... mustn't one?? : )  Speaking of which, The Silver Needle has their May Daily Treats coming up.  I might have to splurge if I see something I like. : )  I'd also like to get the Stoney Creek magazine that just came out.  It has SUCH pretty things in it this time!  So many fun stitches... so little time!  We'll see how I do...

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a fantabulous month everyone!



YOTA - April

With being sick in March I got off schedule stitching on my YOTA piece, but I stitched for a good bit yesterday afternoon while listening to a Good Friday service online, so I have some progress to show.

Here's my before...

and here's my after...

The bottom of Joseph's robe is coming along and I started working on the donkey.  This is a fun stitch, but it moves sort of slowly with all the color changes!

Thanks for stopping by today.

Happy Easter!  I pray that you know Christ as the Risen One!!


{Stitch from Stash} March

Hi everyone!  It's Stitch from Stash reporting time again!  Here are the basics...

Month: March 2015
Spent:  $ 0
Earned: $ 0

So my balance forward is $61.88 + $25.00 for March = $86.88

Here's my progress report...

I worked on my HAED Nativity and added in three or four hundred stitches.

I worked a little on my Stoney Creek O Holy Night...

And a little more on my Precious Moments piece...

And a few stitches on my Cross Country Stitching Sampler...

And sweet Linda from Stitching with my Furbabies sent me two Lizzie Kate alphabet charts - Spring and Autumn - that I had admired on her blog.  THANK YOU, LINDA!!!!!

I was desperate for a spring stitch, but I didn't want to spend any money, so I dug through the little bit of fabric that I have and managed to find a piece of 18 ct white aida that would be big enough.  I switched out all the colors to DMC that I had and started.  It is a fun stitch and I love how it is turning out.  (The colors are a lot softer in real life!)

So what's new on my wish list this month?  Winnie the Pooh!!  I seem to be picking all expensive projects to wish for this year!  Here's the Pooh and Friends II kit...

Image from Keepsake NeedleArts
So, my goal for now through April.  If I can go another month with $0 spending, that would be fantastic!  I have enough to work on, that's for sure!!  I would like to finish both the Precious Moments piece and the Spring Alphabet if I could, and do a little more on my HAED and my Stoney Creek Nativity.  That's the plan, anyway!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a fantabulous month everyone!



I'm looking for...

Hi everyone!

Does anyone happen to have a Lizzie Kate Fab Fob - Spring Kit with the little scissors in their stash that they would like to sell??  It looks like this...

I'm going to be flying to see my daughter graduate in a couple months and I want to get a pair of the little scissors to carry with me on the plane, but they don't have the cute ones with two colored handles anymore and I like the fun spring fob...  Just thought I'd check!  

Thanks for looking!


YOTA - March

Hi again!

Not a ton of progress to show on my YOTA piece this month, but it's still growing!

Here's the before...

And here's the after...

Thanks for looking! : )



{Stitch from Stash} February

Hi everyone!  It's Stitch from Stash reporting time again!  Here are the basics...

Month: February 2015
Spent:  $ 0
Earned: $16.00 for Stocking Finish

So my balance forward is $20.88 + $25.00 for February's Budget + $16.00 finish = $61.88
Here's what I've been working on this month...

Stoney Creek Oh Holy Night

I'm still working on Oh Holy Night for about 30 minutes most mornings, and I'm seeing progress!! 

Then my finish for the month...
Stoney Creek Winter Sanctuary Stocking

And the newest WIP I took out of my bag.  I have to stitch on this in the daylight right now because I can't see the blue thread on the blue fabric!  So my evenings have been spent on the next piece instead.

This piece is from the Cross Country Stitching magazine, and it doesn't look like much so far, but it took me three or four nights to stitch that sign.  I think there were 1000 stitches of 822 in it!! : )  I'll outline it tonight and write the words and I'll feel like I'm half done with the piece.  OK, not really, but it really was a big chunk of solid stitching!!  It would have been worth $4 if it were a finish! LOL!!

My goal for February was to try not to spend anything and I didn't.  WooHoo!  We'll see how I do in March.  I really don't want to spend anything this next month either, but I'm afraid I am going to be wishing for something Spring-y soon!!  I'll have to remember that and pick up a few patterns to work on next Spring when I have a little extra real money. You know, real money vs the virtual budget that I have available! : )

Thanks for stopping in!!