I'm crocheting today.  It intrigues me, but I am having an awful time settling down to one project.  There is so much to learn.  So many hooks to try.  So many projects out there.  Today I am working on a Daisy Granny Square pattern that I bought from BluPrint (formerly Craftsy).  I am using some yarn I have on hand, which happens to be a multi-color SugarWheel from Hobby Lobby in yellow, dark grey, sage and light grey.  Since I've never made a Granny Square before I am just trying to fumble my way through the pattern once or twice and then I would like to try making the squares with all the color changes in a thinner yarn with a smaller hook.  Unless I get distracted by something else first.

It could happen.

Yesterday I cross stitched a very little bit more on my little pillow project.  I'll work on it until I need a change and then pick out the next one to add to my list.

Soooo... so far I have - 

1. Pine Mountain May Pillow (cross-stitch)
2. Practice Daisy Square

We'll see whether or not my list expands this week!



This hasn't been a great morning.  Today was my Mom's birthday and I realized only after I had made a sympathy card for my husband to take to the funeral of his ex-boss.  Putting the two together made me sad.  And maybe a little sorry for myself.  And irritated that I was sorry for myself.  And upset that I was irritated.  But then my eyes were drawn to the jar of colored pencils on my desk and I saw the rainbow of colors that were there.  They wouldn't be nearly as pretty if they were all the same color.  It is the different colors that make them beautiful as a group.  I've had that experience when I was stitching, too.  I might be stitching along thinking "This really isn't pretty!", but then I add in another color and everything pops.  I think that my emotions are like that.  Each day brings different emotions - Some days are red angry days, some are blue and sad, others I am sunny yellow happy, or growing in a vibrant green.  I've had black days which transitioned into dark brown and then lighter brown, and I've had mixtures and shades of the colors as well.  And as a whole they make my life what it is... a beautiful unfinished tapestry being stitched by a Master Designer.  I am so blessed.

I was able to stitch for just a few minutes last night, so I started a Pine Mountain May pillow.  It has bluebirds on it which make me happy. :)

I'm not sure what I will work on today.  I guess we will see!


Time for a New Start

I'm pretty sure that there is no one still following this blog, and that's ok.  It's been 2, well, basically 3, years since I posted last and those years have been the hardest of my life as I have worked through the symptoms of acute anxiety and depression.  God has worked in my life in so many ways through this time and one of the things He has shown me is that, for those who love Him, His character doesn't include or cause fear, but love; it doesn't make you sad, but joyful; it doesn't cause anxiety, but brings peace.  His life in me because of Christ allows me to be patient and kind.  It is gentle and makes me gentle.  It is good and loves what is right and good.  It is faithful and helps me to be able to fulfill my commitments.  And it helps me to be moderate and not be overwhelmed with wants and wishes, but makes me grateful for what I have and helps me to enjoy using the gifts He has provided.

I've had a hard time cross stitching the past two years.  I think that all together I only completed 2 1/2 pages on my Heaven & Earth Designs Nativity in that time.  But it's always been there.  And lately I've enjoyed crocheting as well.  Nothing big... I have a lap throw a little over half done and I've made a few dishcloths, both knitting and crocheting.  I have a few things I would like to work on though.

So, anyway, I am going to make today a new start.  I'm working full time now, so it is going to be harder to do this, but I am going to pick 10 projects and post a picture of them - kind of like I did in 2013.  I am going to commit to working on those 10 projects for the rest of the year and see what kind of progress I can make.  I want to choose projects that make me think of all the characteristics above.  That make me happy, that encourage me toward peace, that give me a chance to practice faithfulness in working on them each day - even if it's only 15 minutes at a time, and that allow me to actually use what I have and be grateful for it.  I know that I might need to buy a few things for the projects - some floss or fabric - and I know that I have one new pattern I would like to buy - "Live your Dreams" by Silver Creek Samplers...

The rest I will work on throughout the next couple of days and I will post it here as a reminder to myself.  I am cautiously excited to begin this stage of my journey!


The Nativity Update!

Hello!!  It's been WAY too long since I've updated here.  I will try to do better!  I've been working non-stop on my Heaven and Earth Designs project and have made a LOT of progress.  Here's a picture of my last page finish, and I'll have another page finish to share soon! :)

Isn't it sooooo pretty?  I just love watching it take shape!!

See you again soon!


Nativity Update!

Hi everyone! (If anyone is still following me...)

I am so sorry that I haven't updated since June.  It's been a rough couple of months as I've dealth with the anniversaries of my mom's death and my husband's brain surgery - plus we had to put down our dog last weekend. :(  But I have something happy on the stitching front, I have 2 pages finished on The Nativity since June.  I was hoping for three pages, but this one seemed to have a LOT of confetti.  Either that or I just couldn't concentrate... not sure which!

Here's my progress...

I need to put in a few extra hours on it if I want to finish this row by the end of December!!

Thanks for stopping by!



End of Row!

HAED The Nativity, 18 Count, 2x1, June 27, 2016 - end of page 16

Well, the picture isn't the greatest, but the feeling of completing a whole row of pages since January 1st is AMAZING!! : )  On to the next goal of completing another full row by Christmas!!!


Nativity Update

Hi everyone!

It's been a ton of time since I last posted an update on my Nativity project!  I'm currently on the middle of page 15 and on track to finish this row of pages by June 30th, which was my goal.  I'm so thrilled!  If I can keep this pace up, I'll have another row finished by the end of the year.  I really hope to finish this by next September, or so!!  Here's where it is currently...

Having a good bit of sky in this top section has helped it to go a little more quickly, but the rest of this page and most of the next row will be confetti stitching with all of the gorgeous robes and people to work on.  It's really going to start taking shape!

Thanks for following along with me as I stitch this piece.  I know that I haven't had much to blog about since I started working on this project only, but I really find it relaxing and I'm thoroughly enjoying the journey of seeing a masterpiece come to life.

Have a blessed day!