Christmas Blessings!

Oh how blessed I was this Christmas!  My husband picked out some cross stitch for me, and a new Gingher scissors and he's also going to buy me a lap stand.  I can order it today! :-)  See the big one??  It's gorgeous!  But, wow!, it's like a Heaven & Earth design one.  SOLID cross stitch 16 x 20.  Just beautiful!!!  And one of my dd's found an old Cross Country Stitching magazine that I've wanted for a really long time.  It has a calendar to stitch and I've always loved it.

I'm planning on adding the center kit with the flowers and the small Gold Collection kit to my "Crazy 15", and I'm going to start working on the big one, but not try to get it done this year.  I don't have everything for the calendar, so that might have to wait until I finish some of my 15 up.

Now, with all that stitching to do, I of course needed new movies... so my DH got me the top one and DD gave me the entire Jane Austen BBC collection. :-)  Ahhh...  25 hours of movies.  Oh!  And we got Wives and Daughters, too... so add another 4 or 5 hours to that!!

And here's one of my very favorite non-stitching gifts.  I've always wanted a little black sheep for this Nativity set, and my DS and DD found one online.  

Isn't he just precious???  Sigh!

I do hope your Christmas was a blessing.  I'll talk to you all soon!


For My Winter Starved Friends :-)

I would hate for you all to be without snow this Christmas, so here you are!


The End of Patience

The end of my LHN Patience Thread Pack, that is!  This is the last of my WIP's for this year, so I think I'm going to start an ornament  tomorrow that I'd like to send out around New Year's.  I need something to do until I can start my challenge pieces!!

BTW - the sheep actually can be seen on my finished piece.  His body just looks invisible because of the flash! :-)

Thanks for looking!


Need Some Input!

I need some input from you all.  My DH is considering getting me some sort of stitching stand after Christmas and I don't know which ones are good and which ones aren't worth the money.  Do any of you actually use scroll frames?  Which kinds?  Do you like them?  Do you just buy more scroll frames in case you want to switch out the project you are working on?  Or does everyone prefer Q-Snaps?

What about stands?  Floor, table, lap?  What makes them good or bad?  Which ones flip easiest to work on the back.  Which ones are best that are affordable?  And where do I get them????

Thanks loads!!


We Have a Winner!

Hello friends!

Sorry to be a day late announcing my winner, but my dh decided to take me Christmas shopping yesterday.  It was so much fun to spend the day together and I know that he got me a number of cross stitch kits for Christmas, I just don't know which ones.... although he did tell me that one of them would take me the rest of my life... :-)

But on to the real reason you stopped by today!  The winner of the LHN pattern, floss and fabric is...

(drum roll please....)

NAN  from  Nan's Needlework Notions

Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments on my new blog.  I look forward to getting to know you all better through the year!



A WIP and Getting "Crazy" Organized

 I'm working on finishing up this "Patience" thread pack by Little House Needleworks by the end of the year.  It's really a quick stitch and I'm to the point I can stitch the sheep now.  Yay!  I love patterns with sheep in them!!  I think I may frame it for my dh for Christmas next year.  My gift budget for next year looks like it will be virtually non-existant, so I'm planning to use a lot of the stitching I'll be doing over the year as gifts.

Speaking of next year's stitching...  Here's my Crazy basket. :-)  I have each project pattern and fabric in a mesh or ziplock bag, along with any overdyed floss that is called for.  The bag on the right is all of the DMC that I need to wind onto bobbins.  I'm sure that after stitching for 30+ years I have most if not all of the colors already, but I have developed some allergies/intolerances - to cat and wheat especially - and using my older floss, along with some fabrics, seems to cause problems.  So... I'm starting from scratch to prevent any reactions.  If any of you are interested in two boxes of DMC floss, let me know! :-)

Don't forget about my giveaway!  It's a post or two down now...




Down Sunshine Lane Giveaway!

Oooooo.... not only do I have a giveaway, but so does Down Sunshine Lane!!  I would love to win some stitching stash for Christmas, wouldn't you???  Check it out here!


A Finish!

I finished my bookmark and it will be wending its way to a friend early next week.  It's the perfect gift to include in her Christmas card!

Pattern from LA Bookmarks Galore - July flower

Thanks for looking!


A New Start...

Here I am as promised.  My new cross stitch blog to chronicle my Crazy January Challenge and beyond.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I'll be posting a giveaway soon to start things off right!