A WIP and Getting "Crazy" Organized

 I'm working on finishing up this "Patience" thread pack by Little House Needleworks by the end of the year.  It's really a quick stitch and I'm to the point I can stitch the sheep now.  Yay!  I love patterns with sheep in them!!  I think I may frame it for my dh for Christmas next year.  My gift budget for next year looks like it will be virtually non-existant, so I'm planning to use a lot of the stitching I'll be doing over the year as gifts.

Speaking of next year's stitching...  Here's my Crazy basket. :-)  I have each project pattern and fabric in a mesh or ziplock bag, along with any overdyed floss that is called for.  The bag on the right is all of the DMC that I need to wind onto bobbins.  I'm sure that after stitching for 30+ years I have most if not all of the colors already, but I have developed some allergies/intolerances - to cat and wheat especially - and using my older floss, along with some fabrics, seems to cause problems.  So... I'm starting from scratch to prevent any reactions.  If any of you are interested in two boxes of DMC floss, let me know! :-)

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gracie said...

Well it looks like you are getting it all together. I still need to get a few floss and a few pieces of fabric....just "found" another that I really want to stitch! I have to stop going through things!

blueladie said...

Tricia, LOVE the LHN piece (no kidding, right?). It's so pretty. I love charts with sheep in them, too. You are brave to join the challenge. I wish you well and will be watching and cheering you on. I have the same budget contraints that you do, unfortunately my grandchildren don't appreciate stitching as gifts. :) Oh well, their loss. Looking forward to pics of your challenge stitching. Cathryn

Shannon Meyer said...

Hmm, I really like the basket idea for storing your projects. I put mine all in a bag that I carry around everywhere I go. They all fit in there right now, but I'm afraid they are going to get smashed in there. And I like to use that bag to take projects with me, but don't know that I need to carry around 15 projects all the time:) I'll have to look around for a basket now (in fact, I'm pretty sure I have a basket just like yours somewhere:).

Shannon Meyer

MaryT said...

Love your stitching, really pretty!

Niina said...

Hi Tricia!
I'm also taking part to Crazy January, allthought haven't yet picked much stash to stitch. Thought I have lots of LHN and CCN patters with floss so I might statr "few" of them :)
So sad to hear about your allergies, I had to go back to school have another occupation because of them!
It will be nice to see what's everybody stitching for CJ challenge, but there is so many of us, that it will be hard to keep in track :)
Ps. I'm little pit interested about those floss (and fabrics?)

And This Little Pig said...

Lovely WIP, love sheep. You are really getting organised for the 'crazies'
LiBBiE in Oz

Donna's Stitching said...

I love your blog and I am interested in 2 boxes of floss email me


I need to get my 15 projects kitted up
Huggss Donna

Carin said...

Your patience piece looks beautiful !!

Joy said...

Patience is coming together nicely...DH will love it!