Catching Up

Hello friends!  I have a few days of starts and one finish to show you today!  First up is the little pillow that I finished and mailed off to my friend with cancer.  I pray it will be a blessing to her!

Here's today's start (Day 12).  Bwahahahahaha.  I won't have a lot of time today to stitch, so I did about 35 border stitches this morning, and then realized that my fabric was turned the wrong way and I was going to go off the edge, if I continued.  Grrr...  So, I frogged it all and did 2 stitches the right way.  It's still a start!! LOL!

Yesterday (Day 11) I worked on this little sampler from October's Cross Country Stitching magazine.  It's going to be cute, I think. :-)  And I *love* two-handed stitching!!!  I worked on the kit this morning without it being on my stand and I really missed using it.  It goes so much faster with the stand!

We interrupt this blog post to show you the blog candy I won around Christmas-time! :-)  Thanks so much Cathryn!

And one more start! Day 10 I worked on a JCS ornament for my DD for Christmas next year.  It's almost done! :-)

Thanks for stopping by to check on me!  Just a few more days of the challenge and then it will be time to finish some of these!!



Mouse said...

Hi Tricia at least you didn't do any more before you spotted your mistake .... I love the little robin :) and oooo lovely stash haul win :) nearly done on the starts eh :) will miss it when finished ..lol DD said today so what's next then after this !!!! love mouse xxx

Kathy said...

Cute little robin. I love anything with birds. :) Your other piece is lovely too. And sorry to hear about the froggie visit. Please keep him there as he has been to my house more than usual. :)

Nan said...

Lovely starts! I love the design on your pillow finish. I've been eyeballing this pattern for a while trying to figure out where to fit it in :0)
I love the color you chose for it.

Carol said...

Your pillow for your friend is so lovely, Tricia--I'm sure it is very special to her. Lovely photograph, too! What color did you use for the thread?

Hey, even two stitches is better than no start at all--so glad you notice the mistake before getting too far along on the design!

Loretta said...

Lovely pillow. A very nice gift for your friend. Too bad about the frogging but at least you caught it early. Your other starts are great and I am drooling over your "blog candy".

DJ said...

Hi Tricia! Great stitching!! Love the little robin, can't wait to see what else is living with him on your fabric! The pillow for your friend is very nice, I'm sure she's going to cherish it!! Congratulations on your blog win, what a haul! Keep on hanging in there, we're almost done now! *Hugs*

Sari (saristitching) said...

Very nice gift to your friend! And nice new starts!