One of these things is not like the other...

So.... notice any difference between these two pictures???  *Besides* the fact that one is finished?

I started the this piece during the challenge and I've always *loved* the pattern.  I also needed to finish it sooner rather than later because it's for an exchange, so I pulled it out on Friday and did a few stitches and then thought I'd finish it on Saturday.  BUT when Saturday rolled around I found that I couldn't face it.  Which is silly.  I love this pattern and have wanted to stitch it since I first saw it.  What was my problem??  Hmmmm....  Then it hit me.  I had started this on a piece of linen that I'd cut from a huge hunk I'd gotten when our LNS went out of business a few years ago.  I figured I could do an ornament on it.  Wrong!  It's just beautiful fabric - the color is more mushroom than the grey it looks in the picture - and I love the look of the stitching on it.  But I can not work on it, without feeling ill.

Soooooo....  I found a piece of 28 count tan evenweave - 100% cotton - and restarted it Saturday night... and finished it on Sunday!  Yay!  I'm 3/15 completed with the challenge, because I completed this one on Saturday, too!

So... if anyone is interested in the unfinished start of Santa's Flight, let me know.  It is 32 count linen, and I was using the recommended DMC.  The pattern is in the '09 JCS Ornament Edition.  Just look at it like a Round Robin project that you get to keep.  :-)  If you're interested, just leave a comment on this post and if more than one person is interested, I'll draw a name on Wednesday.

Happy Stitching!


Jackie said...

Hey Tricia.
Congratulations on your finishes. You are moving along I see.
I will gladly take the infinished piece off of your hand; so sorry to hear you can't stitch on linen without making you ill. If you need to make a drawing please add my name to your drawing.

Petites xxx et Cie said...

Very nice work !
I've already stitched it for Christmas and I take pleasure in stitching it.
I would have add my name in your drawing if nobody was interested, but I see that Jackie want to finish that piece. I think it's better to let her stitch it. Have fun, Jackie.
Sorry for my bad English, Tricia. I hope you understand me !!! LOL

Mouse said...

Ooo Tricia I wouldn't mind it if its going .... I'm ok with linen and would love to finish it off :) if need be pop my name in to the hat for it :) love mouse xxxxx

Nan said...

What a great idea Tricia.
I've got a couple of pieces in the same predicament as your Santa. I just can't get the gumption to finish them off. I'll have to offer them to someone else. Brilliant!

Ellen S said...

Please enter my name in your giveaway!! I just found your blog,what wonderful stitching and finishing!!

Ellen S

Jill's Quirks said...

I would love to finish your project . . . please enter me into your giveaway!


Gillie said...

Another crazy challenge girl! Don't put my name in the draw, though, Tricia, thank you! Glad it got finished eventually!

Karen said...

Kudos on two great finishes! Looks like you will be finished with your challenge in no time!

happy stitching...

DJ said...

Hi Tricia! Lovely finishes you have there!! So happy to hear you are coming along so well on your challenges!! Isn't it funny how sometimes you can connect with a piece of fabric and sometimes you can't? It's lovely what you've done so far!! I know it will go to a good home! *hugs*

Carm said...

Please add my name to the list of takers to finish your linen project. You do beautiful work. I just love looking at all the blogs on needlework since I do so many kinds.