Number Seven Complete!

This challenge has been so good for me!  Here is my 7th finish...  LHN's Woodland Sampling.   I stitched this one on 18 ct Fiddler's Cloth for a fun and quick stitch.  My only wish is that the snowflakes showed up more... but that's ok.  I still like it. ☺

This next picture is of LHN's Robin Hood that my daughter just finished.  Isn't it pretty?  I love the colors.  DD is a fantastic stitcher.  She's working on a HAED design that is amazing!

So, would anyone be interested in a trade for my Woodland Sampling Pattern?  I have a number of LHN/CCN patterns that I would love to add to my "to do" pile if you would like to trade!  On the top of my list right now is LHN's Counting House or CCN's new Bunny Hop or Sheep in the Meadow, but I'd also like the Frosty Flakes ornament, Winter Wonderland, ABeeC Sampler, the Joyful in Hope thread pack, the Bookstore...  and I'm sure there are others! :-) Drop me an email with your offer - my email's in my profile - and I'll be sure to contact you one way or the other in a day or two. :-)

Have a blessed Sunday!


Pumpkin Cottage Finished!

I so wanted to finish this yesterday, so I set aside 15 minutes of every hour to stitch.  For 45 minutes I would clean, do paperwork, run errands, etc., and then for 15 minutes I would stitch.  It worked beautifully!  Not only did I get a lot of stitching done, but I got a *lot* of other work done, too!!

I just love this design!  I made a number of counting errors, but everything came together at the end, and now I know that it's "mine".  {smiles}  By the way, the colors are much more pastel in real life.  It's gorgeous.  Sigh.  I think I'll get a frame from Crescent Colors for it... when I have a little money to spend.

Next up I plan to finish Woodland Sampling - hopefully by Friday, and then I need to start something new - a Roly Poly Cherished Teddy for a Charity Quilt.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!  I'm always happy to see you!



I found another giveaway!

Teresa at At Willow Tree Pond is having a giveaway, too.   Don't you just love giveaways??  ☺  Here's the link... http://atwillowtreepond.blogspot.com/

I'll be back tomorrow or so with an update on Pumpkin Cottage and my DD's finish of LHN's Robin Hood.  See you then!


Weekend Wrap Up & Friday Night Stitch In

Hello friends!

Friday Night Sew In became Friday Night Stitch In at my house yesterday.  Somehow sitting, stitching and watching an old Doris Day movie seemed to be what the evening called for, so I complied. ☺

I've been working on Pumpkin Cottage this week mostly.  Here's the progress so far...

Hopefully you can't tell all the little (or big!) mistakes I made.  I tried to cover them up and I think it will be ok...  We'll see!!  I just love the colors in this one.  It makes me happy!!

I've also put a few stitches in my LHN Woodland Sampling.  I'll work on that more this week, too, I think.  Here's it's progress...

Now my fun mail for today!  My son went out early, early this morning to put a letter in the mailbox and came back with a little box that I'm *sure* wasn't there yesterday.  Hmmm... Anyway - I received my ornament from the HOE Reindeer Exchange from Janet and its MARVELOUS!  The fabric is sparkly and there is wool on the back.  Sigh!  I love it.  She also send a few threads and some gold John James needles.  I am *so* spoiled.  What a happy Saturday morning!

Isn't it gorgeous??

Well, that's it for me for now!  Hopefully I'll have a finish to show by the end of this next week.



Another giveaway!

And it's lovely if you like scissors or samplers!  http://feathersinthenest.blogspot.com/ 

I'll be back tomorrow with a weekend wrapup post with pictures, I promise!



A Giveaway and a Winner

I found such a lovely blog tonight!  There's a wonderful giveaway here, but take some time and scroll back through and you'll find an amazing rendition of The Messiah.  Sigh.  Just lovely!!!!!

I've been working on Pumpkin Cottage over the past few days.  I'll put up an update in a day or two.  For today, though, I'm sure you'd like to know who will get the pass along pattern!  Well, let's see....

The winner is...  CALAMITY Jr.!!  :-)

Go ahead and email me (it's under my profile on the side) your address so I can get it in the mail!!



Thankful for Ewe

Isn't this just the sweetest pattern ever??  I think it's my favorite finish of my challenge pieces so far.  (number 5 of 15 in case you're counting!) It's an adorable chart called "Thankful", by Sharon Crescent of Crescent Colours and Diane Williams of LHN, that was a complimentary pattern around 2005.  The only place I've seen it online is here...  http://www.needlecraft-corner.com/specialkits.html 
...where you can see it in its original colors.  I chose to do it on 28 ct Monaco with the leftover threads from LHN's Traveling Stitcher, and I *just love it*!!!!  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.  For now it will be consigned to the "I made this" box. ☺

I'll be happy to pass along the chart (with the colors I used written in in pencil, in case you want to know), so leave a comment here and I'll pull a name on Wednesday.

Before I go... my dd just brought in my JCS magazine.  Oh my.  I'm in so much trouble!!!  There are five patterns that I just *must* stitch.  I'm up to at least 11 patterns that are on my *must do* list and that doesn't include the 10 that I still have to finish for the challenge.  Must. Keep. Stitching.




Super Bowl Sale Stash!

So my husband and children are all going to get Packer merchandise to commemorate their Super Bowl Win on Sunday.  Me???  I'll remember it by the new charts I ordered online during the sale at Down Sunshine Lane.  My plan is to order from a number of different ONS' this year and see if I like any better than the other.  (Then it's considered research.  See????)  I liked DSL, though - my order got here fast!

I'm working on another of my smaller challenge projects right now.  Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow or Saturday.  I'll see you then!




Friday Night Sew In Coming Up!

The next Friday Night Sew In is scheduled for February 18th.  Yay!  I hope to be able to finish the 4-Patch blocks for my DH's quilt and/or to do some cross-stitch finishes.  We'll see...!!!  If you want to join in, be sure to link up HERE.

I'm off to stitch and listen to Elizabeth Klett read Pride & Prejudice. ☺



Another Crazy Finish!

Hello, hello!

I have had a busy weekend with company here, so I haven't stitched much... and when I tried to stitch during the Super Bowl it was a lost cause.  Tooooooo stressful and exciting.  
But my Packers won.  YAY!!!!!!!!

I did get to do a little stash shopping during a Super Bowl sale, though.  I almost talked myself out of it since I have so many projects that I'm working on, but my husband and daughter came to my rescue and said I had too.   I complied.☺  I bought a number of charts that I've really been wishing for, and now I'll start to gather the thread and fabric for them.  I won't plan to start them until most of my 15 starts are finished... Well, except for a few of them...  LOL!

Today's finish is the "Let it Snow" ornament from CCN.  It's from the '08 JCS Christmas Ornament magazine, so I won't be passing along the pattern this time.  Now I have to decide what to work on for the rest of the week.  Hmmmm... Choices, choices, choices!!



Check This Out!

Or don't... cuz then maybe I'll win!  {{smiles}}  There's a wonderful giveaway here at Nataly's!

Snowstorms and Traveling Patterns

 Greetings, friends and neighbors!

See the beautiful sight out my window last night?  Soooooo pretty!  We have lots of snow, but since it all fell during the night, it doesn't seem very "blizzard-y".  I like watching it fall and feeling all cozy inside. ☺ So, today, instead of stitching and watching it snow I'm doing fun things like cleaning the oven and the tub before company comes this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, guess who my daughter drew to get the next chance at the traveling Shepherd's Bush Spring Fob?

That's right!  SHAR... who happens to be a Steelers fan, and whose team is playing MY PACKERS this weekend in the Super Bowl.  And I didn't even throw her name back in the bowl and redraw...  I'm nice like that.  LOL!!!!   Seriously, congratulations, Shar!  Be sure to get me your address so I can send it on, and everyone else be sure to bookmark Shar's blog so you can try again when she's done with the pattern.  Plus she has cute pictures of her granddaughter and lovely stitching to look at in the meantime!! 

Thanks so much for taking time to stop by and to leave such sweet comments.  Have fun shopping at all the stitching Super Bowl sales this weekend.  I'd love to place an order at The Silver Needle for some stitching supplies and a new Vera Bradley bag (or two), but with 12 more WIP's in my pile I probably should just concentrate on what I have.  Thoughts??????  

See you again soon, I hope!


Ready for Some Snow??

I am!  I love a good snowstorm!  Here's my progress from last week...

I got a little more done on "Let It Snow"...

I finished my Reindeer Exchange Ornament and sent it out...

No, you *can't* see the front yet!!

And I worked on Morning Lake...

I hope to get more done on Morning Lake tomorrow during the snowstorm.  How fun for me!! :-)

I'll be back tomorrow with the winner of the traveling Shepherd's Bush pattern.  See you then!