Snowstorms and Traveling Patterns

 Greetings, friends and neighbors!

See the beautiful sight out my window last night?  Soooooo pretty!  We have lots of snow, but since it all fell during the night, it doesn't seem very "blizzard-y".  I like watching it fall and feeling all cozy inside. ☺ So, today, instead of stitching and watching it snow I'm doing fun things like cleaning the oven and the tub before company comes this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, guess who my daughter drew to get the next chance at the traveling Shepherd's Bush Spring Fob?

That's right!  SHAR... who happens to be a Steelers fan, and whose team is playing MY PACKERS this weekend in the Super Bowl.  And I didn't even throw her name back in the bowl and redraw...  I'm nice like that.  LOL!!!!   Seriously, congratulations, Shar!  Be sure to get me your address so I can send it on, and everyone else be sure to bookmark Shar's blog so you can try again when she's done with the pattern.  Plus she has cute pictures of her granddaughter and lovely stitching to look at in the meantime!! 

Thanks so much for taking time to stop by and to leave such sweet comments.  Have fun shopping at all the stitching Super Bowl sales this weekend.  I'd love to place an order at The Silver Needle for some stitching supplies and a new Vera Bradley bag (or two), but with 12 more WIP's in my pile I probably should just concentrate on what I have.  Thoughts??????  

See you again soon, I hope!


Mouse said...

Congratulations Shar :) oooo I can see my name there ..lol , keep on with Wips Tricia and then you can treat yourself ;) heheheh ..love mouse xxxxx

Nan said...

Congratulations Shar!
Have fun stitching!

Nicky said...

Hi Tricia, Congrats to Shar, I'm so happy that my little pattern is continuing on its journey, it will have some stories to tell now! Did someone mention a sale? I don't know much about the Superbowl but I do know what a sale is. lol
I think you should definitely go shopping first, then get on to some WIP's. Have fun!

~*Sharee*~ said...

Thank you hun, :) I can't wait to stitch it and then send it onto a new home. How fun...

Hugs, Shar