Weekend Wrap Up

 Hi friends!  I've done just a little stitching this past week.  I really don't know what else I've been doing, but I don't seem to have been home long enough to sit down and stitch!  The top picture is the next Roly Poly Teddy square that I'm doing for Angel Quilts.  That was my project this weekend.  When this is done I get to work on a couple of CCN pieces for a friend.  How fun!  Then I'll work on my PIF for Mouse, and then I'll go back to my challenge pieces.  Or something like that, anyway!!

Here's my progress on one of the challenge pieces (a Dimensions kit called Heart and Soul) that I had started when I was so sick in January.  This was the piece that I did a good chunk of the brown in the middle and realized that I had my fabric facing the wrong way. Uggh!  Since I left it in January with only 2 stitches in place, I really did get a lot done last week! :-)  I put in a few more stitches on the Lake kit, too.  I don't have a picture to share of that one, though.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I haven't been commenting too much this week, but I have been keeping up with everyone's projects.   I'm hoping to put together a few things for a giveaway later this week, so be sure to stop back!



Friday Night Sew In Pictures!

 So much fun on Friday (Night) Sew In this week!  I finished or stitched and finished three projects, *and* I got taken out to eat by my dear husband to end the day's work.  I am so blessed!

First, my needle book from the Traveling Stitcher by Little House Needleworks.  I stitched the cover of the needle book back in July, but hadn't decided if I was going to purchase the Project Keeper or make my own.  I decided to "wing it" and give it a try.

 I had just picked up the cute little pair of scissors on Thursday, when my daughter and I decided to take advantage of her day off and take a quick trip to a little cross stitch shop called Welcome Stitchery about an hour and a half away in Illinois.  It was *such* a fun trip!  Anyway, my little scissors needed some sort of fob, so I quickly stitched the little girl from the Traveling Stitcher chart, added my name and put it together quickly with some pinking shears and felt.  I'm so thrilled to have a needle book!  Perhaps I won't keep dropping my needles on the floor now!

Next I finished a quick Pine Mountain stitch that I also picked up on Thursday.  I'm doing it in different colors for the pillow that it came with, so this one, I decided to incorporate into a little quilted mug mat that I'll be passing along to Ann as her pay it forward from November.  (I'm pretty sure she's on a blogging break right now and won't see this, but if she does... Hi Ann!).

And finally, I finished my Woodland Sampling from LHN into a pillow.  This was going to be a PIF too, but my daughters both claimed it.  Besides, I want to stitch Mouse (the winner of the draw in my last Pass it Forward) a snowman, because she was taunting me with Cherry Blossoms when I still had snow! LOL!!

I did some stitching this week on two of my other Crazy challenge pieces, but not really enough to show, and I need to settle on something for the rest of the weekend.  I might just go through my basket and see what calls my name. :-)



Weekend Wrapup

I almost made my goal of finishing this little bear for Angel Quilts - I just need to finish the backstitch.  Next week I think I'll work on my Day 1 start - the smaller of the two kits my DH gave me for Christmas.  In happy news today, I found out that I won Carolyn's blog giveaway of a number of LHN and BBD charts!  I am SO thrilled, and feel blessed beyond measure.  I don't know how I'll wait to start them!!

See you later this week!


I'm Late!

Hi everyone!  Sorry that I'm late with my Pine Mountain drawing!  Time got away from me!!

Without further ado, the Pine Mountain Chart will be on it's way (per Random.Org) to Colleen from Threads in My Garden... who is working on the *cutest* Shepherd's Bush piece right now!

And I need to pick a Pass It Forward partner, too...  Hang on, let me go back to Random.Org...

OK!  I'll be stitching something for Mouse!  She must be a lucky girl today!  She just won the Bingo game on our LHN/CCN Yahoo group, too.  Watch Mouse's blog for a chance to receive something stitched from her!

So Colleen and Mouse - be sure to contact me (my email is in my profile) and send me your mailing addresses!!

OK, I'm off to make my plans for the day. so I can get in some sewing and stitching.  I'll be back with pictures later this weekend!



Pass It Forward Anyone?

Hello my dear friends!

I was excited to find out that my name was chosen to receive a stitched Pass It Forward gifty from Angela at Hooked on Stitches.  How fun!  The "rules" say that I need to offer to "pass it forward" to one more person, if they will do the same.  "It", in this case, is some sort of stitched and finished project that will show up in your mailbox sometime in the next few months.  And what is better than happy mail????  I'll ship worldwide, so if you're interested in receiving something stitchy as a "Pass it Forward" gifty from me, and are willing to keep it going, then be sure to leave me a comment.  I'm drawing tomorrow for the Pine Mountain Chart, so let's say that we'll draw for my Pass It Forward partner on Friday.  Sound good?  You may want to become a follower or put me in your Google Reader so you don't miss the announcement if I happen to choose you, but it's certainly not required.

Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate each one of you!

Friday Night Sew In Coming Up!

Yay!  There is another Friday Night Sew In coming up on the 18th, and I'm going to be ready this time.  I'm blocking the entire day off on my calendar and I'm making plans for my DH and DS to go out for supper so I don't have to stop and make it.  

Included in my goals for the day are...
* Finish - finish one cross-stitch project (a pin pillow maybe?)
* Quilt a table topper
* Finish the 4 patches for my DH's quilt and start laying it out
* work on a cross stitch project from my Crazy 15 - maybe the bird ornament, cuz I might be able to finish it that day.

If you'd like to join in the fun, drop over to Heidi's blog and sign up with Mr. Linky!  


We Interrupt This Challenge...

We interrupt this Crazy Challenge for a couple of new starts and a finish.  ☺

I've been working on and off this week on a Roly Poly Teddy for Angel Quilts, but when this adorable March pillow, that I won in a giveaway on the Pine Mountain blog, appeared in my mailbox yesterday, I dropped everything and started stitching.  I just adore the colors!!!  And it's especially fun since my son was born on St. Patrick's day. 

Here's my start on the Teddy...

Is anyone interested in the Pine Mountain chart?  There was enough thread included in the kit to make another one, I think, but if you run out the DMC colors are given.  Sorry, but I'm keeping the pillow, though!!  LOL!!  Leave me a comment if you're interested, and I'll have a pass-along drawing on Thursday morning.

Happy Stitching!


Happy Mail!

I had such a fun treat in my mailbox yesterday morning!  I had won a blog giveaway from Shar a while back and just look at all the fun things I received!  Charts and fabric and thread and a scissors!!!!  I love scissors!  Yay!   I have the thread all put away and the scissors is in my sewing box.  The rest has joined my "stash" for a rainy day. 

Thank you so much, Shar!  I love it and it made my day!!