Hello friends!  Yesterday was an interesting day around here!  Coming home from town on the highway, I was hit by a car coming out of the side road, who apparently didn't see me.  The bumper on the ground was from his vehicle... it had been embedded in my door when I stopped.

The miraculous thing is that I wasn't hurt... other than a sore back and shoulder.   And, as far as I know, he was ok as well.  It was truly a blessing that he hit the van right in the post of the door frame, rather than squarely in the door itself.  Praise the Lord!

I have tried to cross stitch a little on G is for Girl today, but I can't bend over my work for too long at the moment.  That's ok.  15 minutes here and there will make a lot of progress!  Here's where I am presently...

My weekend project "Morning Lake" is coming along nicely, too!

Thanks for stopping by!  I've been doing a lot of blog visiting but not a lot of commenting lately.  Everyone does such nice work, I just don't seem to have enough hours in my day to admire it all!

Have a blessed day!


JCS Magazines

Hi again!

I had a question from Francoise about the Just Cross Stitch pattern for G is for Girl.  It's in the March/April edition from this year, and there is a coordinating pattern "B is for Boy" in the current edition (May/June)

Hope that helps!

Traveling Stash Winner!

Good Morning!  I got quite a bit done on my Morning Lake kit over the weekend.  I was excited to start to see the boat and its reflection on the water.  I almost hated to put it down, so I think I'll work on it again this weekend.

In the meantime, I've been having fun stitching on CCN's G is for Girl that was in the JCS magazine.   What a fun little tea party scene!!

But, of course, the reason you *really* came, was to see where the Traveling Stash would end up!  And the winner is.....


Be sure to email me with your address, DJ!  I'll get it out right away!!



The Traveling Stash

 Hello friends!  I have lots and lots to share today, so be sure to read / scroll *all the way to the end* of the post so you don't miss anything! :-)

Here's my finished Roly Poly bear, all ready to be washed and sent out to be made into a quilt.  I finished it a few days before I expected, so I'm going to stitch on Day One from my Crazy 15 today through Saturday.  Sunday I'll start working on G is for Girl.  Too fun!

Day One - Dimensions "Morning Lake"

 Want to see some more gorgeousness?  This isn't quite finished, but it is DD #2's project at the moment. It's from a Stoney Creek magazine from last year.  SO pretty!!

Remember how I was doing some organizing in the last post?  Well, I did a little more.  I looked through each of the projects that I put into my binders and wrote down what I needed for them, then I roughly figured how many days or weeks each project would take.  I figured low in my estimate of stitches per week, so I know that it may not take me as long as I'm figuring, but if it did, I have enough in my three binders, plus the three kits that my dh got me for Christmas, to keep me stitching for two and a half years!  That being said, I have a few things I'd like to offer for sale, and then.... if you page down... I'd like to start a Traveling Stash Box.

First, the "for sale" items.  I prefer paypal, and you can email me at tjtrax at yahoo dot com, if you're interested.  Prices include shipping.

Bent Creek Red Thread Border Pack with Snaps and Buttons (Red Hearts & Stars) and First Pattern of the series  Retail  $15.00 - Asking $5.00

CCN Pumpkin Cottage - Retail $8 - Asking $4

LHN - Blessed are the Meek (Chart Only) - $3

OK!  On to the fun stuff!  I've been so blessed to have received a number of blog candies in the past six months or so, and I've pulled things from each and added them to my stash of threads, fabrics, patterns, scissors, etc.  But after paring down my stash to fit in my binders, I find that there are many lovely stitching things that I just know I won't be using in the next year or two and I'd love to pass them on.  So, here's what I've done.  I'm going to start a "Traveling Stash Box" (or Flat Rate Envelope... we'll see!).  I'm going to fill it with the things you see below...  There are some patterns (LHN, Shakespeare's Peddler, Trilogy, Lizzie Kate...), threads, linen, buttons.... a little of everything.  Well, except scissors.  I didn't seem to be able to part with any of my scissors!  The rule is that when you get the Traveling Stash, you go through and take what you'd like.  Then you add to the box as many things as you've taken out... plus some extra, if you'd like, and then offer it on your blog.   And on and on it goes. :-)  If you're interested, just mention it in your comment and I'll draw a name next Wednesday.

BTW, if you see anything that I won in your blog candy in my Traveling Stash pile, please don't be offended!  Rest assured that I have treats tucked away from each stitching package that I've ever received!! :-)  I just thought this would be a fun way to share my joy and your generosity with others !!

Don't forget that it is Friday Night Sew In tomorrow!  I know I'll be stitching, although I'm not sure I'll get the sewing machine pulled out.  We'll see!

Happy Stitching!


Fun Organizational Find!

Our local WalMart store is under construction to become a Super WalMart, so every few days there  are different things added to the clearance aisle.  Well, the other day when I went to look at reading glasses (Quick rabbit trail...  Vera Bradley had 50% off the reading glasses that I've been using to stitch with, and I *LOVE* them, but I couldn't remember what magnification they were, so I had to go try some cheap ones on a WalMart to see which Vera Bradley ones to order.  I got them today and I wish I'd gotten two pairs while they were on sale.  They are SO nice to stitch with and they look nice, too!  ** End of Rabbit Trail! ☺)

ANYWAY... down the clearance aisle, I found these folders.  They have a number of plastic pockets, with attached covered plastic pockets.  **Lightbulb Moment ** These would be perfect for my pile of "I want to do this next" patterns that I've been accumulating - along with the rest of my 15 Crazy Challenge pieces.

Here are a couple of my crazy challenge starts, waiting to be finished.  The floss bobbins for each of these are in my large floss case, but the fabric and patterns are here.

The front pocket isn't see through, so I put magazines or books in those...  The opposite side shows my LK Snowman all kitted up, with the floss in the attached little pocket.

Here's a couple of my newest acquisitions.  Cecilia's Sampler was having a 25% off sale the other day and I picked up Bunny Hop with the CC threads I needed, and this Precious Moments book that I'll use for Love Quilt or Angel Quilt squares.

So, after filling my binders, I have how many patterns that I want to stitch?  Ummmm.... let's just say that I have *enough*.  I really don't need more than 30 things calling to me at one time!!  But I know that I do have a few more patterns coming that are "must do's", so I need to keep stitching to make room for them (and whatever giveaways I might win...!) in my binders.   In the meantime, I'm planning on focusing any stitching related shopping that I do for the next few months around kitting up what is in my binders - fabric, overdyed threads, etc., and, of course, a few fun extras like scissors, q-snaps, needles, thread sorters, etc.... :-)  No patterns unless I win them or am given them ... (Anyone having a giveaway??? LOL!)  Oh - and by the way - my big kits aren't in the binders - I have them in some huge (9x12??) plastic envelopes that snap shut that I found at our local Sentry Food store for $1 each. :-)

Since I had to pare down my stash some to settle on 30-some projects, I'm planning a special kind of giveaway in the next week or so. Keep your eyes peeled.  This will be a fun one!

On the stitching front, here's the progress on my bear and my new start, Country Cottage Needleworks "G is for Girl" pattern that was in the JCS magazine.  I'm thoroughly enjoying that one - there's no backstitching and no 3/4 stitches. :-)  I need to finish the bear next week, though.  Then I'll open my binder and pull another of my Crazy Starts to work on! :-)

Happy Stitching~


Some Progress and a Question

Here's my progress for the week on my teddy bear.  I got quite a bit done, but by last night I just couldn't work on it any more, so I pulled out this challenge piece from the Cross Country Stitching magazine.  It's charted with the words, "Plant a Garden, Feed the Bunnies", but it's so sweet as it is, that I think I'm going to call it finished.  Plus then I can cross one more off my list! :-)

Here's a question - my dear husband has said that I could order the DMC Bamboo Bobbin Cabinet, if I would like, with some of our tax return money.  He thinks it's a tool box. :-)  But it's so expensive, I don't know if it's worth it.  Does any one have one?  Is it good quality?  I'd hate to get something that is cheaply built if I spend that much money.

Well, it's storming now, so I'll say goodnight.  I think I might be getting a touch of the flu that's been running around my house this week, but I still hope to get some stitching in.