Fun Organizational Find!

Our local WalMart store is under construction to become a Super WalMart, so every few days there  are different things added to the clearance aisle.  Well, the other day when I went to look at reading glasses (Quick rabbit trail...  Vera Bradley had 50% off the reading glasses that I've been using to stitch with, and I *LOVE* them, but I couldn't remember what magnification they were, so I had to go try some cheap ones on a WalMart to see which Vera Bradley ones to order.  I got them today and I wish I'd gotten two pairs while they were on sale.  They are SO nice to stitch with and they look nice, too!  ** End of Rabbit Trail! ☺)

ANYWAY... down the clearance aisle, I found these folders.  They have a number of plastic pockets, with attached covered plastic pockets.  **Lightbulb Moment ** These would be perfect for my pile of "I want to do this next" patterns that I've been accumulating - along with the rest of my 15 Crazy Challenge pieces.

Here are a couple of my crazy challenge starts, waiting to be finished.  The floss bobbins for each of these are in my large floss case, but the fabric and patterns are here.

The front pocket isn't see through, so I put magazines or books in those...  The opposite side shows my LK Snowman all kitted up, with the floss in the attached little pocket.

Here's a couple of my newest acquisitions.  Cecilia's Sampler was having a 25% off sale the other day and I picked up Bunny Hop with the CC threads I needed, and this Precious Moments book that I'll use for Love Quilt or Angel Quilt squares.

So, after filling my binders, I have how many patterns that I want to stitch?  Ummmm.... let's just say that I have *enough*.  I really don't need more than 30 things calling to me at one time!!  But I know that I do have a few more patterns coming that are "must do's", so I need to keep stitching to make room for them (and whatever giveaways I might win...!) in my binders.   In the meantime, I'm planning on focusing any stitching related shopping that I do for the next few months around kitting up what is in my binders - fabric, overdyed threads, etc., and, of course, a few fun extras like scissors, q-snaps, needles, thread sorters, etc.... :-)  No patterns unless I win them or am given them ... (Anyone having a giveaway??? LOL!)  Oh - and by the way - my big kits aren't in the binders - I have them in some huge (9x12??) plastic envelopes that snap shut that I found at our local Sentry Food store for $1 each. :-)

Since I had to pare down my stash some to settle on 30-some projects, I'm planning a special kind of giveaway in the next week or so. Keep your eyes peeled.  This will be a fun one!

On the stitching front, here's the progress on my bear and my new start, Country Cottage Needleworks "G is for Girl" pattern that was in the JCS magazine.  I'm thoroughly enjoying that one - there's no backstitching and no 3/4 stitches. :-)  I need to finish the bear next week, though.  Then I'll open my binder and pull another of my Crazy Starts to work on! :-)

Happy Stitching~


Alisa said...

Great find, Tricia! Organization is always good. :) You have some great projects planned and I look forward to seeing them progress!

Nancy in IL said...

Tricia, what a great way to organize your "to do" projects! I love finding great things at bargain prices. I happened to notice that you're going to start Bunny Hop soon. I just did and it's going to be so pretty! Your bear is sooo precious, and I loved Nikki's design in the JCS magazine. Good for you on the start!

CalamityJr said...

What great organization! I'll have to head to my WalMart, though it's already a big one, so the binders won't be on sale unless I'm very lucky. Your bear is looking really cute, too!

~*Sharee*~ said...

What a great idea hun; I may have to "borrow" this idea; I was in my Walmart and saw the same ones down the clearance isle and dind't know what I'd do with them. LOL Great start on the bear..

Hugs, Shar

Mouse said...

HI Tricia :) ooo now why didn't I think of those instead of plastic individual wallets ..lol .. oooo oo is mine in there heheheh .. lovely stitching as always :)I've got sheep in the meadow to do :) ... getting there with the crazies nearly another 2 finished yipppeee :) love mouse xxxx

Kate said...

Those binders are a great find - I could do with something similar.
Lovely stitching progress.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

The cheaters sound great, I'll be needing some of those in the next year...as I've noticed so changes in my eyes :(

and your folders...fabulous!
G is for Girl is GRRRR-eat!
And That teddy...well it is cute as a button!

Teresa said...

Those work great....good find

Petites xxx et Cie said...

Great organization, you just find the good folders!

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing your find, Tricia--I'm sure Walmart will see a run on these this weekend :)

Nice progress on your WIPs, too!

Niina said...

Great organising Tricia! Could you do same to my charts too? Please, if I ask nicely???