Some Progress and a Question

Here's my progress for the week on my teddy bear.  I got quite a bit done, but by last night I just couldn't work on it any more, so I pulled out this challenge piece from the Cross Country Stitching magazine.  It's charted with the words, "Plant a Garden, Feed the Bunnies", but it's so sweet as it is, that I think I'm going to call it finished.  Plus then I can cross one more off my list! :-)

Here's a question - my dear husband has said that I could order the DMC Bamboo Bobbin Cabinet, if I would like, with some of our tax return money.  He thinks it's a tool box. :-)  But it's so expensive, I don't know if it's worth it.  Does any one have one?  Is it good quality?  I'd hate to get something that is cheaply built if I spend that much money.

Well, it's storming now, so I'll say goodnight.  I think I might be getting a touch of the flu that's been running around my house this week, but I still hope to get some stitching in. 



Nicky said...

Hi Tricia, Love your cute teddy and bunnies! Another finish too - Yay! I had some exciting mail here a couple days ago, and yours will hopefully be with you soon. Sorry I haven't been in touch sooner - but Thank You so much - I love it all!! Sorry can't help with the cabinet, not familiar with them at all, but no doubt someone can help you with some great advice. I do hope you feel better soon.
Warmest hugs, Nicky

Alisa said...

Nice stitching, Tricia!

Carol said...

I love your little bunny finish, Tricia--it is those small pieces that give us the instant gratification we need to plow through the bigger pieces.

I've never heard of the Bamboo Bobbin Cabinet either... But, how nice to be getting tax money back :)

Jackie said...

Hi Tricia. Cute little bunny finish you have and the Love quilt square is coming along very nice. I especially like the ruff on the collar. Can't help on the cabinet although I think bamboo is very strong.

DJ said...

Lovely stitching Tricia!! I love the bunnies too...so cute. Why is it we are sometimes stumped on a WIP and need to stitch something else? Weird huh? (I do the same thing!!) I hope you didn't get the flu and are feeling better! *Hugs*

Kat said...

I'm so far behind in my blog reading! My husband gave me the bamboo cabinet for Christmas and I LUHVE it! I'd be happy to send you some pictures if you like. My email is in my profile.