August is Flying!!

My word!  August is just flying by and I can't keep up!  We're on the last little bit of buying and packing before I send dd#1 off to college, then I need to catch back up on the rest of life!!!!

Let's see...  first things first.  Over the last few weeks I've received some sweet surprises in the mail!  The first was a number of pieces of fabric from Rita.  I had done a little stitching for her and she sent them as a thank you.  I feel SO blessed!

Then I received this AMAZING pattern and floss that I won on The Blue Ribbon Sampler Blog.  Direct from market, and *signed* by Belinda.

I want to start it now, but I have so many in progress!  And then my dd gave me a kitted up HAED Tiny Treasure for my birthday this week (Cow over the Moon) and I was talking to Theresa, who just won the Traveling Stash Box (It's so exciting to see that it is still going!  Head over to her blog if you want a chance at it next!)  and she explained how to "park" threads, so I want to start that project, too.  Then I saw the new LK Fat Men Series which is ADORABLE.  And *then* I saw that the new 2012 Crazy Challenge is already open!  What's a girl to do??????  {Take. Deep. Breath.}  Remember, now, I'm the one that has three binders full of patterns and had my stitching planned for the next three years!!  I'm going to do some thinking on the matter and I'll let you know what I decide when I get back from taking dd to college. : )

I've not done a ton of stitching, but The BookStore is coming along and I've done a little more on two or three of the other projects I have left from my Crazy 15.

Now, if you've read this far you deserve an award, so if you leave a sweet comment I'll enter you in a little drawing for some fall goodies.  Feel free to put it on your blog or become a follower if you'd like, but I won't make you.  : ) Oh, and if you already have the magazines or don't like the cards, you can still enter and then start another Traveling Stash Box if you win! : )  I'll announce the winner Tuesday morning, September 6th.

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A Giveaway Sighted!

Hello friends and neighbors!

Daffycat is having a fun giveaway.  Be sure to stop by her blog and enter!!



Midweek Update

Here's a little update with my new try at a rotation of the rest of my Crazy 15 challenge projects...
Monday...  A little grass...

Tuesday... A little brown border

Wednesday... Lots of Dark green and a little roof - it's really hard to see progress on this one!
I found a fun giveaway, too!   Samplings from a Blue Ribbon Girl

Hope you are having a good week!  I was planning on stitching last night, too, but I sat down with my dd to watch a movie (The Christmas Story Lady) and couldn't stitch and watch at the same time!  LOL!  I'll work on another challenge piece today, though!




It's August!  Which means it is my birthday month, how fun!  I know that I shouldn't still like birthdays, at least some people don't as they get older, but I've always loved them.  And this year I got a coupon in the mail from Vera Bradley giving me $20 off a $20 purchase.  How fun is that????!!!!  I'm going to have a horrible time picking something out.  Tooo many choices!

I worked a little more on the Book Store this week and made some decent progress.  I'm not sure if I'll put on the borders or not, it depends on how I decide to finish it.  I'm sort of liking it as is, but we'll see!  I've also set up a rotation for myself to see if I can get the rest of my 15 finished - or mostly finished - by the end of the year.  I have 7 projects that I'm working on, so I'll stitch on one a night this next week and see how that works.  I have a couple in there that are closer to completion, so, hopefully, I'll actually finish something this month, but if I don't, at least I'll know that they are all WIP's and not UFO's. :-)  Anyway, hopefully I'll have lots of pictures for next week! 

Question...  with sending dd off to college in a few weeks, money is going to be sort of  incredibly tight, but I'd love to have a birthday giveaway of some sort.  Would any of you be interested if I had a giveaway of some of my cards?  You can see a sampling on my other blog here .  

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Here's a little progress on The Book Store.  It's not a hard stitch, I just keep getting side tracked.  I think I stitch more consistently during the winter.  I like to have my cup of coffee or hot chocolate to sip on, and my warm fuzzy socks, and sweaters and turtlenecks - with maybe a blanket or two and a good movie.  In summer it seems like I can't get comfortable.  Partially because I'm not fond of air conditioning, but the rest of my family can't live without it, so while I'm looking for a sweater and a blanket, they are all turning the air down farther!! LOL!  I am thankful for the ac, though.  With heat indexes in the 100's here for the next few days, I know it would be miserable without it!

Back to stitching!