I'm Happy...

...with my progress this week!

We interrupt this weekend wrap up for a commercial break.  I still have two LHN/CCN patterns available for sale on the previous post.  Let me know if you're interested!!

Another letter done on my L*K ABC Lessons...  I have found out that I *desperately* need another larger set of q-snaps!  They're on my list of things to get soon!!

A second quilt block started... (Question - Is WDW Snowflake supposed to have pink in it??  Just wondering if that was right or if some dye ran on mine???) 

...And lots of progress on Morning Lake!  My goal is to finish it by the end of the month, if I can, so I'm planning on stitching as often as I can find some minutes this week. : )  Hopefully by next weekend's wrapup I'll have a finish to show you!!!!! : )

I still haven't decided about the crazy challenges for next year.  I think I've mentioned that I don't do well with that many things started at once.  I'm sure part of it is my personality, because I've always found it much easier to start things than to finish them.  Since I've been working on strengthening that part of my character, I feel compelled to finish the ones I have left in the challenge, and yet, I would also love to take part in a few exchanges, and be able to work on some of the other patterns that continue to come out and call my name, without feeling that I've derailed on the challenge.  Because of that, I've decided to work on a plan for my own personal challenge.  I'll let you know when I've figured it out, in case you want to join me!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


For Trade and Sale!

Hello everybody!  Are you having a productive day??  Mine has been a busy one.  I'm working on decluttering .  Need I say more???

I have a few charts that I'd love to pass on to new homes.  Paypal preferred, but a check would be ok, US shipping included. Elsewhere in the world $1.00 more for shipping.  My email is in my profile.

First come, first serve! : )

CCN The Bookstore - $3.00

L*K Meow $1.50 (Some light pencil marks inside next to the floss choices, but none on the chart itself.  Charm included.)   SOLD, thank you!

 LHN "Dog House Sampler" - $3  SOLD, thank you!

L*K "Dog Lessons for People" - I would love to TRADE this for the L*K "Time for God" Chart.  Please???? : )   FOUND!!!  YAY!!  You all are the best!!

Thanks so much everyone!



Weekly Update!

Well, little by little I'm seeing progress!!

Another word and motif done on L*K...

A good chunk of Morning Lake finished.  I just found a pretty big counting error around the dock/house area, though.  It affects too many parts of the design to rip, so I'm going to try to just work around it and fill in as best as I can. : )

A completed quilt block!

And I finished listening to Mansfield Park, too. : )  This week I've struggled on and off with a headache, so my stitching videos of choice have been Little Bear.  Cute, brainless, and with pretty music.  Plus I love Duck!!  So sorry if you have *no idea* what I'm talking about! LOL!!

The wind is whistling through the trees here, and my wind chimes are singing merrily.  It sounds like fall!!  And, did you know that there are only 90-something days until Christmas????  I need to get busy!! :)




This Week's Work

 Hello friends!  Here's my progress this week!

Morning Lake...

L*K ABC Lessons...

Blue Ribbon Designs Quilted Garden...

I'm pleased with the progress.  Both the Quilted Garden and ABC piece have "little pieces" - so I can see progress, even though I'm only stitching on them a total of 30-45 minutes a week each.  I'm spending the majority of my time on the Morning Lake in the evenings when I'm able to sit and stitch.  I'm listening to the Dramatic Reading of Mansfield Park from Librivox while I stitch - which has been a lot of fun!

Speaking of which, I'm off to stitch for an hour!




Finishes and a Winner!

Good morning, friends!

After a long weekend of driving taking my daughter to college, I'm happy to report that I have two finishes to share!  : )  The Book Store is charted with a border, but I'm going to be framing it "as is" for my dd for Christmas, and the little Bless Ewe pillow is a Pine Mountain Pillow that I had picked up, but then didn't like the colors that were in the kit, so I chose my own and just love it now!!

My plans for the trip included stops at a number of cross stitch shops starting with Needle Delights in Pensacola, FL.  The little shop was jam packed with charts and fabric, but it was a little hard to find anything, as the charts didn't seem to be in any particular order.  That's ok, I did pick up this Lizzie Kate kit that I've seen done - Joyce, aren't you doing this one right now?  

It was more than I was planning on spending, since I wanted to stop in Decatur, AL and Nashville, TN and Matoon, IL, but we didn't end up stopping at all, so I'm glad I got it.  Want to know the horrible thing?  I started it last night!!  All I have done is the A, and I'll probably only work on it 15 minutes a day, so it will take awhile. : )
My goals for September are to finish my crazy 15 piece - "Morning Lake", and to work on both ABC Lessons and the Quilted Garden that I won from Blue Ribbon Designs.  I'm aiming for 15 min/day on ABC Lessons and 45 minutes/day on Morning Lake from Mon - Wed; 15 min/day on Quilted Garden and 45/minutes/day on Morning Lake from Thursday - Saturday; and then probably as much as I can on Morning Lake on Sundays.  We'll see how my plan works!

Now, onto the giveaway winner!!  

Courtesy of RANDOM.ORG the winner is .......


Yay, DJ!  I know I should have your address around here somewhere, but I might find it more quickly if you email me. : )

I have a few charts that I'll be passing along in the next little while, I think.  I've gathered a number of them that I "just loved" and now I realize that I won't probably stitch them before something new catches my eye (Like the L*K Fat Men series!)  So there might be another giveaway or two coming up in the near future!

Have a wonderful day!!