This Week's Work

Well, if you guessed that I would start a small this week, you were correct!  After finishing Morning Lake, I really needed a quick stitch this week.  I've been trying not to covet the L*K Fat Men Series that I see all over blogdom, and I just can't justify spending $$ on new charts  right now - especially when I have so many that I really like and want to stitch already.  Then I remembered that I had last years L*K Snowman all kitted up and ready to go.  PERFECT! : )  So here he is in all his splendor - well not quite all his splendor, cuz I couldn't find a beading needle around to put the beads on his snowflakes.  That's ok.  I like him "as is". : )

I'll try to do some stitching on one of my "projects" this week so I have something to show next weekend.  I'm hoping to get my partner's name for the Seasonal Exchange this week and if I have a pattern she'd like I'll start that this week.  Of course, if I *don't* I can justify spending money for *that* chart!!  : )

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Your comments always make me smile!


Weekend Wrap Up!

My pictures aren't great tonight but I wanted to get my post up and celebrate that another of my Crazy 15 is done!!!! : )  Yippee!  I have 3 left, two of which I'd love to finish this year and one of which may not be finished in my lifetime... and I'm ok with that! :)

Here's today's finish...  (Sorry about the colors... it really looks much nicer in real life!)

And here's my progress on my LK ABC Lessons...

Now, I have a little over a week before I'll receive my partner info for the Stitched With Love Exchange, so I could either work on one of my Crazy 15 pieces, or concentrate on ABC Lessons, or start something small that I could finish this week.  Hmmmm..... I'm pretty sure that starting something small is going to win, but you'll have to come back next week to find out.  LOL!

Before you go... the winner of my magazines, per Random.org,  is #1 - Charity.  Congratulations!  Would you please email me (my email is in my profile) with your address so I can get them out to you?  Thanks!!! : )

Have a splendiforous evening!


A Finish!

I just put the last few back stitches into Morning Lake.  Ahhh...  relief.  I can't say that I enjoyed every stitch of this one, but I do like the finished product and I'm thrilled to have another of my challenge pieces done!!  This was one of the kits my dh gave me for Christmas last year, and I really wanted to have it done so I could get it framed to give back to him for Christmas this year. : )  I'm not sure which one I'll add into the rotation next, but it will be one that only uses cross stitches... no 1/2 stitches with 3 or 4 threads for me for awhile again!!

I received this adorable little pillow from Sally this week for winning a little contest she had on her blog. Isn't it sweet?  I love SB designs and I love sheep, so it has a place of honor on my desk. : )

Thanks so much for stopping by!