Ornaments, my 2012 Challenge, and Updates!

Hello again!  Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?  Or a nice Harrogate show if you're from the UK??  We had a busy weekend with Thanksgiving, then Christmas with part of the family, and then a few days of "clean and repaint the bathroom before company comes".  I can't *wait* to take a shower again! : )

On the stitching front... first some ornaments for our Friendly Stitcher Ornament Exchange...

From Elizabeth to me...  Isn't it beautiful??  It's my first biscornu and the fabric shimmers!

Then from me to Elizabeth - an older L*K pattern...

Here's my finished PS Autumn Leaves Foursome - Jackie, if you read this I need your address to send it back! : )  ...

And finally, my progress on LHN Counting House...

As for my personal 2012 challenge, I worked on it over Thanksgiving and here it is.  I have it under the challenge tab up top, so I can keep track of how I do and remind myself of my "rules". : )

2012 Tricia's Personal Challenge!

1. My main goal is to finish Cabin Fever by the beginning of December 2012.  I have about 100 stitches done.  

-Heart and Soul (left)  and Cabin Fever (right)-
2. I need to finish the starred "in progress" designs before starting anything new.
3. I will work on Heart and Soul as my UFO project on Thursdays for Friendly Stitchers.  It is my oldest project except for Cabin Fever and I know I won't finish it if I don't make myself.  When it is finished I will work on Quilted Garden for UFO Thursdays.
4.  When I have three finishes I can kit up the next two that are missing threads and fabric.


1.  LHN Counting House *
2.  Dimensions Cabin Fever
3.  Dimensions Heart and Soul
4.  Stoney Creek Shepherd Boy
5.  L*K ABC Lessons *
6.  Shepherd's Bush My Mom's Garden 
7.  Blue Ribbon Designs Quilted Garden


8.  Dimensions Twilight Bridge


9.    HAED Tiny Treasure Cow Over the Moon
10.  CCN Bunny Hop
11.  Precious Moments January SnowDrop
12.  Jardin Prive Jouxe de Vivre
13.  SB Ornament
14.  Imaginating Be Joyful
15.  Silver Creek Sampler Do Not Worry
16.  L*K Fat Men
17.  Margaret Sherry Mistletoe
18.  etc, etc, ;)

i don't think I'll get everything done on my list, because I'm sure I'll do some smaller designs here and there for exchanges or blog prizes, but this is a good start for me!! : )  Can't wait to see how I do!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!!



Time Flies!!

Hello everyone!  Have you been busy too??  I've been stitching a little and doing some Christmas shopping and making a Holiday Planner and going off sugar (I feel so much better - but can you imagine  Thanksgiving and Christmas without sugar?  EEK!  What will I get in my stocking?  Socks??)  Here are some pictures of what I've been up to...

LHN's Counting House.  I'll try to finish this by Christmas.

Prairie Schooler Autumn Leaves Foursome...  Hopefully this will be finished this weekend, if I can get some concentrated stitching time!

An AMAZING Blog gifty that I received from Andrea.  Have you ever SEEN anything so beautifully finished?  Look at those beads!!!!!  swoon..... : )

Here's a Margaret Sherry freebie that I stitched into an ornament for a friend that loves cats...

And another gift from a blog and real-life friend, Angie... Aren't they adorable?  A little notebook cover and pouch!

And finally a gift for my MIL.  I was all set to try a pinkeep... but I chickened out and framed it instead.  I'll get up enough courage one of these days!!

That's it for me right now!  I'm sending off an exchange today.  Can't wait to receive mine back again!  With paying for dd to stay in college, we're cutting back on Christmas presents for each other this year.  I think we'll just do stockings - so getting these few stitchy things here and there from my blog friends and exchanges is going to be my Christmas!! : )

Have a wonderful day!