One More Ornimentification

Whew!  I realized I didn't have an ornament for my son's stocking, so I whipped up this Prairie Schooler freebie the other day while watching Christmas movies and ornimentified it this morning. : )  All done and ready now, and only one more sleep til Christmas!!  (And I get to watch Muppet Christmas Carol tonight... YAY!!!!)


Some Ornaments Ornimentified

Don't you just love that word "ornimentified"??  It's about as confusing as saying "I'm going to finish some finishes." :)  But that's what I did today - well, this afternoon, cuz that's how long it took for me to get up the courage to start!  I needed to do some flat finishes, and since I'd only done one up to this point I was a little nervous... but I like how they turned out!  Here's the group shot...

The cow and the horse were stitched by my husband.  He gets the cow in it's "ornimentified" form (there's that handy word again!) for Christmas and I get to keep the little "Friends" one. (LK chart)  The other two will find their way into my daughters' stockings.

On the actual stitching front I started the HAED "Little Drummer Boy" stocking this week and I'm close to finishing the first column on the first page.  Yay!   It's working up smaller than I expected, since I've already reached the back of the donkey.  Shall we guess how long it will take for me to finish it???  Hmmm....  I'd love to be done with it by the end of March, but I just saw the sneak peek of the new LHN series and it's about SHEEP!  Must stitch.  So that will mean the stocking will take a little longer.  There is that little thing of finding the $$ to buy the adorable sheep-ies and supplies, though, so I might not have to worry about it!! : )

Here's my start.  All together now...  Ooooooo.....  Aaaaaaahhh...  (What is it?????)  : )  Hopefully there will be a little more to look at next week! : )

Thanks for dropping by this week!  Your comments make my day. : )


Long Time No Post

Hi everyone!

Are you all ready for Christmas?  We decorated a few days after Thanksgiving and I've been wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies and generally just enjoying the joy of the Holy Season.  It's such a gift to be able to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus!

Since my last post I've been working on another Work in Progress in my pile - a Precious Moments piece that I meant for one of the charity quilt organizations... but I cut the fabric too small.  UGH.  Oh well, it's cute anyway and I just put the last stitches in it last night.  Yippee!   I wonder who's having a little girl soon??

As soon as I finish this post I am going to go kit up the first page of my new start...

I am SO excited to start this! (And I can, even though it wasn't on next year's list, because it isn't next year yet!!! LOL!)  I bought it at the 45% off sale and I think it will be SO pretty.  It will be my first time trying the 25 count over 1 for this large of a project, so I hope I won't make too many mistakes.  I can't imagine frogging it!!

All right, I'm off to play with my stitching!

Thanks for stopping by!



Hello friends!  I have some finishes to share...  Yes - finishes as in more than one!  I finished my Prairie Schooler piece last week, but I wanted to put it in its final form before I showed you, so I started one of the pieces I had kitted up for next year, and I finished it already! : )  So, first my new finish -- Heart in Hand's "Steeple Sampler", stitched on 28 ct over 2 on some mystery Jobelan fabric.  I changed out all the colors to some I had been given in different exchange boxes and ... TA DA...

It was such a sweet stitch!!

Now onto my first ever box finish.  I bought a wooden box at Joann's and my dd painted it for me.  I lined the inside with felt and mounted the sampler on the top.  I do hope my son's friend likes it!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I don't know what I'll work on next, I'll have to dig through my basket and see what calls my name. : )




Another Week

Three squares out of four are done!  Yippee!! I sat down the other day and started gathering all the projects that I want to stitch next year. According to my "how long this will take" list, I have more than enough in my basket to last all year and I really don't need to buy anything except a piece of 25 count Lugana fabric for my Mini Christmas Mailbox chart, some DMC floss and whatever fabric I decide to stitch "Be Joyful" on.  And honestly, I think I could stitch from now through September without even buying any of that.  I really hope that I can finish most of this list next year and keep from buying a lot.   I keep thinking of the story in the Bible where the man built new barns to hold all his extra crops and then died before he could use any of them.    So rather than "stashing" this year, I hope to actually *stitch* a number of the wonderful charts that I've been blessed with!  Saving money would be good, too, as expenses seem to keep rising out of proportion with our paycheck.  Be sure to watch this spot if you are in the same boat of not much $$ to spend.  I plan to give away some charts and/or kits throughout the year -- ones that I know I won't get around to stitching.

Speaking of which!  The winner of the giveaway from the last post is... MELISSA.
Be sure to email me with your snail mail address and full name so I can get it out to you!! : )

Happy Stitching!


A Little Progress and A Little Giveaway

Hi all!

My mom's been in the hospital this week and I haven't had much time to sit and stitch, so here's my progress on Old MacDonald...

Anyone interested in a few bits and bobs??  I have a free card kit with fabric and threads, the leftover fabric and threads from a Pine Mountain "Bless You" pillow, and a Prairie Schooler mini card to pass along.  Just mention in the comments if you are interested and if there is more than one I'll draw a name before I post next.

I pray all of you on the East Coast are safely weathering your storm.  We thought of you last night when we saw this rainbow around the moon.  Well... actually it is a 22 degree halo, but it looked like a rainbow!!!

I've been making out my list of things to stitch next year and I need to sort through what fabric and floss I still need.  JoAnn's has a 25% off your entire purchase coupon next week, which is a great time to pick up some DMC!!  You can see my list (that will probably change 20 times!!!) on my 2013 Stitching Challenge page if you'd like.  Any idea what my theme for next year is??

Talk to you soon!



A Finish and a Start!

Yay!  I have a finish!  Last week my dear, wonderful husband whisked me away to a hotel for a night and let me sit and stitch at the hotel while he attended a meeting the next day.  It was like my own little stitching retreat.  I drank coffee, listened to an audio drama of "A Christmas Carol" and part of "Jane Eyre" and worked for hours and hours on my "Cow Over the Moon" piece.  With just a few more hours work....

TA DA!!!

As a reward for finishing my first HAED chart, I bought a "mini" size chart at their Columbus Day sale.  When I looked at the amount of pages in said mini chart I was surprised!  It's still huge!  I won't be starting on that one quite yet.  I need to decide what count fabric to use...

My next project is this sweet Prairie Schooler Farm sampler for a Christmas present.
It seems like it is going to be an enjoyable stitch as well!

Thanks for stopping by!!!




I didn't have a ton of time to stitch this week, but I did finish a motif from the CCN January Cottage chart that Heather let me borrow and I worked some more on my "Cow Over the Moon" piece.  Some pictures...

When I finish Cow Over the Moon, I'll start a Prairie Schooler piece that I need to finish by Christmas.  In the meantime I'm gathering charts and kitting up projects for my 2013 Stitching Goals.  I don't plan to start them all in January, but I have a list of projects I'd love to finish next year.  Some I've started and some I haven't, just to give me a good mix.  I'll post my list as the new year gets closer!

OK, I'm off to post my pictures to the Handcrafted Holiday Sew and Stitch Along group.  
Happy Stitching!


Looking For...

Hi everyone!

I'm making plans for my next year's stitching and I have three charts I would love to get hold of.  Would any of you happen to have these and be willing to part with them??  My stamping budget is very low, so I might have to work out a trade of some sort. : )

1.  Jeremiah Junction "Yesterday, Today, Forever"  Found it!
2.  Cross Country Stitching Magazine - June 1990
3.  Leisure Arts "Something for Every Season"   Found it!

Thanks for checking!!



How Time Flies!

Hello everybody!

I have a wee update - as Mouse would say - for you today.  I honestly haven't stitched one stitch on anything except my HAED since last we spoke!  I thought it was half finished when I left it last night, but I just remembered that there is one more column on the second page.  Close, though!!

Here's the picture...  You should be able to see the kitty's ear and eye, his ribbon and part of the violin, and even some flowers around his feet. : )

I'm still really enjoying this... all 80 colors worth!  LOL

Not too much other news here.  We mowed the lawn the other day and the grass must have still been damp, so the mower made the garage smell like mildew and mold which triggered my allergies BIG TIME.  I have sneezed and wheezed so hard over the past few days that I feel like I've pulled muscles all across my back. : (   Hopefully all will be well soon!! : )

Happy stitching!



Another First!

Hi there everyone!

I think it is time for an update!  After my last finish I decided to start another ornament... this one is from Donna Kooler's book 101 Ornaments for Christmas by Leisure Arts.  There is a whole grouping of Nativity Ornaments that I just love.  I started one on some overdyed aida and it was going very quickly... until I got sidetracked!  Here it is...

 All it needs is a little more backstitching around the outside, but I'm working on another piece I can't seem to put down, so it will have to wait a bit!

Here's another piece of a project that got left when I started "the project I can't put down".  A little Precious Moments piece for a gift...

Interested in this project I can't put down?????

You will NEVER guess.  Especially Gillie, who couldn't understand how I could give birth to a child who loves to stitch these particular patterns...

Yes.  I started a HAED pattern!!

Now don't get too excited.  A year or so ago, my dd (who has three HAED patterns on the go right now) kitted up a Tiny Treasure pattern for me for Christmas.  It's truly tiny.  About 4x6 on 18 count fabric.  But I'm doing it, and what's more I am THOROUGHLY enjoying myself.  The pattern is Cow Over the Moon - now go click on the link so you can see what it will look like!  Did you do it??  OK, here's my progress so far....

Can you see the cat's tail and paw?? It makes me smile.  : )  I'm stitching it with 2 threads over 1 (18 count is so easy to work with!)  and I am gridding down as I go.  I even watched a tutorial on parking threads, so I'm doing that, too, and just working on one block of 100 at a time.  I usually have time for about 2 blocks a day and it is so relaxing for me!  If I actually finish it I want to go a step up and get the Mini Christmas Mailbox chart next.  I might try that on 22 count, but I'm not sure.  I still want it to be fun, but I think on 22 count I might get by with 1 over 1 and save myself some $$ on floss. : )

Oh!  I found something out this past week.  Remember my strong dislike of the Dimensions kit I was doing??  I pulled it out again the other day, thinking I could just do one thread worth of stitching on it.  I did two or three stitches and had SO much trouble pulling the thread through and I was so frustrated!  I handed it to my daughter and said - "Here - you try it and see why I get so upset!".  When she tried it the needle went through like butter.  Grr.  I tried again.  The needle kept catching and slipping through my fingers.  Double Grr.  Finally I realized that our fingertips are shaped differently.  Mine are sort of tapered at the top and there isn't really any padding up there.  Hers are rounded at the top.  When I try to pull the needle through something difficult it slips right out of my fingers, but she has a better grip on it and can pull it through with no problems.  Interesting, huh??  She said that she will finish the Dimensions kit for me. : )  I am a happy camper!!

OK, I've rambled enough now, I think!  Thanks for stopping by today!!


My Very First!

Flat ornament, that is!!

Hello everybody!  I've been a busy stitcher these last two weeks!  First, I met up with a fellow stitcher from my Friendly Stitchers group last week.  So much fun!!  Gillie has a wonderful British accent, and we had a lovely time together chatting over a cup of coffee and doing a little stash enhancement.  Gillie brought me a sweet pair of British flag scissors, which I didn't take a picture of cuz they were in use already. : )

While we were there I picked up the chart for LHN's "Hot Cocoa" ornament.  Now you know that I've only ever made little pillow ornaments, but on the tree in the shop there were adorable flat ornaments that I commented on.  Of course, Gillie said that I should try one... although, if I remember rightly, she hadn't made one either...

Anyway - here is my stitched and finished ornament to remember our get together...

TADA - a Flat Finish!!!! : )  Yay for me!!

Just a note... My aida was called "Lambswool" and it was almost too light.  I had to change out ecru for B5200 and you still can't see it that well.  I'd recommend a darker color fabric if you want to use the recommended colors!

 Here we all are after supporting the local economy...

And look what arrived in the mail for me!!  From my sweet blogging / Friendly Stitcher friend Melissa...

Another flat ornament ... with SHEEP on it!!! : )  I love it Melissa!  Thank you so much!!!!

That's all for me right now.  I'm working on a Precious Moments piece for charity at the moment, but I think I'm missing some colors, so I might start another ornament.  We'll see!

Thanks for stopping by!


An Olympic Finish!

Yay!  I finished my Jardin Prive piece!  I decided to work on it first thing this morning, instead of waiting until the Olympics tonight, that way I can look through my pile and decide what to work on next this evening. : )  Yippee!!

Here it is...

I just love it!  It is stitched on some sort of 28 count evenweave that was just wonderful to work with - only problem being that I got it in an exchange and have NO idea what kind or color it was.  I'm guessing some sort of Lugana, but I'm not sure.  The colors were pure joy and I'm so please with it.   It definitely wins the gold in my book!

Thanks for stopping by!



Dropping By with an Update

Hello friends and neighbors!

I had a few minutes this morning while the house was quiet, so I thought I'd drop by with a quick update.  First, thanks so much for all your sweet comments and emails about my Mom.  I so appreciate you all!

With the extra busy-ness of life right now, mixed with a little bit of not being able to concentrate, and topped off with a sore shoulder, I haven't made much progress on my stitching this month.  The olympics have been a good reason to sit and stitch, but only in short bursts, cuz I don't want to miss anything! :)

Here's my progress on my Jardin Prive piece...  you know - the one I thought I was almost finished with because I only had the border left.  HAH!  It's like the Energizer bunny... it keeps going and going and going... : )

My goal is to finish it by the end of the Olympics.  We'll see!

Next up is the ornament I stitched for Melissa.  Melissa, if you are reading this and don't want to see it, just close your eyes and scroll down!! 

This LHN ornament was a fun stitch and I love how it turned out... especially because I changed the colors to what I had on hand and sometimes my color choices are...umm...questionable.

Last, but not least, let me introduce you to Amber Grace.  After the past few weeks, months, year of different stresses, I decided to have a mid-life crisis. : ) Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted a pretty doll.  Growing up I usually inherited my sisters' hand-me-downs who looked like this...

 Actually she is one of the better species that I found when cleaning out my parents' house - believe it or not!

Anyway, for my mid-life crisis, I decided that I would go to the American Girl Benefit sale and buy myself a doll.  It was SO fun!  I even bought some clothes so I can dress her up. :)  

Meet Amber Grace...

Isn't she beautiful??

Here she is in her Thanksgiving outfit that I picked up from a craft fair outside the sale warehouse...

Sometimes it's nice to be a kid again, if only for a few minutes at a time! :)

I've been thinking through my stitching goals for next year, and I have a theme in mind that I would like to work on - but I'll save that for a later post.  I did have a strange urge yesterday, though.  It was to stitch myself a stocking.  Hmmm. And not just any stocking.  This stocking...


REALLY???  After I have complained about Dimensions kits over and over?  After having stitched two Dimensions Gold stockings in the past 4 years and each one taking me almost 2 years to complete?  REALLY???

ummm... yes.
I think I'll ask for it for my birthday.
{insert sheepish grin here}

On that note of craziness I'll say good-bye for now.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Tricia & Amber Grace


Where am I???

Hi everyone!

Just a quick hello to let you know that the blog will be quiet for a few weeks.  My mom had a stroke and I have been (and will be) at the hospital for most of my days to sit with her and encourage her through therapy.  Not much stitching going on, except on an exchange that I need to finish and send by the end of the month.

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll be back when I can!


Exchange Received!

Happy Summer Days, everyone!

Apparently they have been lazy summer days for me, because this is all the stitching I've done in the last 10 days!

I do have fun things to share, though!  I participated in a "My Favorite Things" exchange through Stitched with Love Exchanges and I can show you what I sent and received since everyone has gotten their packages. :)

Here is the package I sent to Janet.  I loved stitching this adorable freebie, and it just lent itself to a little project bag...  I hope she liked it!

And here is what I received from June!

Isn't that the cutest little lamb, ever???  It is etched?, maybe, on a thin piece of wood and is SO sweet!

Here is the package itself.  I love how she color coordinated everything!  And do you see the pattern??  Home of a Needleworker, too!  It was on my wish list and I am thrilled!!

Here's a close up of the precious pillow that she sent.  I love the bunnies!!!

I'll be starting an ornament this week for our Friendly Stitchers group's Christmas in July exchange and challenge.  I think maybe I'll pull out the Muppet Christmas Carol to watch while I stitch. : )



Up for A Challenge

I got something done! :)  One of the gals on the Friendly Stitchers board challenged me to finish my penguin today, cuz I've been putting it off.  Have I mentioned (lately) that I *really* don't enjoy backstitching?  Well, I'm usually up to a challenge, so I said I would finish the penguin, AND finish sewing the binding on the little baby quilt that I made in January or February.  It was half sewn on and I put it away.  Why do we do that???

Here are the pictures...

Pattern from Tangled Threads
My own DMC choices

Scrap baby/doll quilt

TA DA!!!  ~~~

Thanks for stopping by!



A Little Update

Let's start with a something fun!  There's a giveaway over at Just Stitching !  Be sure to stop by!!

OK... now on to my *little* bit of stitching.  I finished one of the blocks on my Jardin Prive piece and started another, but I really wanted to get this penguin finished for Father's Day and it has been SO hard for me to concentrate on stitching it!  I just have some outlining left and it will be ready for final finishing.  Then I can finish my JP piece.  YAY!!

Actually my main concentration the past few weeks is the stamping challenge that I took... to make 100 cards in 100 days without buying any new supplies.  I'm on card 15 right now, and I'm 11 days into the challenge.  It's been fun!

Happy stitching!



I have a finish!

... But I can't show you yet! : )  LOL  I finished my exchange piece for the Stitched With Love exchange, but it is secret for awhile yet, so I can't show you.  I can tell you that I *love* how it turned out and I wouldn't have minded keeping it, though!! : )

The only other stitching that I did this week was on my Jardin Prive piece.  This is such a soothing piece to work on.  I don't really know why... maybe it's the colors?  Or the fabric?  I've found that I like Lugana so much more than Jobelan.  It's so easy to stitch on!  Anyway, I'm thoroughly enjoying this piece and I intend to finish it before I stitch anything else.  I'm feeling the need to actually complete at least one thing before I start the ornament exchange / challenge stitching for one of my groups in July.  Here's where I am right now...

There are 3 rows of three, plus a border of flowers and an outside border, so I'm probably about half done at this point.  I'll work on filling in the empty square tonight while I watch the rest of Jane Austen's "Emma"

Thanks for stopping by!


This Week in Stitches...

Hello again!

First, let me congratulate VERONICA, whose name I drew as the winner of the q-snap covers.  I hope you enjoy them!

Then on to this week's stitching!  Let's see.... I stitched more on my exchange piece, but I can't show you that yet.  And I did some stitching and outlining on O Holy Night...

And finished another block on Douceur de Vivre... 

and even stitched for awhile on Cabin Fever!!

I'm not sure I'll be happy with doing the outlining as I go on O Holy Night.  I'm sure some of it will get covered up... but I really, really dislike having to do it all at the end, and I'd rather it be *all done* when I'm done with the stitching rather than feeling like I'm having to stitch the entire piece again in backstitch.

Here's a little thank you gifty that I finished and sent off a week or so ago.  The pattern was one I stitched during the Crazy 15 last year, and I finally finished it into a little pin pillow stuffed with crushed walnut shells.  Aren't those pins adorable?  They are some that I picked up in Branson at Cecilia's Sampler from the My Big Toe trunk show.  I think they are precious!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  You all leave such nice comments and they make me smile. : )

Happy stitching!

aka InkyStitcher : )


A Giveaway and an Update


A few weeks ago I ordered some Q-snap Huggies from Christine's Q-Snap Huggies and she sent them *right* out to me.  Her shipping is amazing!  This was my first time using the huggies and I was surprised at how much extra fabric they were designed to hold outside of the q-snaps.  When I mentioned this to Christine, she went an extra mile (or two or three!) and made me two new huggies that were narrower, as I seldom use my smaller Snaps on projects large enough to have lots of extra fabric to tuck in.  I asked Christine if she would mind if I gave these two away so someone else could benefit by them and she said "Go Ahead!".  The Mary Engelbreit print will fit a 6x6 QSnap and the cute Coffee print is sized for an 8x8 or 8x11 Snap.  Remember, these will work best if you have lots of fabric to tuck in, otherwise your work area will be pretty small.  If you're interested go ahead and mention it in your comment on this post and I'll draw a name the next time I post an update. : )

Here are a few update pictures.  I *really* need to start on Cabin Fever again, but I'm not looking forward to it, so I think I'm procrastinating!

First, my progress on Oh Holy Night.  I am still enjoying this one so much!

Then a little more work on Jardin Prive's Douceur de Vivre... 

And a sneak peek at the exchange project I'm working on diligently.  This is SO pretty!!!

And finally a look at DH's progress on his Serenity Lighthouse...

Have a wonderful, wonderful week!!  


Scissors Scamper Winner and an Update!

Hello everyone!

Let's start with something fun...

I wrote out all the entrants into the Scissors Scamper and had my daughter pull a name.  The winner of the Scissors Scamper prize is LYNDA!  Congratulations!  If you'll email me your mailing address I'll get your prize out to you.  Thank you everyone for playing along!  I had fun seeing everyone's scissors. : )

Not a ton to show on the stitching front this week.  I decided that I am not thrilled with my choice to do the Yiota's kit over one.  I will probably restart it sometime and work from the middle of the chart instead of the top corner so I can see the dogs right away.  I don't think I could never do a HAED chart that had 5 pages of black or blue before you got to some color.  I really wouldn't enjoy it!  Anyway, the Yiota's kit is back on my someday/maybe list for now.

Here are my favorites for the week...

I love this Jardin Prive chart!  It is SO fun to stitch!

And "O Holy Night" is coming along, too...

And then, of course, we have the "I am such an idiot" moment for the week.  Apparently I don't like windows, because I stitched over the two back windows of my January Cottage completely.  And I'm leaving it that way, too!  Because I meant to do it that way  I don't want to frog the entire house!  Sigh.  That's what I get for not paying attention when I'm stitching!

The rotation for this week?  Well, I have an exchange piece to start and I want to work lots on the Jardin Prive and O Holy Night pieces.  I might put 15 minutes in on the Cottage, Cabin Fever, His Eye is on the Sparrow and my Turtle Needlebook, too... but those two and the exchange piece are what are calling my name at the moment.  We'll see!

Have a wonderful week!!