A Windy Day!

Hello, hello!  It's windy outside today.  I need to run out to the post office, but I really don't want to set foot outside, so I'll do this weekly wrap-up first! : )

First - my favorite card from this week...

The stamp is from My Favorite Things, and the layout is the My Favorite Things Wednesday Sketch Challenge from this week.  The little girl is colored with copics and is sending all my readers some well wishes!!

Now onto this week's stitching...

Heart and Soul from UFO Thursday...

Today's progress on my SAL with DD - Dimensions Twilight Bridge

This week's progress on my BHP... Dimensions Cabin Fever

And, finally, my first finish of 2012.... Lantern Santa (JCS 20011)
I'm tucking this away in a box for later.  I'd like to have some things done ahead for Christmas this year, which is why I'm trying to stitch an ornament and quilt something each month.  

I did get the little quilt layered and quilted, but I haven't sewn the binding down yet, so you'll have to wait until next week for a picture of that one.

Don't forget that I have a few charts for sale or trade in the post before this one.  Let me know if there is something you would like!  You can contact me at inkystitcher @ yahoo.com 


Lizzie Kate, LHN and Precious Moments for Sale or Trade

Hi everybody!  I'm doing a little destashing and thought I'd see if anyone was interested in these...

I would love to trade for something on my wishlist, or I've also listed a sale price (with the shipping included).

L*K November $2.00 (including shipping)

L*K Woof - $2.00 (including shipping)

Little House Needleworks Counting House - $4.00 (including shipping)

Precious Moments Noah's Ark - ADORABLE! $4.00 (including shipping)


This Week in Pictures

Hello friends!

I got such a fun surprise in the mail today!  Over Christmas I won a drawing during our Stitched with Love exchange and just look at all the fun things I got today from Colleen!  I *love* the Santa pillow she stitched for me!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Have you gotten a lot accomplished this week??  Here's my week's work...

BHP for Becky's Challenge - Dimensions Cabin Fever...
I've stitched on this almost every day.  It is slow going, so I switch it up with the exchange piece that I'm working on.  You can start to see the reflection of the cabin in the water!

SAL with DD - Dimensions Twilight Bridge...
Just 45 minutes or so on this one this week.  I filled in a window and that was about it.

UFO Thursday - Dimensions Heart and Soul...
A little backstitching and more done on the rust colored swirls.

Scrap Quilt...  I'd love to put together a scrap quilt or table runner each month so I have some gifts ready at Christmas time.  This is some leftover fabric from a quilt I made for DD a number of years ago.  The top is all sewn together now and next week I'll sandwich, quilt and bind it.  It's definitely cuter in real life! : )

 And my favorite card this week!

A sweet little "hello" using a stamp from Verve and the adorable Mouse who is now available as a digital stamp from Whimsy and Stars.  I followed the Mojo Monday sketch for my layout and colored Lucy Mouse with Copics.

Have an amazing week!



Time for an Update!

Hello again!

I definitely didn't have as much progress this week as I might have liked, but I can't blame that on anyone but myself.  I spent time relaxing instead of stitching a few times this week.  Well, either relaxing or doing bookwork, which isn't quite the same thing!  But I do have a little progress to show you, and I also worked on an exchange piece that must remain invisible for a time. :)

First, my UFO.  Not too much progress, but any is better than none! :)

Then my SAL ornament.  I tried to do this while I watched the Packer game yesterday.  Sigh.  I was too distracted to get anymore stitched, so I finally just gave up!!

And my BHP for Becky's Challenge...  I really did get a lot done on this, and, of course, made a few mistakes along the way.  Nothing I'm going to fix, though.  With all the confetti stitching, I can't imagine that a stitch or two out of place would even be noticed!!  I have lofty goals for this one, this week.  We'll see how much time and energy I have to accomplish them. : )

Here's a question for you all.  I am looking for a nice quiet, relaxing, not super expensive vacation spot for my husband and I to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year.  We have gone nowhere and done nothing, so we are really clueless.  I mentioned going overseas, but since I've only flown once, I don't think I'm ready for that yet.  And since we've seen next to nothing in the US, it would be nice to do something here.  We'd like somewhere quiet, relaxing, with things to do if you wanted, but not in a crazy busy city.  If we could have the best of both worlds, I would like a cross stitch shop and he would like a trapshooting range. : )  Let me know if you have any ideas!!


Stitching Updates and Spotted Scissors

Hello again!  It's update time!! : )

Let's start with the SAL with DD...



Then my BHP... Dimensions Gold Cottage Fever.   Last week...

and up to last night...  

I started to use a size 24 needle this week - even though it's 18 count fabric.  With all the sections of 4-5 strand stitching, my smaller needles were bending, breaking and just being frustrating.  I'm going TONS faster now.  YAY!!!

Then my Thursday progress on my UFO...

And my progress on my SAL ornament...

Yesterday, dd and I went shopping to help her spend some of her Christmas money and ended up at our not so local Needlework Store.  The 50% off bin was full and I found the adorable Bent Creek chart there.  The little pieces of fabric are all evenweave from the remnant bin - perfect for the ornament SAL I'm doing.  Then my Homespun Elegance chart for later in the ornament SAL (I know, Shirlee, I said I'd only buy one chart... But one full price one counts, right??? LOL!), a few needles, some thread for an exchange project and a $4 pair of spotted green scissors.  I think the scissors are adorable!  Now I need to get my hands on the cute little SB scissors fob kit that matches.  Well... maybe next time I have a little $$ to spend.  When is Mother's Day???  LOL!

My sewing room is a happy place for me right now.  I'm so thankful that Cabin Fever is coming along easier.  I'm at the bottom of the first column, which makes me feel like I'm really accomplishing something, and I made really good progress on the ornament, so I'll be able to get that done this month, and that will satisfy my "quick stitch" urge.   I spent last night looking through all the JCS ornament editions that I've collected to make a list of ornaments to do for the challenge.  I'm looking forward to having a little pile for gifts.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.  If you read this far you deserve a medal!!


aka Inkystitcher


Stitching update!!


I figured it was about time for an update on my BHP (Big Huge Project... rather than the other more "slangy" version that I would rather not say...) : ) - Cabin Fever.

In case you've forgotten, I'm working on a Dimensions kit for my husband, and it could very well be the end of me.  My goal is to finish it by the end of the year.  It could happen!  Maybe.... if I buy stock in needles...  and patience.

Here's my progress as of yesterday.  Don't even ASK how many hours work that was!

Figuring I was going to need sanity breaks, I joined Lainey's monthly Christmas ornament SAL, too.  This month the theme was Santa, so I looked through my Ornament magazine and found this cute design by Sue Hillis.  I get to start this on Sunday, after I've stitched 15 minutes or so on the Cabin.

Since I've already put half an hour in on the Cabin, I can work on my UFO tonight, so next time I'll have pictures of that, too.

Have a wonderful day and happy stitching!!