My Busy Needle

Sweet Lynda sent me the traveling "Busy Needle" pattern by LHN the other day.  I had so wanted to stitch it since I saw it on BeckySC's blog, but it was exclusive to "The Busy Needle" cross stitch shop which seems to have since closed its doors, so I was thrilled when she mentioned that she would start it as a traveling pattern!!

Well, it came in the mail on Friday and I was so impatient excited to start that I couldn't stand the thought of waiting until Monday to pick up my floss, when I'll be at the cross stitch store.  Instead, I chose my own colors from those I had on hand and decided to stitch it on 28 ct Tea Monaco over one.  What fun!!  I stitched and stitched all day yesterday, and then, late last night, I realized that I had moved the entire top line over 3 threads.  Oh.My.  There was no way that I was going to frog that black box, so I decided to wing it.  And wing it I did.  I added leaves.  I added flowers.  I shortened vines and lengthened vines.  I omitted the outer border.  And then, just to be ornery different, I made the bees wings swirly on the bottom.  I think they are cute.  But if you are stitching this and think yours will look like mine when you're done... well, good luck with that! ; )

I can't decide how I'll finish it.  It's about 2" square so it would be a cute fob or needlebook... or even just framed...  We'll see!!!

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New Finds, New Toys, and New Searches!

Inky has had a good week this week!  A bit ago, I saw that Anne had gotten one of these floor stand from Michaels.  I asked her about it and she gave it a good report, and so I grabbed my Michaels coupon and picked it up - for only $31.00!!  It's lightweight, but perfect for me - I can move it room to room.  It was fairly easy to put together, although it was missing a bolt on the bottom.  Never fear, though, the nice lady in customer service said she would send it out the next day.  

You'll notice that I'm taking a break from the Cabin Fever piece.  My back and shoulders have been so sore and working on that piece in hand has really aggravated them.  I was just going to work on this L*K ABC Lessons for a night or two, but then I got the stand and I can't stop!  I've made tons of progress since this post!

Can you spot Inky???  He's by the scissors...

I'll probably leave Cabin Fever on hold for a little bit, because I have the hard to find LHN Busy Needle chart in the mail from Lynda and it needs to be passed on when I am done.  So, of course, it needs to come next.  : )  I'm so excited to stitch that.  It is such a pretty design!

Speaking of pretty designs... I was cleaning out under the sink yesterday and I found my very own scissors frog that had been my Great-Aunt's... it even has her name in her handwriting on a piece of masking tape on the bottom.  Too cool.  I put it in a sherbet glass that I had in the cupboard, and loaded it with all my silver, pink and red scissors.  So pretty!  I've seen a few of these frogs on the Scissors Scamper.  Have you joined yet?  I'm going to be picking up part of the prize today or tomorrow.  Be sure that you are in the running!! : )

Now for a favor.  I have this Shepherd's Bush Fa La La chart and leftover threads that I would like to trade for a used Shepherd's Bush chart.  One of these charts would be really high on my list...

Sweet Stitches Fob
Hold Hope
A Lamb's Egg
O Say
Come Home

By the way, the stitched piece in the picture just shows what the chart looks like.  I won't be sending it along, sorry! ; )

OK, one last picture.  Here's the gorgeous St. Patrick's Day rainbow that was over our house.  It was double on one side and went from horizon to horizon.  There *must* have been a pot o' gold at the end of it, I'm sure!! ; )


A Little March Madness


Hello Friends!  Have you joined the Great Scissors Scamper yet?  I am having so much fun seeing everyone's scissors collection.  I've already added a few pair to my wish list and a fob or two as well!!

I pulled out my little March pillow that I made last year in an effort to do a little St. Patrick's Day decorating.  It is ds' birthday, so that makes it a special holiday! : )

My mom just gave my son the little leprochaun, but he was my favorite decoration growing up, so I asked him if I could display it forever for awhile.  He said "yes".   : )

Are you prepared to drool now???  Look, look, look what came in the mail last week!  My very own personal ornament from Mouse.  With a sheep on it!!!  His name is Inky.  Do you see the little jingle bells on the bottom?  My dd loves them.  It has a special place of honor in a basket in my living room, with another winter pillow that I can't bear to put away during the year.   Sigh!  Stitching friends are the best!

Nope, I take that back.  Husband's are the best.  Specially when they buy you a new charm for your bracelet. : )  

Since Spring has sprung outside - or maybe it's summer?  I think it was close to 80 today and our normal seasonal temp is about 45 - Anyway, I saw these pretty flowers at the grocery store for $1 each and picked them up for my table.  The beautiful rose smells as pretty as it looks!! {happy sigh!}

Here's my stitching update for the week.  Lots and lots of stitching on the Cabin, because I really want to have this page done by the end of March...

And last but not least, a St Patricks Day birthday card for you all.  I don't think ds looks at my blog, so it should be safe to show it here. : )

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to join the Scissors Scamper!! : )


The Great Scissors Scamper!!

Greetings friends!!

One of the things that I've found over the past couple years of cross-stitch blogging is that we stitchers *love* our scissors.  We have pretty scissors and plain scissors.  Short scissors and long scissors.  Stork scissors and Santa scissors.  Scissors fobs and scissors cases.  Scissors frogs and scissors magnets.  SO.... let's have a Scissors Scamper and show off our scissors stash!! : )  Which scissors have stories?  Which are your favorites?  Which ones do you take when you are traveling?  Do you pack a different pair with each project, or do most of them just sit in storage and you use a favorite pair?  Just link up your Scissors Scamper post below before April 30th, and I'll draw a name from all the entries to receive something fun.  I haven't picked it out yet, but it will have something to do with scissors, you can be sure! : )  Be sure to link your post back to this one, so others can join in the fun, too!!

I'll start...

First, on a solemn note...

The Scissors Scamper is in memory of the cute green polka dot scissors that is pictured in the logo above.  I used it twice and promptly lost it.  I am so sad.  I love polka dots!  sigh.  

Now on to happier thoughts!! : )

 Here is my scissors stash! It's not huge, so I can show you the whole thing... : )  Each one has its own story, and I love them for different reasons.  The first scissor I got was the little Ginghers on top attached to the scissors tag.  I won it in a quilting shop hop... when I was still quilting a lot.  I fell IN LOVE with Ginghers from that time on, so I bought the lovely green floral ones with my Christmas money later that year.  These are usually my "go to" scissors, so I try to pack a scissors in each of my kitted projects so I'll actually use them all and they won't get lonely.

The cute scissors with red hearts are Dinky Dyes and one of my dd's favorites.  I received them in an exchange package and she swipes them if I'm not looking.  It's ok.  I share well. (Most of the time...) : )
I also received the sweet pink breast cancer remembrance scissors in an exchange.  I'd like to make a "pink" basket sometime and put them in it.  They almost seem too solemn for me to use.

Another exchange gift brought me the plastic blue pair of scissors in the little sheath.  You can see I already had a pair of pink ones like that.  They are the SHARPEST little pair of scissors, and I love the little sheath.  I actually had a blue pair, too.  But my husband used it to cut open one of those hard plastic indestructible things - like electronics are packaged in, and it dulled it so it wouldn't cut thread anymore.  I was thrilled to get these!  I keep these attached to my Vera Bradley lanyard and use them when I'm stitching in the car or on vacation, or somewhere that I don't want to lose them.  They are relatively inexpensive (maybe $5-$7??) so if I did lose them I wouldn't feel nearly as heartbroken as if I lost my Ginghers!

Here's all my Ginghers in a row.  The ones on the left my husband got me for Christmas last year and they sport the only scissors fob I've made.   I love scissors fobs.  I need to make more of them.  (The scissors tag doesn't count really.  It's just a piece of aida and a piece of felt stitched together with the edges cut with pinking shears.  It's fun, though, cuz it has my name on it.)

The blue Ginghers are my newest pair.  I think they are so pretty... almost too pretty to use.  I usually just look at them and say "Awwwww....".  Then my workhorse pair, and my first pair.  

I really hope lots of you will join me on the Scissors Scamper!  I can't wait to see your favorites - your not so favorites and your accessories!!  Here's a little logo if you'd like to use it on your post.  Rather than just copying it, just right click on it (control-click on a Mac) and save it to your computer.  Then you can insert it in your blog post like any other picture.  Be sure to come back here and link up your post so we can all come drool over admire your scissors stash!  (And so you can be in the drawing for the prize, of course!!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Scamper off now to do your post!! : )



What a Week!!

Hello friends!

It's been a busy, busy week here!  Where shall I start???  Hmmm....

Well, I finished the February ornament on time, but I haven't "ornamentified" it yet.  (Don't you love that word?  I saw it on Shirlee's blog, I think, but I'm not sure... )

And then I spent hours and hours and HOURS working on these new pages for GraceWorks...

I bought the basics for my Happy Monday Journal...

And drove through THIS...

To go away with my husband for the weekend.

Of course I had to bring some stitching along, and the WIP that called to me was Lizzie Kate's ABC's.  Want to see what I got done??

See the tulip and the half an "i", v, e?   That's it.  I started the letters at the beginning of the word 3 times and frogged them, before I figured out that I had moved the "B" in Be Kind down one row and had gauged everything from that.  So.... being the non-perfectionist that I am, I am just starting the word on the other end and making it work.  I really don't think anyone will notice in years to come! : )

We had a wonderful weekend away and my fabulous DH bought me a pre-anniversary gift of a Pandora starter bracelet.  I.am.in.love.  with him *and* with the bracelet! : )

I didn't have a ton of time to work on my Cabin this week, but there is still some progress.  I really need to concentrate on it, though.  I'm getting behind in my goals, and now I'm swamped getting orders out, so I'm going to set aside all my other stitching for a few days - even my SAL's and UFO Thursday piece - and just spend some quality time with this one.  "Quality time" it will have to be, though, cuz I'm afraid that I won't have a lot of "quanitity time"!

Yesterday, I got a package from 1-2-3 Stitch in the mail.  How incredibly fun!!!  Especially cuz I hadn't ordered anything from 1-2-3 Stitch, even though I have a huge wish list there.  Well, lo and behold, sweet Niina had chosen a chart from my wish list and sent it to me!!!  What she didn't know was how much I *really, really* wanted that particular chart.  She also sent me some Bohin needles, which I haven't used before and really wanted to try.  I was SO overwhelmed with her thoughtfulness that I cried!! What a sweet, thoughtful, RAK!!  It absolutely made my day, week, month!!  I think I'll stitch it while we drive to Branson later this spring.  (Which, seeing they just had a huge tornado, really makes me a little nervous.  I.do.not.like.tornados.)   Here's the chart... {Happy Sigh!}

Card making has been relatively non-existant this week, too.  I think this is the only one I've managed to make.  It's another Pure Innocence image from My Favorite Things...

Well, bless your heart for sticking with me through this marathon post.  If you don't see me commenting this week it isn't that I don't love you all, I'm just running crazy!  I hope you are having a wonderful week!