New Finds, New Toys, and New Searches!

Inky has had a good week this week!  A bit ago, I saw that Anne had gotten one of these floor stand from Michaels.  I asked her about it and she gave it a good report, and so I grabbed my Michaels coupon and picked it up - for only $31.00!!  It's lightweight, but perfect for me - I can move it room to room.  It was fairly easy to put together, although it was missing a bolt on the bottom.  Never fear, though, the nice lady in customer service said she would send it out the next day.  

You'll notice that I'm taking a break from the Cabin Fever piece.  My back and shoulders have been so sore and working on that piece in hand has really aggravated them.  I was just going to work on this L*K ABC Lessons for a night or two, but then I got the stand and I can't stop!  I've made tons of progress since this post!

Can you spot Inky???  He's by the scissors...

I'll probably leave Cabin Fever on hold for a little bit, because I have the hard to find LHN Busy Needle chart in the mail from Lynda and it needs to be passed on when I am done.  So, of course, it needs to come next.  : )  I'm so excited to stitch that.  It is such a pretty design!

Speaking of pretty designs... I was cleaning out under the sink yesterday and I found my very own scissors frog that had been my Great-Aunt's... it even has her name in her handwriting on a piece of masking tape on the bottom.  Too cool.  I put it in a sherbet glass that I had in the cupboard, and loaded it with all my silver, pink and red scissors.  So pretty!  I've seen a few of these frogs on the Scissors Scamper.  Have you joined yet?  I'm going to be picking up part of the prize today or tomorrow.  Be sure that you are in the running!! : )

Now for a favor.  I have this Shepherd's Bush Fa La La chart and leftover threads that I would like to trade for a used Shepherd's Bush chart.  One of these charts would be really high on my list...

Sweet Stitches Fob
Hold Hope
A Lamb's Egg
O Say
Come Home

By the way, the stitched piece in the picture just shows what the chart looks like.  I won't be sending it along, sorry! ; )

OK, one last picture.  Here's the gorgeous St. Patrick's Day rainbow that was over our house.  It was double on one side and went from horizon to horizon.  There *must* have been a pot o' gold at the end of it, I'm sure!! ; )


Veronica said...

Ooh... congrats on owning your first floor stand. Sorry to hear about the problems you've been having working on Cabin Fever. ABC Lessons certainly is moving right along. It looks great.


Shirlee said...

Looks like a good stitching stand! I love the photo of the rainbow. It's always exciting to spy one in the sky : )

CalamityJr said...

Wow! If a floor stand does that for one's stitching, I'd better get to Michael's right away!

Julie said...

Wonderful scissor frog, how lovely.
Cute SB small and your latest project looks right at home on the new floor stand.

Unknown said...

Great progress pick! Love those LK designs.

Minnie said...

I'm so glad I found you blog and I really like the idea of a scissors scamper. I had never thought about them before and I love the frog. Now I know who Inky is, so cute.

Mouse said...

ooooo glad you are finding the stand such a help :)
and love inky on there too

sorry not got any of those charts :(

and love that rainbow too :)

love mouse xxxx

Joy said...

Wow Tricia you have been busy since my last visit! Great WIPs and finishes. I used to have a stand like that and loved it until our goldens got hold of it and used it as a chew toy...grrr! I didn't know it could hold Q's so I may invest againg...Thanks for the enabling! Cute scissors...I may have to look into that idea. :-)

Sheila said...

Like the frog. Was wondering who Inky was.

Debbie said...


My Life In Stitches said...

Love your frog idea. So elegant! I enjoy your blog. I am now a follower. Darlene

Sally said...

I love how your ABC Lessons is coming along! It is gorgeous.

Sweet SB finish. You gotta love those SB sheep!

Your scissor frog looks lovely!

Anne said...

Yay for the stand!! I'm so glad it's helping you out! I love that you have your needleminder and scissors propped on it! Great find on that frog! I love the scissors displayed!! Can't help you with the charts, hope someone can help!!



mdgtjulie said...

Pretty rainbow, Tricia. And grats on all your progress. (And on the finish in the previous post. You're quick!!) Hope you had a good day today!

Jackie said...

Hey Tricia. I like the stand you have. Can you tell me the brand of the stand. Did you order it online?
Love the scissor frog. I think I may have Hold Hope, but let me check to be sure first. Will get back to you.