I have a finish!

... But I can't show you yet! : )  LOL  I finished my exchange piece for the Stitched With Love exchange, but it is secret for awhile yet, so I can't show you.  I can tell you that I *love* how it turned out and I wouldn't have minded keeping it, though!! : )

The only other stitching that I did this week was on my Jardin Prive piece.  This is such a soothing piece to work on.  I don't really know why... maybe it's the colors?  Or the fabric?  I've found that I like Lugana so much more than Jobelan.  It's so easy to stitch on!  Anyway, I'm thoroughly enjoying this piece and I intend to finish it before I stitch anything else.  I'm feeling the need to actually complete at least one thing before I start the ornament exchange / challenge stitching for one of my groups in July.  Here's where I am right now...

There are 3 rows of three, plus a border of flowers and an outside border, so I'm probably about half done at this point.  I'll work on filling in the empty square tonight while I watch the rest of Jane Austen's "Emma"

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This Week in Stitches...

Hello again!

First, let me congratulate VERONICA, whose name I drew as the winner of the q-snap covers.  I hope you enjoy them!

Then on to this week's stitching!  Let's see.... I stitched more on my exchange piece, but I can't show you that yet.  And I did some stitching and outlining on O Holy Night...

And finished another block on Douceur de Vivre... 

and even stitched for awhile on Cabin Fever!!

I'm not sure I'll be happy with doing the outlining as I go on O Holy Night.  I'm sure some of it will get covered up... but I really, really dislike having to do it all at the end, and I'd rather it be *all done* when I'm done with the stitching rather than feeling like I'm having to stitch the entire piece again in backstitch.

Here's a little thank you gifty that I finished and sent off a week or so ago.  The pattern was one I stitched during the Crazy 15 last year, and I finally finished it into a little pin pillow stuffed with crushed walnut shells.  Aren't those pins adorable?  They are some that I picked up in Branson at Cecilia's Sampler from the My Big Toe trunk show.  I think they are precious!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  You all leave such nice comments and they make me smile. : )

Happy stitching!

aka InkyStitcher : )


A Giveaway and an Update


A few weeks ago I ordered some Q-snap Huggies from Christine's Q-Snap Huggies and she sent them *right* out to me.  Her shipping is amazing!  This was my first time using the huggies and I was surprised at how much extra fabric they were designed to hold outside of the q-snaps.  When I mentioned this to Christine, she went an extra mile (or two or three!) and made me two new huggies that were narrower, as I seldom use my smaller Snaps on projects large enough to have lots of extra fabric to tuck in.  I asked Christine if she would mind if I gave these two away so someone else could benefit by them and she said "Go Ahead!".  The Mary Engelbreit print will fit a 6x6 QSnap and the cute Coffee print is sized for an 8x8 or 8x11 Snap.  Remember, these will work best if you have lots of fabric to tuck in, otherwise your work area will be pretty small.  If you're interested go ahead and mention it in your comment on this post and I'll draw a name the next time I post an update. : )

Here are a few update pictures.  I *really* need to start on Cabin Fever again, but I'm not looking forward to it, so I think I'm procrastinating!

First, my progress on Oh Holy Night.  I am still enjoying this one so much!

Then a little more work on Jardin Prive's Douceur de Vivre... 

And a sneak peek at the exchange project I'm working on diligently.  This is SO pretty!!!

And finally a look at DH's progress on his Serenity Lighthouse...

Have a wonderful, wonderful week!!  


Scissors Scamper Winner and an Update!

Hello everyone!

Let's start with something fun...

I wrote out all the entrants into the Scissors Scamper and had my daughter pull a name.  The winner of the Scissors Scamper prize is LYNDA!  Congratulations!  If you'll email me your mailing address I'll get your prize out to you.  Thank you everyone for playing along!  I had fun seeing everyone's scissors. : )

Not a ton to show on the stitching front this week.  I decided that I am not thrilled with my choice to do the Yiota's kit over one.  I will probably restart it sometime and work from the middle of the chart instead of the top corner so I can see the dogs right away.  I don't think I could never do a HAED chart that had 5 pages of black or blue before you got to some color.  I really wouldn't enjoy it!  Anyway, the Yiota's kit is back on my someday/maybe list for now.

Here are my favorites for the week...

I love this Jardin Prive chart!  It is SO fun to stitch!

And "O Holy Night" is coming along, too...

And then, of course, we have the "I am such an idiot" moment for the week.  Apparently I don't like windows, because I stitched over the two back windows of my January Cottage completely.  And I'm leaving it that way, too!  Because I meant to do it that way  I don't want to frog the entire house!  Sigh.  That's what I get for not paying attention when I'm stitching!

The rotation for this week?  Well, I have an exchange piece to start and I want to work lots on the Jardin Prive and O Holy Night pieces.  I might put 15 minutes in on the Cottage, Cabin Fever, His Eye is on the Sparrow and my Turtle Needlebook, too... but those two and the exchange piece are what are calling my name at the moment.  We'll see!

Have a wonderful week!!