Dropping By with an Update

Hello friends and neighbors!

I had a few minutes this morning while the house was quiet, so I thought I'd drop by with a quick update.  First, thanks so much for all your sweet comments and emails about my Mom.  I so appreciate you all!

With the extra busy-ness of life right now, mixed with a little bit of not being able to concentrate, and topped off with a sore shoulder, I haven't made much progress on my stitching this month.  The olympics have been a good reason to sit and stitch, but only in short bursts, cuz I don't want to miss anything! :)

Here's my progress on my Jardin Prive piece...  you know - the one I thought I was almost finished with because I only had the border left.  HAH!  It's like the Energizer bunny... it keeps going and going and going... : )

My goal is to finish it by the end of the Olympics.  We'll see!

Next up is the ornament I stitched for Melissa.  Melissa, if you are reading this and don't want to see it, just close your eyes and scroll down!! 

This LHN ornament was a fun stitch and I love how it turned out... especially because I changed the colors to what I had on hand and sometimes my color choices are...umm...questionable.

Last, but not least, let me introduce you to Amber Grace.  After the past few weeks, months, year of different stresses, I decided to have a mid-life crisis. : ) Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted a pretty doll.  Growing up I usually inherited my sisters' hand-me-downs who looked like this...

 Actually she is one of the better species that I found when cleaning out my parents' house - believe it or not!

Anyway, for my mid-life crisis, I decided that I would go to the American Girl Benefit sale and buy myself a doll.  It was SO fun!  I even bought some clothes so I can dress her up. :)  

Meet Amber Grace...

Isn't she beautiful??

Here she is in her Thanksgiving outfit that I picked up from a craft fair outside the sale warehouse...

Sometimes it's nice to be a kid again, if only for a few minutes at a time! :)

I've been thinking through my stitching goals for next year, and I have a theme in mind that I would like to work on - but I'll save that for a later post.  I did have a strange urge yesterday, though.  It was to stitch myself a stocking.  Hmmm. And not just any stocking.  This stocking...


REALLY???  After I have complained about Dimensions kits over and over?  After having stitched two Dimensions Gold stockings in the past 4 years and each one taking me almost 2 years to complete?  REALLY???

ummm... yes.
I think I'll ask for it for my birthday.
{insert sheepish grin here}

On that note of craziness I'll say good-bye for now.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Tricia & Amber Grace


Where am I???

Hi everyone!

Just a quick hello to let you know that the blog will be quiet for a few weeks.  My mom had a stroke and I have been (and will be) at the hospital for most of my days to sit with her and encourage her through therapy.  Not much stitching going on, except on an exchange that I need to finish and send by the end of the month.

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll be back when I can!