How Time Flies!

Hello everybody!

I have a wee update - as Mouse would say - for you today.  I honestly haven't stitched one stitch on anything except my HAED since last we spoke!  I thought it was half finished when I left it last night, but I just remembered that there is one more column on the second page.  Close, though!!

Here's the picture...  You should be able to see the kitty's ear and eye, his ribbon and part of the violin, and even some flowers around his feet. : )

I'm still really enjoying this... all 80 colors worth!  LOL

Not too much other news here.  We mowed the lawn the other day and the grass must have still been damp, so the mower made the garage smell like mildew and mold which triggered my allergies BIG TIME.  I have sneezed and wheezed so hard over the past few days that I feel like I've pulled muscles all across my back. : (   Hopefully all will be well soon!! : )

Happy stitching!



Another First!

Hi there everyone!

I think it is time for an update!  After my last finish I decided to start another ornament... this one is from Donna Kooler's book 101 Ornaments for Christmas by Leisure Arts.  There is a whole grouping of Nativity Ornaments that I just love.  I started one on some overdyed aida and it was going very quickly... until I got sidetracked!  Here it is...

 All it needs is a little more backstitching around the outside, but I'm working on another piece I can't seem to put down, so it will have to wait a bit!

Here's another piece of a project that got left when I started "the project I can't put down".  A little Precious Moments piece for a gift...

Interested in this project I can't put down?????

You will NEVER guess.  Especially Gillie, who couldn't understand how I could give birth to a child who loves to stitch these particular patterns...

Yes.  I started a HAED pattern!!

Now don't get too excited.  A year or so ago, my dd (who has three HAED patterns on the go right now) kitted up a Tiny Treasure pattern for me for Christmas.  It's truly tiny.  About 4x6 on 18 count fabric.  But I'm doing it, and what's more I am THOROUGHLY enjoying myself.  The pattern is Cow Over the Moon - now go click on the link so you can see what it will look like!  Did you do it??  OK, here's my progress so far....

Can you see the cat's tail and paw?? It makes me smile.  : )  I'm stitching it with 2 threads over 1 (18 count is so easy to work with!)  and I am gridding down as I go.  I even watched a tutorial on parking threads, so I'm doing that, too, and just working on one block of 100 at a time.  I usually have time for about 2 blocks a day and it is so relaxing for me!  If I actually finish it I want to go a step up and get the Mini Christmas Mailbox chart next.  I might try that on 22 count, but I'm not sure.  I still want it to be fun, but I think on 22 count I might get by with 1 over 1 and save myself some $$ on floss. : )

Oh!  I found something out this past week.  Remember my strong dislike of the Dimensions kit I was doing??  I pulled it out again the other day, thinking I could just do one thread worth of stitching on it.  I did two or three stitches and had SO much trouble pulling the thread through and I was so frustrated!  I handed it to my daughter and said - "Here - you try it and see why I get so upset!".  When she tried it the needle went through like butter.  Grr.  I tried again.  The needle kept catching and slipping through my fingers.  Double Grr.  Finally I realized that our fingertips are shaped differently.  Mine are sort of tapered at the top and there isn't really any padding up there.  Hers are rounded at the top.  When I try to pull the needle through something difficult it slips right out of my fingers, but she has a better grip on it and can pull it through with no problems.  Interesting, huh??  She said that she will finish the Dimensions kit for me. : )  I am a happy camper!!

OK, I've rambled enough now, I think!  Thanks for stopping by today!!