Looking For...

Hi everyone!

I'm making plans for my next year's stitching and I have three charts I would love to get hold of.  Would any of you happen to have these and be willing to part with them??  My stamping budget is very low, so I might have to work out a trade of some sort. : )

1.  Jeremiah Junction "Yesterday, Today, Forever"  Found it!
2.  Cross Country Stitching Magazine - June 1990
3.  Leisure Arts "Something for Every Season"   Found it!

Thanks for checking!!



Vicki said...

I looked through my stash and I do not have any of these patterns. I do, however, have several magazines and patterns that I'm giving away for free. Just click on the "Free Cross-stitch Patterns" tab at the top of my blog to see them. I really want to find new homes for these patterns. I will check with my DD and DIL to see if they have the three you're looking for...

Meari said...

I'll look through my magazines to see if I have it.