Ready for Next Year!

Hi everyone!

I took some time last night to organize my sewing basket for next year.  I signed up for the Stitch from Stash challenge, so I wanted to pick out some of my favorite stash projects -- most of which are already kitted up!  It's ok if a few of them aren't, cuz we get a $25 a month spending allowance, and we can roll it over month to month if we don't use it... BUT we have to actually report what we spent each month, so we really have to be careful.

Here's my basket full of all my projects except the one I'm working on.  Looks fun, doesn't it??

And here's my current project - Mitten Friends by Imaginating.  I'd love to have it done by the new year, but I'm figuring it won't be until sometime in January.  

Aren't they ADORABLE?? (If I do say so myself! LOL!!)

I can't wait to see what everyone will work on this year.  I'm sure I'll have a LONG wish list come next Christmas!



The Shepherd's Song

It's early Christmas morning here and I couldn't stay in bed any longer.  I'm worse than the kids!   So I thought I'd drop in and share a poem I wrote this Christmas season.  Thank you so much for your friendship this year and have a Merry Christmas!!  ~~  Tricia


Almost an Update...

Hi everyone!

No update yet... too much to do to take pictures! :)  But I finally looked at the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways over on The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe blog and WOW have you been there and entered?  It looks like you can enter all the different giveaways up until she draws the prize for that day.  Too fun!  Here's the link to the $50 gift certificate giveaway, but if you go back in the posts there are more to enter!





NaCroStitchMo Update!

My, my!  Did you think I had fallen off the planet??  Nope!  Just after my flu at the beginning of the month I didn't get back on here!  Let me show you my projects...

Not fabulous pictures... Sorry!

Heart & Soul  - Dimensions

Margaret Sherry Ornament

Mitten Friends - Imaginating

Good Tidings - LHN

Bunny Baby - EMS

Oh Holy Night - Stoney Creek

Promise Me - Lizzie Kate
I love seeing them all together!  Once I started Mitten Friends it was all over for me.  I didn't want to work on anything else!  I'm a fairly slow stitcher with not much time, so that has been the one I've stitched on most.  When i get antsy I'll switch to one of the others on the list!! :)  I've decided, though, that I would like to get one or two or three of those pretty project bags that Karen sells through Crazy Annies or her Etsy shop so I can keep all my new starts in order.   Wouldn't it be fun to see a basket full of projects in pretty bags to choose from???  : )

Thanks for stopping by today!


NaCroStitchMo - Day 5

Well, NaCroStitchMo has turned into NaBlowNoseMo due to the arrival of a cold/flu bug at my house.  Uggh.  Funny thing is that when I did the January Challenge a couple of years ago, the exact same thing happened!!  Hmmmm....  So, let's see.  Sunday I was just coming down with it.  I started LHN's Glad Tidings that I had won from Vicki's blog.  (Thank you, Vicki!!)  I thought it would be a nice easy stitch.  HOWEVER, "nice and easy" and "coming down with the flu" translate into "frogging most of what you stitched".

Monday was filled with aches and pains and a chiropractor appt.  No stitching.  It hurt to  even think about holding a needle.

Yesterday was a little better.  In between sneezing (hard enough to scare my dogs and my daughter!), blowing my nose and moaning, I was able to put in a few stitches on "Glad Tidings" while watching Feel Better Little Bear.  Some people have comfort food, I have a comfort movie... or perhaps movies, because then I stitched on Heart and Soul later in the evening while watching Pride and Prejudice.

Here's my progress on them both....

I just got a package from 123 Stitch with some fabric and a few charts that I ordered with a gift certificate that I won from Mary Ann a while back.  One chart is for my daughter's Christmas stocking, but the other two will probably be my next two starts.  You'll have to come back tomorrow to see the first one! : )

So... just so I can keep track... here's what I'm working on so far...
1.  Dimensions Heart and Soul
2.  L*K Promise Me
3.  LHN Glad Tidings
4. ???
5. ???
6. ???
7. ???

Thanks for stopping by!



NaCroStitchMo - Day Two

Ok, so not a lot of stitching to show today.  I started Lizzie Kate's Promise Me, stitched the R and promptly stitched the WRONG letter E next to it.  SO I spent the first 20 minutes stitching and then another 20 minutes tonight unstitching and restitching until my shoulder said enough.  So here's Day Two's progress....

I think what I'm planning at the moment is to stitch on something different for the first seven days of the month and then rotate them for the rest of the month, starting something else new if I would happen to finish something.  I want to stitch at least 30 minutes a day, which doesn't sound like a lot, but it's a doable goal for me.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have more to show for my stitching!! : )  LOL!!



Well, my DD is participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and I see some people are doing NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), so I've decided to start something fun for me... hence NaCroStitchMo -- (Not Quite) National Cross Stitch Month. : )  Why wait until January to give myself a challenge????  I haven't decided yet what my end goal is.  Will I start 15 pieces?  Will I start 31 pieces?  Will I cross stitch for a certain length of time each day?  Will I post each day?  Don't know.  So, since I didn't have time to map it all out, I decided to start the month by working on Heart and Soul for a little bit.  I've completed a nice chunk since last time I posted, though...

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have my plans mapped out for the month. : )  See you then!

Time Stitched Today:  35 minutes
Time Stitched this Month:  35 minutes
** This really doesn't mean anything, I just want to see if I can get in a habit of keeping track of it! **


Catching Up

Hello again!

It's time for a progress report!

First up...  HAED Little Drummer Boy Stocking

It's coming along!  I got most of the next column done.  Now i'm back in the solid confetti section, but most of my threads are parked, so it should go fairly quickly... as long as I parked them in the right place, which is sometimes a question!

Next...  Dimensions Kit:  Heart and Soul

More flowers and outlining done.  I'm definitely in the mood for a new start from my basket, so I need to really, really work on being good and sticking with these until one is complete!

Then there is this Margaret Sherry kit called "Good Heavens" that is calling my name, but I can only find it in the UK...


If anyone happens to have it in their stash and wants to find it a new home, let me know.  I should really be sure I have all my Christmas presents bought before I buy myself any more cross stitch! : )

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I know I've been horrible at keeping up with everyone, but I do read your blogs, I just don't always find time to comment. : )

Have a lovely day!



Working on WIP's and Lots of Goals

Hello friends!!

First ... Congratulations to Carol!  I'll be passing the Give Thanks chart on to you to stitch next. : )

In other stitching news...

No finishes to show this week.  I actually pulled out two WIP's from my piles (GASP) and set one in each of my "relax in the evenings" rooms.  My HAED stocking is in the Living Room where I watch football with DH on Sundays and Mondays, and sometimes baseball during the week.  Remember this stocking?

 I haven't stitched on it since April!  Here's my progress now... (It's a crummy picture... SORRY!)

I only managed 400 stitches or so, but I am so glad to have finished that chunk of confetti stitching at the bottom of the column!!  YAY!

The next WIP I pulled out I hadn't touched since February... of 2012!!!  It's the one in the upper left.  This is the one I stitch on when DD and I have Jane Austen or old movie marathons.  I remember why I stopped working on it.  It's a kit and the floss is definitely NOT DMC.  It shreds horribly!!! : ( 

Here's my progress...

I do love the colors in that one! : )

I went through my patterns and WIP's and such the other day and picked out a number that I would like to work on this next little while.  I definitely couldn't finish all of them in that time since a number of them are bigger projects, but maybe if I finish a few of them before Christmas I'll have my Crazy January 15 all picked out.  I didn't do the Crazy January challenge last year, but looking back at 2012, I really did well on completing most of those projects, so I think I might try it again this coming year.

Here's my list...  (The ** are WIP's)

1.  HAED Little Drummer Boy Stocking**
2.  Dimensions Heart & Soul **
3.  Stoney Creek Winter Sanctuary Stocking (Need fabric)
4.  LHN Patience Sheep (Kitted)
5.  LHN Wisdom Sheep (Kitted)
6.  LK A Good Marriage (Need fabric and floss)
7.  Precious Moments January Snowdrop (charity) (Kitted)
8.  PM March or November (charity) (Need fabric)
9.  Bent Creek Gobble (Need fabric)
10.  HE Ornament - Along for the Ride (Kitted)
11. Live Within Your Harvest Bookmark (Kitted)
12.  LK Promise Me (Need fabric)
13.  Stoney Creek "O Holy Night" **
14.  HAED Christmas Mailbox (Need fabric & floss)
15. MS Ornament **
16.  Dimensions Twilight Bridge **
17.  LHN Acorn Hill **
18.  LHN Kindness (Kitted)


Give Thanks

LOL!  I just about posted this on my stamping blog!  They would have really wondered... : )

Shepherd's Bush "Give Thanks"
Stitched with recommended floss on 16 ct natural lite aida
(Did I mention that I *love* this aida cloth????)

Hi everyone!  I'm back with another finish.  WOOHOO!!  I've had this in my pile for... ummm... 2 years???  I've wanted to stitch it again and again and just decided this was the time!  It's a sweet little chart by Shepherd's Bush that was passed down to me from Renee.  So I'll do the same.  If you are interested in the chart, just leave me a comment and if there is more than one person interested I'll draw a name when I post next!  



A Finish and a Winner!

Hi friends!  Did you miss us???

Look what Mom finished today!  Yay for Mom!  She started this before either of us were born... WAY BACK at the beginning of the year and just finished it.  It's from a Jeremiah Junction leaflet called Yesterday-Today-Forever.  See over on the left?  She thought she was going to run out of fabric, but she made it. (just!)  She isn't sure what she'll start next.  She'll let you know!!

Now for the fun stuff.  Mom said we could pick where Jingles is going to live, so first we had her print out all the comments...

And then we had her cut them in strips...

Then came the scary part.  Have you heard of "bobbing for apples"?  Well, this was "bobbing for a winner"... and I fell in. 

It's a good thing that Jingles was there to pull me out!!  And here is the winner...

Yes!  It's Mary Joan!  I can't believe that Jingles is going over the ocean!!  Mary Joan, be sure to contact Mom with your mailing information.  Jingles can't wait to meet you!!


Hi everyone!  It's Tricia here!  Thanks for the super response to the giveaway!  Remember, if you'd like a bear, or would like to give one as a gift, be sure to let me know and I'll pass it on to DD.  She's in the process of setting up an Etsy shop, but she isn't quite ready to open, so I'm her go-between right now. : )

Happy Stitching!!! : )


A Finish and a Giveaway!!

Hi everyone!

Before we get to the fun stuff, let me show you my FINISH of Be Joyful Always by Imaginating.  This was SUCH a fun stitch for me.  16 count lite natural aida with DMC.  Thoroughly a joy to work with, especially because I loved the colors in the picture.  Here it is in all its wrinkledness...

Now onto the fun stuff!!!

I have a Labor Day giveaway!!

Meet Jingle, an artist bear by my daughter...

Here's her birth info...

Birthday:  July 30th, 2013
- Smokey Long Pile peach fur fabric 
- Ultrasuede footpads 
- Black Onyx bead eyes 
- Polyester stuffing and steel shot for weight 

Jingle has a few more stitches showing than Butternut - from the post below - although the only one I can see is on her behind... so it's not very noticable! : )  Please remember... this is not a toy!  These are artist bears that are about 3" high when seated.  Wonderful little friends, but NOT for little people!!

Jingle with Acorn
 If Acorn will let Jingle go, this is what the giveaway will consist of...

But if you don't win, and would like a bear of your own, be sure to contact me.  DD is selling them for only $25.00 plus shipping and they are SO sweet!!

Be sure to leave a comment mentioning that you'd like to be included in the giveaway, and if you post about the giveaway on your blog or Facebook page you get an extra entry!!

I'll draw a winner September 15th and announce it Monday, the 16th.

Thanks for stopping by!!!



Acorn's Friend

8/22/13 - I'M ADOPTED!!  Luv, Butternut 
 Hi everyone!

It's Acorn here.  I took over Mom's blog for a minute cuz I wanted to introduce you to my new friend, Butternut.  Actually, Mom says that's not really her name, but I thought it was cute!

Isn't she just the sweetest???

She's got a tiny bit of stitching showing at the top of her foot...  I think she must have tripped on something, but Mom says it's a birthmark.

Mom says that she's up for adoption.  I think that means that she's going to go live at someone else's house.  She said to let everyone know that she's available for $25.00 plus shipping.  Do you think if I raise the price a little (like, say, $250.00???) she could live with me forever???  Sigh.  If you adopt her, will you post pictures every once in awhile so I can see her??  Pretty please???

Here's her birth info...

Birthday:  August 20th, 2013
- Smokey Long Pile golden brown fur fabric 
- Ultrasuede footpads 
- Black Onyx bead eyes 
- Polyester stuffing and steel shot for weight 
- Silk ribbon

Just remember that she's NOT a toy.  She's a mini artist bear like me.  That's why I'm always in Mom's stitching pictures.  Cuz I'm an artist... see???? 

Here we are again, together.  You can let Mom know if you'd like to adopt Butternut, just please, please, please take care of her good forever, okay??  Okay.  I feel better now.




Be Joyful Always

Hello, hello!

I can't believe it has been over a month since I last posted!  I've been stitching away on this sweet design by Diane Arthurs (Imaginating).  It's called Be Joyful Always.  Isn't that perfect?!

I only have the leaves that trail down the right side to finish, and my goal is to have them done by the end of the month, because I have another fall project that I'm looking forward to starting around my birthday.  We'll see how much time I have for stitching over the next little while. My dear Mom is staying with us right now.  She had a stroke last year, so she needs a little (or a lot of?) extra attention. :)  In fact, I think I hear her stirring, so I'd better scoot! 

Blessings to you all!  If I'm not commenting, please know that it is just because I'm not able to find the spare minutes right now.

Always be thankful!


Another Finish!

Hello friends!  Happy day after the 4th of July!!

I was THRILLED to be able to sit and stitch the other day without my shoulder hurting and I was finally able to finish my LHN Courage Sheep.  Yay!!  Here's the final product...

I wasn't quite ready to start the next one in the series, so I pulled out my Yesterday, Today, Forever piece to stitch on while I watched old movies last night.  Here's Acorn helping again.  I'm not sure he's quite ready for 2 over 1 stitching... hmmm...

In other news... let's see...  I sent out an exchange to DJ... but forgot to take a picture. And I signed up for this giveaway.  (I'd love to stitch a number of these!!)

So -- how are you doing on your stitching goals?  You know -- the ones you set at the beginning of the year!  I looked at my page today and updated it.  Now I need to update my finishes page, too.  I think I'm at 11 for the year, and I'm good with that since I've had a number of weeks I wasn't able to stitch.  

My plans this month?

* Finish Yesterday, Today, Forever
* Stitch a "Christmas in July" Christmas ornament

That's it.  I might start something new.  I might work on something old.  I might even go shopping and buy a new pattern!  But those two things are the top of the list.

Talk to you soon!



A Wonderful Exchange!

Hello friends!  I've been a busy girl lately and I haven't even taken time to show you the wonderful 4th of July exchange that I received from DJ!!! 

Isn't it fun??

She sent me TWO things!  I'm spoiled rotten. :)  A cube and stocking - and I didn't have one of either of those two finishes!! :)

Here they are...

I had to snap a picture quick of Acorn trying to fit in the stocking. 
 That's why it's blurry...

BTW, DJ, yours is going to the post office this morning!! :)

So.... would you like to see my little bit of stitching for the month?  

Yup, that's it.  My shoulders haven't let me do much... but something is better than nothing, right???  And it is pretty! : )

All right, back to work for me!  Thanks for stopping by and leaving sweet comments.  You make my day ( and Acorn is getting conceited hearing so many nice things about himself!! LOL!! )

Happy Monday!




I have a finish!  Yippee!! : )  This one seems like a HUGE accomplishment, because I started it last February.  Acorn wanted to hold it...

Eye on the Sparrow
Silver Creek Samplers

I finished the stitching on my exchange piece, too, but I can't show that yet.

In the mornings after I read my Bible I've been stitching on the "Courage" sheep virtues chart.  I caught Acorn trying to put in a stitch when he thought I wasn't watching...

Oops!  She caught me!!  Hi Mom!!
So... my WIP in progress right now is Yesterday, Today, Forever.  I got a good bit done on it yesterday evening.  I'm thrilled to get some of these pieces finished that have been on my list for awhile.  I love starting new projects, but after awhile it really starts to weigh on my conscience if I don't finish them. : )  

Thanks for stopping by!!



Sparrows, Exchanges and Acorn

Hello friends!

I've made good progress on my Eye on a Sparrow piece since last we spoke!  Yay!  Isn't it pretty?  My work area is messy right now, though, and I'm having a hard time sitting down to finish it.  I'm going to have to do some reorganizing this week, for sure!

I also started my exchange piece which is supposed to be a secret, but if you won't tell, I'll show it to you...  READY?????

Bwahahahahaha!!! : )

That's it for me today!  Oh, wait!  Did I show you the artist bear that my daughter made me for Mother's Day??  He is SO sweet.  He sits next to my computer and sometimes he even helps me stitch.  He is pretty little, only about 2 1/2" tall when seated, and he's weighted with steel shot so he feels "real" in your hand.  His joints are movable, too, so I can pose him for the camera.  I love him!!  I told her I wanted another one for Christmas!

 Meet Acorn...

"I can see why you need glasses!!"

That's all, folks!  See you next time!