March Marches On

Hi everyone!

It's been a coughy, sneezy couple of weeks here, with a sore elbow and shoulder thrown in, so not a whole lot of stitching.  With that disclaimer -- Here's how I'm doing on my March goals... : )


Finish Charity Block  - DONE
Sorry for the dull picture... I forgot to brighten it before I brought it into Blogger!

Finish page 2 of Little Drummer Boy  - NOT YET

 Stitch LHN Sheep Virtues Love  - STARTED

Make one project bag - DONE
I think this one will be part of a giveaway, but I need to stitch something to add to it first! :) 

Stitch for 1 night on Eye on the Sparrow - NOT YET
Stitch for 1 night on Yesterday, Today, Forever - DONE
Start Promise Me - NOT YET
Kit up Along for the Ride ornament - DONE

Look at this adorable pile of goodies that came one day while I was sick!  I had won the PS chart from Stephanie at Blue Star Stitcher, and she added all the floss, some springy ribbon and the VERY fun glittery card.  It made me smile in the midst of my Yukky-ness.  I can't WAIT to stitch one of these cuties!!!!!!!

Until next time....Happy Stitching!!! : )



Julie said...

Great gift to brighten your day whilst you were sick. You are dong well with the March plans. I hope you are soon feeling completely recovered.

Vickie said...

Oh your gift IS cute!
Sweet stitching. Take care now.

Vickie said...

Oh your gift IS cute!
Sweet stitching. Take care now.

Carol said...

Your piece for the charity stitching is adorable, Tricia! Someone will treasure that for sure... And your LHN piece is off to a great start...

Stay healthy now--spring is almost here!

Simply Victoria said...

Nice progress even if it is less than hoped for. Glad you are feeling better.

Mii Stitch said...

Great goodies & lovely stitching!!

Linda said...

Your charity block is adorable. Great new start. Love the goodies you won.


Catherine said...

Cute stitches!! Hope you are feeling better. The nasty colds are running through my family as well!

Teresa said...

Sorry you have been under the weather. Wonderful stitching and a great win!
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

SoCal Debbie said...

Your stitching looks wonderful! What a great gift you received. How fun!

Sally said...

Your charity block is so sweet.

Lovely start on Love. Can't wait for mine to arrive!

DJ said...

How nice to get a surprise in the mail when you are feeling yucky!! Your stitching is lovely!! Every time I see a picture of your stocking it encourages me to go stitch on mine. I am no where near as far as you are, but it still gives me incentive. Hope you are feeling better soon! *Hugs*

Bekca said...

What a lovely gift to receive at the perfect time, I bet that brightened your day :) Your stitching is looking lovely, I love the LHN sheep :)
Best wishes.

dixiesamplar said...

Sorry to hear you were feeling yucky; hope things are all better now.

Lovely stitching and giveaway win too!

Anne said...

Lovely stitching so far Tricia!! Great win too! I hope you are feeling better!