A Wonderful Exchange!

Hello friends!  I've been a busy girl lately and I haven't even taken time to show you the wonderful 4th of July exchange that I received from DJ!!! 

Isn't it fun??

She sent me TWO things!  I'm spoiled rotten. :)  A cube and stocking - and I didn't have one of either of those two finishes!! :)

Here they are...

I had to snap a picture quick of Acorn trying to fit in the stocking. 
 That's why it's blurry...

BTW, DJ, yours is going to the post office this morning!! :)

So.... would you like to see my little bit of stitching for the month?  

Yup, that's it.  My shoulders haven't let me do much... but something is better than nothing, right???  And it is pretty! : )

All right, back to work for me!  Thanks for stopping by and leaving sweet comments.  You make my day ( and Acorn is getting conceited hearing so many nice things about himself!! LOL!! )

Happy Monday!