Another Finish!

Hello friends!  Happy day after the 4th of July!!

I was THRILLED to be able to sit and stitch the other day without my shoulder hurting and I was finally able to finish my LHN Courage Sheep.  Yay!!  Here's the final product...

I wasn't quite ready to start the next one in the series, so I pulled out my Yesterday, Today, Forever piece to stitch on while I watched old movies last night.  Here's Acorn helping again.  I'm not sure he's quite ready for 2 over 1 stitching... hmmm...

In other news... let's see...  I sent out an exchange to DJ... but forgot to take a picture. And I signed up for this giveaway.  (I'd love to stitch a number of these!!)

So -- how are you doing on your stitching goals?  You know -- the ones you set at the beginning of the year!  I looked at my page today and updated it.  Now I need to update my finishes page, too.  I think I'm at 11 for the year, and I'm good with that since I've had a number of weeks I wasn't able to stitch.  

My plans this month?

* Finish Yesterday, Today, Forever
* Stitch a "Christmas in July" Christmas ornament

That's it.  I might start something new.  I might work on something old.  I might even go shopping and buy a new pattern!  But those two things are the top of the list.

Talk to you soon!