Catching Up

Hello again!

It's time for a progress report!

First up...  HAED Little Drummer Boy Stocking

It's coming along!  I got most of the next column done.  Now i'm back in the solid confetti section, but most of my threads are parked, so it should go fairly quickly... as long as I parked them in the right place, which is sometimes a question!

Next...  Dimensions Kit:  Heart and Soul

More flowers and outlining done.  I'm definitely in the mood for a new start from my basket, so I need to really, really work on being good and sticking with these until one is complete!

Then there is this Margaret Sherry kit called "Good Heavens" that is calling my name, but I can only find it in the UK...


If anyone happens to have it in their stash and wants to find it a new home, let me know.  I should really be sure I have all my Christmas presents bought before I buy myself any more cross stitch! : )

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I know I've been horrible at keeping up with everyone, but I do read your blogs, I just don't always find time to comment. : )

Have a lovely day!