NaCroStitchMo Update!

My, my!  Did you think I had fallen off the planet??  Nope!  Just after my flu at the beginning of the month I didn't get back on here!  Let me show you my projects...

Not fabulous pictures... Sorry!

Heart & Soul  - Dimensions

Margaret Sherry Ornament

Mitten Friends - Imaginating

Good Tidings - LHN

Bunny Baby - EMS

Oh Holy Night - Stoney Creek

Promise Me - Lizzie Kate
I love seeing them all together!  Once I started Mitten Friends it was all over for me.  I didn't want to work on anything else!  I'm a fairly slow stitcher with not much time, so that has been the one I've stitched on most.  When i get antsy I'll switch to one of the others on the list!! :)  I've decided, though, that I would like to get one or two or three of those pretty project bags that Karen sells through Crazy Annies or her Etsy shop so I can keep all my new starts in order.   Wouldn't it be fun to see a basket full of projects in pretty bags to choose from???  : )

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NaCroStitchMo - Day 5

Well, NaCroStitchMo has turned into NaBlowNoseMo due to the arrival of a cold/flu bug at my house.  Uggh.  Funny thing is that when I did the January Challenge a couple of years ago, the exact same thing happened!!  Hmmmm....  So, let's see.  Sunday I was just coming down with it.  I started LHN's Glad Tidings that I had won from Vicki's blog.  (Thank you, Vicki!!)  I thought it would be a nice easy stitch.  HOWEVER, "nice and easy" and "coming down with the flu" translate into "frogging most of what you stitched".

Monday was filled with aches and pains and a chiropractor appt.  No stitching.  It hurt to  even think about holding a needle.

Yesterday was a little better.  In between sneezing (hard enough to scare my dogs and my daughter!), blowing my nose and moaning, I was able to put in a few stitches on "Glad Tidings" while watching Feel Better Little Bear.  Some people have comfort food, I have a comfort movie... or perhaps movies, because then I stitched on Heart and Soul later in the evening while watching Pride and Prejudice.

Here's my progress on them both....

I just got a package from 123 Stitch with some fabric and a few charts that I ordered with a gift certificate that I won from Mary Ann a while back.  One chart is for my daughter's Christmas stocking, but the other two will probably be my next two starts.  You'll have to come back tomorrow to see the first one! : )

So... just so I can keep track... here's what I'm working on so far...
1.  Dimensions Heart and Soul
2.  L*K Promise Me
3.  LHN Glad Tidings
4. ???
5. ???
6. ???
7. ???

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NaCroStitchMo - Day Two

Ok, so not a lot of stitching to show today.  I started Lizzie Kate's Promise Me, stitched the R and promptly stitched the WRONG letter E next to it.  SO I spent the first 20 minutes stitching and then another 20 minutes tonight unstitching and restitching until my shoulder said enough.  So here's Day Two's progress....

I think what I'm planning at the moment is to stitch on something different for the first seven days of the month and then rotate them for the rest of the month, starting something else new if I would happen to finish something.  I want to stitch at least 30 minutes a day, which doesn't sound like a lot, but it's a doable goal for me.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have more to show for my stitching!! : )  LOL!!



Well, my DD is participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and I see some people are doing NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), so I've decided to start something fun for me... hence NaCroStitchMo -- (Not Quite) National Cross Stitch Month. : )  Why wait until January to give myself a challenge????  I haven't decided yet what my end goal is.  Will I start 15 pieces?  Will I start 31 pieces?  Will I cross stitch for a certain length of time each day?  Will I post each day?  Don't know.  So, since I didn't have time to map it all out, I decided to start the month by working on Heart and Soul for a little bit.  I've completed a nice chunk since last time I posted, though...

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have my plans mapped out for the month. : )  See you then!

Time Stitched Today:  35 minutes
Time Stitched this Month:  35 minutes
** This really doesn't mean anything, I just want to see if I can get in a habit of keeping track of it! **