Ready for Next Year!

Hi everyone!

I took some time last night to organize my sewing basket for next year.  I signed up for the Stitch from Stash challenge, so I wanted to pick out some of my favorite stash projects -- most of which are already kitted up!  It's ok if a few of them aren't, cuz we get a $25 a month spending allowance, and we can roll it over month to month if we don't use it... BUT we have to actually report what we spent each month, so we really have to be careful.

Here's my basket full of all my projects except the one I'm working on.  Looks fun, doesn't it??

And here's my current project - Mitten Friends by Imaginating.  I'd love to have it done by the new year, but I'm figuring it won't be until sometime in January.  

Aren't they ADORABLE?? (If I do say so myself! LOL!!)

I can't wait to see what everyone will work on this year.  I'm sure I'll have a LONG wish list come next Christmas!



The Shepherd's Song

It's early Christmas morning here and I couldn't stay in bed any longer.  I'm worse than the kids!   So I thought I'd drop in and share a poem I wrote this Christmas season.  Thank you so much for your friendship this year and have a Merry Christmas!!  ~~  Tricia


Almost an Update...

Hi everyone!

No update yet... too much to do to take pictures! :)  But I finally looked at the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways over on The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe blog and WOW have you been there and entered?  It looks like you can enter all the different giveaways up until she draws the prize for that day.  Too fun!  Here's the link to the $50 gift certificate giveaway, but if you go back in the posts there are more to enter!