2015 Goals!

Hello, hello!  I'm back with my New Year's Goals post.  I spent the whole day on the floor in front of the space heater going through my stash,  picking out projects that I would like to work on next year and making a stitching game plan.  I'm really going to try to make this my motto this year...

Yup, I got the pillow as my end of year treat.  And stitched it in just a couple of days because I liked it so much!!  

I loved Stitch from Stash last year, so I joined again, but this time my personal goal will be to only spend $50.00 or less in Round One and $50.00 or less in Round Two.  

I also joined the Friendly Stitcher's Get It Done SAL and I'll be working on my Stoney Creek O Holy Night Nativity that I started a couple years ago.  My plan is to stitch on it for a half hour each day during daylight hours, then to stitch on another project at night.  I have an ornament kitted up as well for traveling or boredom. : )

Here is my tentative list of projects for this year...

1. Stoney Creek O Holy Night Nativity
2. Stoney Creek Stocking
3. Homespun Elegance Snowman Ornament
4. Precious Moments January Snowdrop
5. Homespun Elegance Reindeer Ornament
6. Dimensions Nativity
7. Homespun Elegance Along for the Ride
8. L*K Marriage Piece
9. MBT Joy Ornament
10. Harvest Blessing Kit
11. JinglePot Road Ornament
12. Harvest Light
13. L*K Ornament
14. Bent Creek Leaf
15. Got Snow Reindeer
16. LHN Kindness
17. Cardinal - Lady in Red
18 CCN Silent Night
19. CCS Slow to Speak
20. LHN 12 Days of Christmas
21. WIPF (Work in Progress Forever) HAED Nativity
22. WIPF HAED Mini Christmas Mailbox
23. WIPF HAED Stocking

The ones in red are my January projects, and, if I get any charts as gifts during the year, I reserve the right to fit them in. : )  I can't wait to see how I do on my list!!

One last goal for the year is to keep track of the time I stitch on each project.  I simply forget to do it, but I would like to know how long it actually takes me, vs what I THINK it will take.

Wish me luck!!  I'm looking forward to starting tomorrow!!


Stitch from Stash - December

WOW, oh WOW!  I made it to the end!!  What a fun year it's been with the Stitch from Stash challenge.  I've really enjoyed it and I'll be back in a few days with my goals for next year.

Here is my spending breakdown for this month...
I started with a balance of $145.51 + December's allowance of $25.00 = $170.51 in account. : )

I did a little buying during the Thanksgiving weekend...

Family Blessings Kit:  13.99
Natural Aida:  4.79
DMC:  2.00


149.73 Left! : )

This month I finished the Necessities Sampler...

So I started a Precious Moments charity piece...

And did a little more on the Dimensions O Holy Night kit.

Thanks for all your hard work keeping track of this Mel!  I have really enjoyed it and am already signed up for next year.  If I don't see you before have a Merry Christmas, and I'll be back soon with my 2015 stitching goals! :)


I found a Must Have!

I found a must have yesterday.  Even before the Oh Holy Night that I showed in my last post.  This one is going to be stitched and put on my bed so I can look at it when I'm sitting in my chair working on my computer.  It seems strange, though, that I want to buy something to help me remember that I don't have to buy things!  Here it is...

photo credit:  The Silver Needle

Isn't that the truth???  I so need that reminder!!!

I'm hoping someone will have a wonderful after Thanksgiving or end of year sale, so I can get it then.  Soooo ... today I'll be working on my LHN piece to see if I can finish it in the next week or so.  I can't buy anything until it is done!!!

Did you see Nancy's wonderful giveaway today?

Love it!!!

I'm off to be productive!



Another Giveaway!

Oh, look at Nancy's giveaway today!  Wouldn't that be just SPLENDID???

The 17th Day of Christmas


{Stitch from Stash} November

Good morning!  I thought I had better post my SFS update before I forgot!  I had a good month and didn't spend a thing. : )  YAY!!  I still have my eye on a few things that I might get before the end of the year, but we'll see.

Here's my progress since my last update.  I haven't touched my HAED's much during the past couple weeks, but I've made some progress on the stocking...

the Dimensions Nativity...

And even the Necessities Sampler!!  

So here's my report...

I started with a balance of $120.51 + November's allowance of $25.00 = $145.51 in account. : )

I'm doing pretty well with my 5 project rotation/choice.  I can always find something in the group that looks fun to stitch.  The piece I'm really wishing for on my wish list right now is the DesignWorks Oh Holy Night that looks like this...

It looks so happy!! : )  So maybe if I can finish one of my pieces this month I'll let myself order it.  We'll see!!

Have a wonderful weekend!



More Christmas!

I have another giveaway to share from Nancy!  It's another fabric giveaway today.  Isn't she SOOOOO generous??  Just click HERE to enter!!

Are you getting ready for Christmas?  I have ornaments to finish, a tote bag to make, a quilt to quilt, and I'd like to try my hand at a couple of stitching project bags.  Guess I'd better get busy, huh??? :)

Have a wonderful day!


Stitching Fun and Frustrations!

Hi everyone!

Do any of you have trouble with stitching a certain designer's work?  I just LOVE Lizzie Kate and Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Stitching designs, but every time I stitch one of them I end up frogging and frogging and frogging.  Every. Single. Time.  Why is that???  They are not hard charts.  There are not a lot of color changes.  They should be easy relaxing stitches!!!  Take this lovely little piece here.  Notice where I stopped??

Yes, the bottom of the X.  Only when I picked it up again, I assumed it was the bottom of the Y and so that's what I stitched.  And then I stitched the Z and the little tree under that and the little house under that....  You get the picture. : )  Sigh.

I think I need to stick with pieces like this instead...

I just love how my HAED Nativity looks!!   I worked some on the Mini Mailbox, too, but I think I'll save pictures until I have something to show you other than a blob of pink.

Here's my progress on the Stoney Creek stocking.  I'm enjoying this one, too, for the most part!

My daughter has been after me to make out my Christmas wish list, and I'm adding a few charts and some fabric here and there.  How fun!  And Nancy keeps posting more Christmas giveaways which is fun, too!  Here are a couple more of my favorites...

Have a splendid day!  



The 25 Days of Christmas have begun...

Well, at least on Nancy's blog!

For this first day she's giving away hand-dyed fabric.  OOOOoooooo - and you could get Aida instead of linen (if you wanted) and wouldn't that be SO fun????  Well, at least it would be for me!  Be sure to stop by her blog and enter!  And be prepared to see more - ahem - enabling posts about her giveaways from me over the next 25 days!! :)  Here's today's link...

DAY ONE - Fabric Giveaway

Thanks for putting up with me! : )  I'll be back later with a stitching update!



A New Page Started!

I've been recovering from whatever cold/flu thing got me a couple weeks ago, and since I couldn't do this...

I decided to rest by stitching!

I worked a little on my new Christmas kit...

And added a few letters to my LHN Necessities Sampler...

And worked quite a bit on my Stoney Creek Stocking...

Then I played a bit setting up my new box with my HAED projects..  Isn't it pretty??

Here's the inside...

And this little box holds all the extra threads I needed that aren't on bobbins yet.

I just adore my new little Vera Bradley Kiss and Make Up case.  I have it filled with all my stitching necessities and I can grab it and take it with wherever I happen to be stitching. 

So I stitched a little bit on my HAED Mini Christmas mailbox... (which will look like a big blob of pink for quite awhile!)

And I started a new page on my HAED Nativity!  I've stitched around 11,200 stitches, and just started page 3. : )

Christmas movies start on the Hallmark channel on Friday, so I should be getting more stitching time in soon!! : )




Beautiful Thread Giveaway Spotted!

Nancy does such generous giveaways, doesn't she?  There are two on her blog right now for assortments of floss.  Check it out and tell her I sent you! ;)

Be Ye Thankful Giveaway - 1795 Floss Collection
1840 Floss Collection Giveaway

The colors in both collections are so pretty, but I just LOVE the colors in the 1795 collection.  So rich and deep and gorgeous!!

Back to my regularly scheduled stitching!! : )



Stitch from Stash - October

I had so much fun spending some of my stashed stitching money this month!  When I wrote my last post - the one where I was in a needtobuysomething mood - I didn't realize that I was coming down with the cold/flu that DH brought home last week.  Well, after a week of feeling not so great, I celebrated starting to feel better by doing a little shopping. : )

Here's the rundown...

I really was trying to be good, so last night when I was still feeling sneezy and wheezy I sat down on the floor and spread my charts over the floor.  "I'll just kit up something I have in my stash!", thought I.  Pretty soon I had piles of "I like this!" and piles of "I should stitch this because someone sent it to me" and piles of "I want to do a charity stitch or two next year" scattered around me, and then I opened one of my folders and saw this...

HAED Mini Christmas Mailbox
That was it!!  I looked to see if I had enough fabric leftover from the yard I bought for The Nativity.  WOW!  The Mini one will only be half the size!  Who knew!!  (As a side note... I didn't start the Mini Mailbox last year when I got it because it was TOO BIG.  And now listen to me!  LOL!!)  Anyway, I had enough fabric, so I started to plan...

I went through my floss and marked what I needed.  I made a list of accessories I wanted to have, and I started shopping...

Here's the rundown...

One big Decorative Box to hold the threads, accessories, fabric and charts of my two HAED's on the go.

One little Decorative Box to hold the extra skeins of floss.

Bobbins and Needles

One DMC Storage Box

DMC Floss to finish kitting up The Nativity and Mini Mailbox

One Kiss & Make Up Bag to hold accessories....  It's Vonna's fault.

One clipboard to hold my pattern

One Dimensions Kit from EBay

One WOCS magazine from Ebay with a stitch I want to do for charity.

For a grand total of $78.00 BUT Mel just said we could have a $50.00 exemption once before the end of the year, so I'm going to take it now, making my total a mere $28.00.

So here's my accounting for the month...

I started with a balance of $123.51 + October's allowance of $25.00 = $148.51
I spent $78.00 - $50.00 exemption= $28.00.  So my balance forward is $120.51.

My goal is to stitch on 5 projects for the rest of the year...
1. HAED The Nativity (WIP)
2. Stoney Creek Woodland Sanctuary Stocking (WIP)
3. LHN Necessities Sampler (WIP) (I can start something new if I finish this, 
but it needs to be a charity piece.)
4. HAED Mini Christmas Mailbox - New Start
5. Dimensions Kit Oh Holy Night - New Start

But I have quite a bit still in my Stitch from Stash "account", so if I get desperate again, or if I need fabric or floss for the charity stitch, or if I just want to place a Black Friday order, I still have room to play. : )  This has been such a fun challenge!  Next year I'd like to do this for my stamping supplies, too.  I've spent WAY more there this year than I have on stitching!!

Thanks for stopping by!


ps I've already started both the Dimensions kit and the new HAED.  You'll have to come back in a week or two for pictures! :)


Mid - October Update

It's raining here and I have chocolate chip muffins cooking in the oven, so it seemed like a good time to update my blog.  I think I've decided that cross stitch is one of my comfort foods. :)  No, I don't eat it, but if I'm feeling a little low I love to look through my stash, window shop online, or make grand plans about next year's stitching.  I might actually even stitch a little! :)

Here's my update...

Page Two of HAED Nativity is finished! WooHoo!!!

The toe of the stocking is finished and I've worked on the band.  Little by little!!

Just a quick letter here and there when I need a stitch I don't have to think about too hard. : )

I've been having a needtobuysomething urge lately.  First I saw this...

... which is SO me.  I haven't bought it yet, because I am not sure I should have 2 HAED's going on at once, but I love it and would love to stitch it!

Then I saw this...

...which looks so fun, since I love Christmas stitching.  I didn't buy that either.

Then I saw this Petite Dimensions Gold kit on eBay.

Another sweet Christmas stitch.  I did buy this one.... : )

My Stitch from Stash account is over $100.00, I think, so I might cave in and place a small order just to get it out of my system.  But as soon as I say that, I am paralyzed, because I can't choose what to get.  LOL!!!  Should I start another HAED?  Should I just get fabric and floss and kit up a bunch of charts in my stash?  Should I buy the Christmas kit up there?  Or the two charts from my last post?  Or should I get one of those Vera Bradley Kiss and Makeup bags to stash with all the stitching goodies I always wish I had with me?  Or should I call Shepherd's Bush and see if they would kit up a fob for me with aida, since I'm allergic to linen???

Decisions, decisions!  I'm going to go ponder....

: )

Have a splendiforous day!



Up for Adoption

Hi everyone!  No stitching to show today... although I have been working on my HAED and should have Page Two of The Nativity done tonight or tomorrow....  WOOHOO!!

I'm just dropping by this afternoon to let you know that there is another Artist Teddy Bear up for adoption in my daughter's Etsy Shoppe!  Take a look at Carmel and his kitty....

SOoooo sweet!  And a perfect gift for yourself or a friend this fall season!!

You can find Carmel HERE - but hurry!  He'll be gone soon, I'm thinking!!


{Stitch from Stash} September Update

Hi everyone!  Are you as excited as I am that it is fall?  I love Autumn!!  I like to stitch and watch/listen to football games.  I like the pretty leaves and the beautiful colors.  And I like that Christmas is almost here!!! :)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Stitch from Stash month.  This has been so fun for me so far.  I enjoy seeing all the projects we are pulling from our stashes, and I'm enjoying making a dent in my own!  Here's my update this month - and sorry if the pictures aren't that great... The lighting didn't seem to catch them right this morning!

I stitched another column on The Nativity.  I'm at 5% now!!! WooHoo!

I finished the chart I picked up at Cecilia's Sampler this spring... Lizzie Kate's Thankful String.  I stitched it on 16 count sparkly fabric.  LOVE the sparkle, but working with it made my hands itch, so I glad that I was only doing a little piece. :)

Finished a little PS design for a gift...

Finished a Sheep Virtue (I'm not doing the border on this one...).  I'd like to make it into a bag for a Christmas gift.

Finished a sweet ME doggy ornament....

And worked some more on the toe of the Stoney Creek Stocking.

Here's my accounting for the month...
I started with a balance of $98.98 + September's allowance of $25.00 = $123.98
I looked at a couple of charts over and over again, but I didn't buy them, so all I spent was $0.47 on a skein of DMC floss.  So my balance forward is $123.51.

Want to see some of my "almost boughts"?

Imaginating Harvest Light

Imaginating Got Snow Reindeer

I'm sure I'll get both of them eventually... I just can't decide which one to stitch first.  I love the colors on the first one, and I just love the cute expressions on the reindeers' faces in the second one!

 Happy FALL!!



{Stitch from Stash} August Update

Hello, hello!

What a whirlwind month it has been!  I'm afraid I have very little stitching to show for it, but I had two new starts from my stash and took a trip to my LNS, so it was a good month. :)

So here's my month in pictures....

  I stitched 1600 stitches on The Nativity...

and started a Stoney Creek Stocking that was in my stash...

I went to my LNS and picked up a pattern, a needle minder and a Stoney Creek magazine

Because the magazine had this in it...

I started an LHN Sheep...

And picked up the Stoney Creek FREE pattern of the month...

So since we got a free $25.00 this month and I spent $32.00, I'm actually only charged for $7.00 of my budget.  YAY!!  That puts my totals for the month as follows...

Balance forward $80.98 + August $25.00 = $105.98 - $7.00 = $98.98 to Carry Forward.

Thanks for stopping by!



{Stitch from Stash} July Update

Hi everyone!

I think I am the earliest Stitch from Stash reporter... I've been trying to post close to the 15th every month because otherwise I'm apt to forget to post at all. :)  I don't have a ton of progress to show this time on The Nativity, though.  A couple days after posting the picture with my Page One finish, my Mom took a turn for the worse and I spent the next week with her at our local Hospice In-Patient facility.  She passed away last Monday, and my daughter and I were blessed to be with her when she died.  The week has SO many sweet memories and evidences of God's hand.  Big things like the fact that the Hospice House opened the very morning that Mom needed it at night, to little things like my niece having a new baby shortly after visiting my Mom and bringing him in the next morning.  Mom hadn't been able to talk and hadn't been very responsive, but when they laid that baby next to her, her arm came up to cradle it.  It was precious.  My brother and sisters and my daughter and I spent hours and hours and hours singing hymns around her bedside... again, just precious memories.  And one special afternoon, my Mom lifted her arm to give me a hug.  She lived and died with her hope in Jesus Christ as her Saviour and Friend.  I pray that will be said of me when I die as well!

Anyway... here's my progress in a very blurry picture..  I'm a little over 6100 stitches in.

Spending.... $0.00
Balance Forward... $80.98

Happy Stitching!



{The Nativity} Page One Finished!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited... I finished page one of  The Nativity last night. Now I know that page one out of ... way too many to count... isn't a big deal. But I'm thrilled that I met my first goal. I started on May 15th and I finished page one last night - so that was 5200 stitches in a month and a half and my goal was 3000 stitches a month. If I could keep on that pace for {COUGH, COUGH} a little over 4 years, I'll be done! That would mean no other stitching, mind you. No other WIPS, no other new starts, nothing! LOL

I'll actually, in all probability, start working on another project for at least 15 minutes a day, just so I don't get burned out on this one. I need to work on a couple of things for Christmas, and I'd like to do a block for charity, too, but I'm just really, really enjoying this right now!! And, the best news is that I don't have to buy any floss for the next page, unless I run out of a color. Yay!

 So here's the picture...

HAED The Nativity - 18 ct - 2 over 1
Start Date - May 15, 2014


{Stitch from Stash #6} June Update

Hi everyone!

Greetings from a very out of touch blogger!  I've hardly commented on anyone's blog lately -- Sorry! -- but I have been watching your progress and cheering you on.  Truly I have!!    I'm glad that I signed up for Mel's Stitch from Stash or I might not even be finding the time to update right now.  The stamping side of my life has exploded with busy-ness right now, so most of my forum and blogging and computer time is being funneled that way at the moment. : )

Anyway... on to my report.  I was a good girl and didn't spend any money this past month.  Oh, wait!  yes I did!  I bought 2 skeins of floss for my project...  So I spent 84 cents. : )

I worked and worked on my Nativity piece this month.  Here's the goal...

Here was my progress at last report...

And here's where I am today.  Can you see the start of the palm tree??

I've stitched 4,200 stitches... or 2.2% of the project.

Not much other stitching going on here.  Hopefully I'll be able to concentrate on this one for a few months - at least until I get in the mood for some autumn stitching!!

 So here's my update...

Carried forward from May - $31.82
Plus June budget - $25.00

Available:  56.82

.84 - floss
Balance to carry forward... 55.98

Happy Stitching!



{Stitch from Stash #5} May Update

Hi everyone!

It's time for my May Stitch from Stash Update!  And, yes, I spent some $$ this month... but it is all Mel's fault.  LOL!!  Some of you may remember that she told us in the newsletter that HAED had a 50% off sale for Mother's Day, and I'm suddenly in a Christmas mood, since it is actually sunny out here... (I'm not sure how that works, but when it was cold, I didn't want to think about winter.  Now that it's warm, I'm thinking about Christmas!  LOL!)  Anyway...  I finally bought The Nativity pattern that had been on my wish list. : )

I'm doing it on 18 count.  Since I'll be working on it for 10 years or so, I decided to use a fabric size that I enjoy working on. : )

Here's my progress so far...

Here's how far I have to go...

LOL!!! : )  
Rather than buying all the floss at once, I'm going to plan to do about 1 1/2 columns a week, and just pick up the floss I need week by week.  I only needed one color to start!

Wish me much perseverance!! : )  

On to a smaller thing...

My little finish for this month.

Cross Country Stitching - Apr 2011

 So here's my update...

Carried forward from April - $30.89
Plus May budget - $25.00

Available:  55.89

5.25 on magazine so I can stitch this piece sometime
10.50 on chart
4.11 on fabric
4.21 on marking pencil and floss
TOTAL:  24.07

Balance to carry forward... 31.82