The Joys of January

I am loving this Stitch from Stash challenge!  For some reason it is really motivating me and I have three small finishes - wait, FOUR finishes since last we spoke - two were WIP's and two new starts.

First, my valentine exchange ...

OOPS!  I can't show you that!  But I can show you the one I received from Joyce.  She made me such a pretty hand towel and sent a handmade card and some silk floss as a sweet extra since my allergies made the other "extra" options not such good choices. : )

After I finished Mitten Friends, I pulled out a sweet Margaret Sherry ornament that Mouse had sent me two years ago.  I made a promise to myself that I would never again do a MS piece on aida.  That backstitching is a killer!

BTW, please excuse my pictures today.  I couldn't get good lighting no matter how hard I tried!

Next I started LHN Sheep Virtues "Patience"...

Just pretend it isn't shaky...  It's really pretty! : )

Then I pulled out a sweet LHN ornament - Good Tidings that I had won when Vicki was doing a blog giveaway last year.  Thanks Vicki!!

Last night I pulled out another UFO - WIP that I started a few years ago during the January Crazy Challenge - Dimensions "Heart and Soul".  Maybe I can finish this by the end of February, or maybe even by the end of the Super Bowl... who knows!! :)

Now a note to some dear sweet stitching angel who sent me this pattern off my wish list and didn't give her name....


It was my favorite of the patterns I listed and I am SO excited to stitch this!  I'm going to put it in my "to do soon" basket and use some of my budgeted $$ to kit it up sometime this year when I have the urge to spend.

That was SO sweet of you to do for me.  You really, really were an encouragement to me today, and I thank God for you!!!!!! 

Thanks for stopping by today.  I always read and enjoy your comments, even when I don't respond.  I appreciate each and every one of you!

Happy Stitching!



Stitch from Stash #1 - A Finish!!

Greetings and Salapuppies, everyone!

It's time for my January Stitch from Stash post, cuz I have a FINISH to show you.   WOO HOO!  By the way, in case you are wondering, my dad would always say "Greetings", which was lengthened into "Greetings and Salutations", which morphed into "Greetings and Salamanders" and has now changed into "Greetings and Salapuppies".  And no, no one has ever accused me of being normal... LOL!! ;)

Are you ready for an overload of cuteness??  Let me present "Mitten Friends" by Imaginating.  I'll even link it, in case you want to stitch it, too!! : )

It is stitched with DMC on 16 ct natural aida, and was a JOY to stitch.  I really love the Imaginating patterns!  And, yes, I did put "2013" as the date.  I stitched most of it last year, and really thought I'd be done by December... LOL!!

OK, here's my Stitch from Stash report....

January, 2014

Amount Spent (so far): $0.00
New Starts from Stash:  Will start an exchange piece today from a 2006 magazine
WIPs worked on:  FINISHED Mitten Friends!!! : )

I thought it would be fun to post my top five wishes during the month that I didn't buy.
Here's this month's list...

Imaginating - Mantel Mischief

HAED - The Nativity  LOL - I have this on my list twice! : )  Here and again in February!

Lizzie Kate To Do List - Received from a secret stitching angel!! : )

Lizzie Kate - Spring String

Pine Mountain - Wondrous

I am saving my stash money right now to buy one of these...

Fiber Hider
I'm thinking the turtle, since I stitch so slowly!! : )

All right, that's it for right now.  I'm going to go pull fabric and floss for my Valentine's Exchange piece.  You probably won't get to see it until next month, though... Sorry!!

Happy stitching!