{The Nativity} Page One Finished!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited... I finished page one of  The Nativity last night. Now I know that page one out of ... way too many to count... isn't a big deal. But I'm thrilled that I met my first goal. I started on May 15th and I finished page one last night - so that was 5200 stitches in a month and a half and my goal was 3000 stitches a month. If I could keep on that pace for {COUGH, COUGH} a little over 4 years, I'll be done! That would mean no other stitching, mind you. No other WIPS, no other new starts, nothing! LOL

I'll actually, in all probability, start working on another project for at least 15 minutes a day, just so I don't get burned out on this one. I need to work on a couple of things for Christmas, and I'd like to do a block for charity, too, but I'm just really, really enjoying this right now!! And, the best news is that I don't have to buy any floss for the next page, unless I run out of a color. Yay!

 So here's the picture...

HAED The Nativity - 18 ct - 2 over 1
Start Date - May 15, 2014


{Stitch from Stash #6} June Update

Hi everyone!

Greetings from a very out of touch blogger!  I've hardly commented on anyone's blog lately -- Sorry! -- but I have been watching your progress and cheering you on.  Truly I have!!    I'm glad that I signed up for Mel's Stitch from Stash or I might not even be finding the time to update right now.  The stamping side of my life has exploded with busy-ness right now, so most of my forum and blogging and computer time is being funneled that way at the moment. : )

Anyway... on to my report.  I was a good girl and didn't spend any money this past month.  Oh, wait!  yes I did!  I bought 2 skeins of floss for my project...  So I spent 84 cents. : )

I worked and worked on my Nativity piece this month.  Here's the goal...

Here was my progress at last report...

And here's where I am today.  Can you see the start of the palm tree??

I've stitched 4,200 stitches... or 2.2% of the project.

Not much other stitching going on here.  Hopefully I'll be able to concentrate on this one for a few months - at least until I get in the mood for some autumn stitching!!

 So here's my update...

Carried forward from May - $31.82
Plus June budget - $25.00

Available:  56.82

.84 - floss
Balance to carry forward... 55.98

Happy Stitching!