{Stitch from Stash} July Update

Hi everyone!

I think I am the earliest Stitch from Stash reporter... I've been trying to post close to the 15th every month because otherwise I'm apt to forget to post at all. :)  I don't have a ton of progress to show this time on The Nativity, though.  A couple days after posting the picture with my Page One finish, my Mom took a turn for the worse and I spent the next week with her at our local Hospice In-Patient facility.  She passed away last Monday, and my daughter and I were blessed to be with her when she died.  The week has SO many sweet memories and evidences of God's hand.  Big things like the fact that the Hospice House opened the very morning that Mom needed it at night, to little things like my niece having a new baby shortly after visiting my Mom and bringing him in the next morning.  Mom hadn't been able to talk and hadn't been very responsive, but when they laid that baby next to her, her arm came up to cradle it.  It was precious.  My brother and sisters and my daughter and I spent hours and hours and hours singing hymns around her bedside... again, just precious memories.  And one special afternoon, my Mom lifted her arm to give me a hug.  She lived and died with her hope in Jesus Christ as her Saviour and Friend.  I pray that will be said of me when I die as well!

Anyway... here's my progress in a very blurry picture..  I'm a little over 6100 stitches in.

Spending.... $0.00
Balance Forward... $80.98

Happy Stitching!