I found a Must Have!

I found a must have yesterday.  Even before the Oh Holy Night that I showed in my last post.  This one is going to be stitched and put on my bed so I can look at it when I'm sitting in my chair working on my computer.  It seems strange, though, that I want to buy something to help me remember that I don't have to buy things!  Here it is...

photo credit:  The Silver Needle

Isn't that the truth???  I so need that reminder!!!

I'm hoping someone will have a wonderful after Thanksgiving or end of year sale, so I can get it then.  Soooo ... today I'll be working on my LHN piece to see if I can finish it in the next week or so.  I can't buy anything until it is done!!!

Did you see Nancy's wonderful giveaway today?

Love it!!!

I'm off to be productive!



Another Giveaway!

Oh, look at Nancy's giveaway today!  Wouldn't that be just SPLENDID???

The 17th Day of Christmas


{Stitch from Stash} November

Good morning!  I thought I had better post my SFS update before I forgot!  I had a good month and didn't spend a thing. : )  YAY!!  I still have my eye on a few things that I might get before the end of the year, but we'll see.

Here's my progress since my last update.  I haven't touched my HAED's much during the past couple weeks, but I've made some progress on the stocking...

the Dimensions Nativity...

And even the Necessities Sampler!!  

So here's my report...

I started with a balance of $120.51 + November's allowance of $25.00 = $145.51 in account. : )

I'm doing pretty well with my 5 project rotation/choice.  I can always find something in the group that looks fun to stitch.  The piece I'm really wishing for on my wish list right now is the DesignWorks Oh Holy Night that looks like this...

It looks so happy!! : )  So maybe if I can finish one of my pieces this month I'll let myself order it.  We'll see!!

Have a wonderful weekend!



More Christmas!

I have another giveaway to share from Nancy!  It's another fabric giveaway today.  Isn't she SOOOOO generous??  Just click HERE to enter!!

Are you getting ready for Christmas?  I have ornaments to finish, a tote bag to make, a quilt to quilt, and I'd like to try my hand at a couple of stitching project bags.  Guess I'd better get busy, huh??? :)

Have a wonderful day!


Stitching Fun and Frustrations!

Hi everyone!

Do any of you have trouble with stitching a certain designer's work?  I just LOVE Lizzie Kate and Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Stitching designs, but every time I stitch one of them I end up frogging and frogging and frogging.  Every. Single. Time.  Why is that???  They are not hard charts.  There are not a lot of color changes.  They should be easy relaxing stitches!!!  Take this lovely little piece here.  Notice where I stopped??

Yes, the bottom of the X.  Only when I picked it up again, I assumed it was the bottom of the Y and so that's what I stitched.  And then I stitched the Z and the little tree under that and the little house under that....  You get the picture. : )  Sigh.

I think I need to stick with pieces like this instead...

I just love how my HAED Nativity looks!!   I worked some on the Mini Mailbox, too, but I think I'll save pictures until I have something to show you other than a blob of pink.

Here's my progress on the Stoney Creek stocking.  I'm enjoying this one, too, for the most part!

My daughter has been after me to make out my Christmas wish list, and I'm adding a few charts and some fabric here and there.  How fun!  And Nancy keeps posting more Christmas giveaways which is fun, too!  Here are a couple more of my favorites...

Have a splendid day!  



The 25 Days of Christmas have begun...

Well, at least on Nancy's blog!

For this first day she's giving away hand-dyed fabric.  OOOOoooooo - and you could get Aida instead of linen (if you wanted) and wouldn't that be SO fun????  Well, at least it would be for me!  Be sure to stop by her blog and enter!  And be prepared to see more - ahem - enabling posts about her giveaways from me over the next 25 days!! :)  Here's today's link...

DAY ONE - Fabric Giveaway

Thanks for putting up with me! : )  I'll be back later with a stitching update!