{Stitch from Stash} February

Hi everyone!  It's Stitch from Stash reporting time again!  Here are the basics...

Month: February 2015
Spent:  $ 0
Earned: $16.00 for Stocking Finish

So my balance forward is $20.88 + $25.00 for February's Budget + $16.00 finish = $61.88
Here's what I've been working on this month...

Stoney Creek Oh Holy Night

I'm still working on Oh Holy Night for about 30 minutes most mornings, and I'm seeing progress!! 

Then my finish for the month...
Stoney Creek Winter Sanctuary Stocking

And the newest WIP I took out of my bag.  I have to stitch on this in the daylight right now because I can't see the blue thread on the blue fabric!  So my evenings have been spent on the next piece instead.

This piece is from the Cross Country Stitching magazine, and it doesn't look like much so far, but it took me three or four nights to stitch that sign.  I think there were 1000 stitches of 822 in it!! : )  I'll outline it tonight and write the words and I'll feel like I'm half done with the piece.  OK, not really, but it really was a big chunk of solid stitching!!  It would have been worth $4 if it were a finish! LOL!!

My goal for February was to try not to spend anything and I didn't.  WooHoo!  We'll see how I do in March.  I really don't want to spend anything this next month either, but I'm afraid I am going to be wishing for something Spring-y soon!!  I'll have to remember that and pick up a few patterns to work on next Spring when I have a little extra real money. You know, real money vs the virtual budget that I have available! : )

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Mid-February Update

That's me up there, shaking my head in disbelief.  I was so excited to show you the stocking finish in the last post that I forgot to share a picture of this AMAZING pillow that showed up in my mailbox last week from Carol!  She sent it along with a chart I had lent her.  Oh my, I was THRILLED!!  Her workmanship is amazing and her friendship is treasured!!

THANK YOU, Carol!!!

In stitching news...  I've continued to work on my Stoney Creek Oh Holy Night in the mornings.  Here's my progress for this week...

I worked on the Precious Moments piece for a couple of nights...

But then I had an "I want to work on aida" night when I just needed something easier to work on with no fractionals and easier counting, so I started a piece I've had in my stash for awhile from an older Cross Country Stitching magazine.  Now that I've started it - on my absolute favorite fabric to work on... 16 count natural aida... I don't want to finish the Precious Moments piece.  I just want to work on this instead!!  Oh, well!  They are both from my stash, so I guess stash progress is stash progress!! : )

I hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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My First 2015 Finish!!

WooHoo!!  The stocking is finished!! : )  It's all ready to be ironed and made into a stocking for next Christmas.  YAY!!  Tonight I'll start on the next WIP in my pile  - this sweet Precious Moments piece...

I want to send it to Love Quilts, so I probably won't do the words.  I have just a tiny bit of her face and her done at the moment, but I'm hoping I can finish it this month!! : )

Thanks for stopping by!!



YOTA Update - February

Hi everyone!  I'm back with my YOTA update!

When I checked in in January I was here...

Now, after a month of stitching 1/2 hour in the morning (or so... there were a few days I didn't because of some shoulder issues...) I'm now here...

It is SO exciting to see progress on this piece!  I hope to have it finished by the end of the year!