{Stitch from Stash} September

Hi again everyone!

I went on a spending splurge this month.... well, sort of.  I saw a pattern I just had to have, and I got another pattern for my birthday at the end of last month, so I decided to kit them both up and have a pattern starting party last week. : )

So first the details...

Month: September 2015
September Budget: $25.00Spent: $39.00
Earned: $16.00 (L*K Good Marriage)
Budget forward:  $52.00

Here's my finish...
L* K A Good Marriage
25 ct over 1
Threads from stash

Here's my progress on Family Blessings - the kit I started on 14 count because my eyes needed a break from the 25 count...

Then I started Got Snow Reindeer - my birthday present...

And bought and started this chart...  Not as big as an HAED, but still lots of stitching!

And, of course, I'm still working on The Nativity... (sorry for the crummy picture!)

I'm hoping to start some sort of a rotation soon, but right now it is just whichever one is calling to me at the moment. : )

Thanks for stopping by!  Hopefully I'll have more stitching to show as we get into the fall and winter.