{Stitch From Stash} October

Hi everyone!

Sorry that I've been such a bad blogger lately!!  I seem to have a one track mind lately.  I can blog or stitch, but apparently not both! : )  I have been stitching this month, though!  I've gotten a lot done on my HAED Nativity.  It's the one that was calling to me after I started all the new patterns last month, and it hasn't stopped talking yet, so I'm still working on it!  First, my check in for the month.

Month: October 2015
October Budget: $25.00
Spent: $0
Earned: $0
Budget forward:  $77.00

OK, here's where I was on The Nativity last month.  You can just see the start of the halo of light around the star.

And here is where I am now...
See the tree branches starting again??

I would love to get the top row finished by the end of the year and it is attainable, but I would REALLY have to concentrate on it and I would need a couple of long Jane Austen movie and cross stitch days. : )  I'm a little short of my goals for the week, but I just had a hugongous chiropractor adjustment on my mid and upper back, so I need to lay low for the rest of the night, I think.  I'll try to catch up some tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll have lots more done by the next check in!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!