Nativity Update

Hi everyone!

It's been a ton of time since I last posted an update on my Nativity project!  I'm currently on the middle of page 15 and on track to finish this row of pages by June 30th, which was my goal.  I'm so thrilled!  If I can keep this pace up, I'll have another row finished by the end of the year.  I really hope to finish this by next September, or so!!  Here's where it is currently...

Having a good bit of sky in this top section has helped it to go a little more quickly, but the rest of this page and most of the next row will be confetti stitching with all of the gorgeous robes and people to work on.  It's really going to start taking shape!

Thanks for following along with me as I stitch this piece.  I know that I haven't had much to blog about since I started working on this project only, but I really find it relaxing and I'm thoroughly enjoying the journey of seeing a masterpiece come to life.

Have a blessed day!