This hasn't been a great morning.  Today was my Mom's birthday and I realized only after I had made a sympathy card for my husband to take to the funeral of his ex-boss.  Putting the two together made me sad.  And maybe a little sorry for myself.  And irritated that I was sorry for myself.  And upset that I was irritated.  But then my eyes were drawn to the jar of colored pencils on my desk and I saw the rainbow of colors that were there.  They wouldn't be nearly as pretty if they were all the same color.  It is the different colors that make them beautiful as a group.  I've had that experience when I was stitching, too.  I might be stitching along thinking "This really isn't pretty!", but then I add in another color and everything pops.  I think that my emotions are like that.  Each day brings different emotions - Some days are red angry days, some are blue and sad, others I am sunny yellow happy, or growing in a vibrant green.  I've had black days which transitioned into dark brown and then lighter brown, and I've had mixtures and shades of the colors as well.  And as a whole they make my life what it is... a beautiful unfinished tapestry being stitched by a Master Designer.  I am so blessed.

I was able to stitch for just a few minutes last night, so I started a Pine Mountain May pillow.  It has bluebirds on it which make me happy. :)

I'm not sure what I will work on today.  I guess we will see!

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