I'm crocheting today.  It intrigues me, but I am having an awful time settling down to one project.  There is so much to learn.  So many hooks to try.  So many projects out there.  Today I am working on a Daisy Granny Square pattern that I bought from BluPrint (formerly Craftsy).  I am using some yarn I have on hand, which happens to be a multi-color SugarWheel from Hobby Lobby in yellow, dark grey, sage and light grey.  Since I've never made a Granny Square before I am just trying to fumble my way through the pattern once or twice and then I would like to try making the squares with all the color changes in a thinner yarn with a smaller hook.  Unless I get distracted by something else first.

It could happen.

Yesterday I cross stitched a very little bit more on my little pillow project.  I'll work on it until I need a change and then pick out the next one to add to my list.

Soooo... so far I have - 

1. Pine Mountain May Pillow (cross-stitch)
2. Practice Daisy Square

We'll see whether or not my list expands this week!

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