Stitching Goals

2015 Stitching Goals...

Here is my tentative list of projects for this year...

1. Stoney Creek O Holy Night Nativity (YOTA & Get it Done)
2. Stoney Creek Stocking - finished!
3. Homespun Elegance Snowman Ornament
4. Precious Moments January Snowdrop
5. Homespun Elegance Reindeer Ornament
6. Dimensions Nativity
7. Homespun Elegance Along for the Ride
8. L*K Marriage Piece
9. MBT Joy Ornament
10. Harvest Blessing Kit
11. JinglePot Road Ornament
12. Harvest Light
13. L*K Ornament
14. Bent Creek Leaf
15. Got Snow Reindeer
16. LHN Kindness
17. Cardinal - Lady in Red
18 CCN Silent Night
19. CCS Slow to Speak
20. LHN 12 Days of Christmas
21. WIPF (Work in Progress Forever) HAED Nativity
22. WIPF HAED Mini Christmas Mailbox
23. WIPF HAED Stocking

The first three are my January projects, and, if I get any charts as gifts during the year, I reserve the right to fit them in. : )  I can't wait to see how I do on my list!!

1. Keep track of time stitched
2. Stitch on SC O Holy Night 1/2 Hour each day til done
3. Only spend $50 through June
4. Only buy fabric, floss, etc.  NO CHARTS
5.  If I make it through June under budget I can use the remaining to buy a chart or kit.

2014 Stitching Goals...

Here's my list...  (The ** are WIP's)

1.  HAED Little Drummer Boy Stocking**
2.  Dimensions Heart & Soul **  Done!  2/17
3.  Stoney Creek Winter Sanctuary Stocking (Need fabric) In progress
4.  LHN Patience Sheep (Kitted)  Done!
5.  LHN Wisdom Sheep (Kitted) Done
6.  LK A Good Marriage (Need fabric and floss)
7.  Precious Moments January Snowdrop (charity) (Kitted)
8.  PM March or November (charity) (Need fabric)
9.  Bent Creek Gobble (Need fabric)
10.  HE Ornament - Along for the Ride (Kitted)
11. Live Within Your Harvest Bookmark (Kitted)
12.  LK Promise Me (Need fabric)
13.  Stoney Creek "O Holy Night" **
14.  HAED Christmas Mailbox (Need fabric & floss)
15. MS Ornament **  Done!
16.  Dimensions Twilight Bridge **
17.  LHN Acorn Hill **
18.  LHN Kindness (Kitted)

LOL!  Oh dear!  I think I went off on my own this year!!  I'll try again next year!

2013 Stitching Goals...

This will be a new start.  I want to make the small sampler on the top left.
DONE!!!  9/16/13

Very large WIP
September update:  This got put away until it's cooler... : )

I bought three of these prefinished bookmarks to make
September update:  One finished

WIP over one... taking FOREVER to finish
July update:  FINISHED

Finished!  11/12  

Finished!  9/13

Finished! January, 2013
Adorable Yiotas kit!
Switched out with Little Drummer Boy Stocking

Plus I'd like to stitch a couple of ornaments (does an exchange piece count?), finish a Precious Moments piece for a charity quilt (DONE and sent another couple...) and maybe start my HAED Mini Christmas Mailbox. : )

It's not quite a "Crazy 15" and I don't think that I'll start them all in January.  I'd like to work on one at a time and see how that goes.... except for maybe the Dogs Singing Carols one.  That I may need to take in stages. : )

I'm off to kit up projects!! : )